Three unique Branson musical moments

The huge Japanese Odaiko Drum from the Taiko Drum ensemble.

BRANSON, Mo., October 9, 2013 – “Branson is not referred to as the ‘The live music show capital of the world’ without reason,” said Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. “Branson offers a quality and variety of music shows and live entertainment that is unrivaled at any other travel destination anywhere near its size,” she added.

She points out that within many of Branson’s outstanding shows there are acts or performances that cannot be experienced anywhere else and add a unique “special” musical something to an already great entertainment experience. Three such moments can be found in Branson’s longest running shows the Shoji Tabuchi Show, Presleys’ Country Jubilee and The Doug Gabriel Show.

A recent review of the Shoji Tabuchi Show, written by this writer said, “There’s a reason the Shoji Tabuchi Show is going into his 25th season of performing in Branson. Simply put, it’s because Shoji Tabuchi is a master at his craft, loves what he does, relates to his audience not only on a musical, but personal level, surrounds himself with some of the best musicians, singers and dancers in Branson and stars in a unique, colorful and exciting one of kind entertainment production.”

Although Shoji’s renowned violin and fiddle talent is legendary and a major element of his outstanding show, the “unique and special” musical moment relates to the playing of the Japanese “Taiko Drums” that, from the battlefield to defining geographic boundaries, have a special significance in Japanese history, culture and tradition. Featuring an ensemble of Taiko Drums from the large hand carved “Odaiko” to the smaller “Shime” drums this performance is one of the most unique musical performances most will ever see and hear.

Of the three, Presleys’ Country Jubilee has been in Branson the longest and was the first show to locate on the famed “Branson Strip” doing so in 1967 when Highway 76 was “nothing, but a ” curvy two lane stretch of black top.” It has been performing continuously in Branson ever since with its mixture of music and action comedy making it one of the most popular shows in Branson.

At that first show in 1967, a very young Steve Presley sat on a “makeshift stool crafted from a large hunk of firewood and a plywood scrap” playing a snare drum. This very night, an older Steve Presley will be playing the drums for Presleys’ Country Jubilee, as he has done continuously since that nigh setting a new Branson performance record every night he plays and enabling his audience to silently become part of a passing unique and special musical moment during each performance of this wonderful legendary show. Ok, so it’s not a musical moment, but it is special, because Steve’s older brother Gary, more commonly known as “Herkimer,” has been performing comedy in the show since that first performance and shares the performance record with his brother.

Doug Gabriel playing his famous "Mufftar."

Doug Gabriel, the star of Doug Gabriel’s #1 Hits Tribute Show has been a staple on the Branson show scene since 1985. For years he opened for many of the major stars, including Roy Clark himself, at the Roy Clark Celebrity theatre and in 1994, he and his wife Cheryl, also an accomplished vocalist, started their own show. They are celebrating their 27th year in Branson and 19th year of their own show this year.

Doug Gabriel’s voice and instrumental talent are a joy to hear and experience. His performance of “Malaguena” on the acoustic guitar is spectacular, but it is his performance on the “Mufftar” that adds “a unique ‘special’ musical something to an already great entertainment experience.” The “Mufftar” is a unique instrument made from the muffler of a 1969 Ford Thunderbird muffler by Doug’s dad when Doug first decided he wanted to play the guitar as a child. Doug still plays the original “Mufftar” in each show providing his audiences with a unique musical experience they will not hear anywhere else or soon forget.

For additional information on these shows or for information or tickets for any of Branson’s other shows and attractions or for lodging please contact the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services by calling, toll free, 1-800-785-1550.


SOS – Dancing Queen “hot” Branson Abba 70′s entertainment

Tiffany. Alexander, Jan and Heather performing "Momma Mia."

BRANSON, Mo., September 29, 2013 – After seeing the show Dancing Queen Abbas’s Greatest Hits on September 28, this writer would suggest that those who are Abba fans, like the music of the 70′s or appreciate a colorful, fast moving energetic vocal and dancing production don’t want to miss this show. It features just about every Abba hit, a great collection of other hits and music that many danced to during the 70′s all presented by a talented cast of vocalists and dancers who are a joy to watch and hear as they present one hit song after another in two hours of non-stop, except for intermission, entertainment.

From the opening number, an all cast performance of the Abba hit, Dancing Queen, two things become apparent, the quality of the show’s production and the talent of its vocalist and dancers. The primary vocalists for Dancing Queen are Heather Peterson, Tiffany Sassanella, Jay McManus and Alexander James Webster. The shows dancers are Ollie Barrow, Martin Bennett, Ashley Gadd, Thomas Gray, Aaron Lemoine, Amy Morlang, Charles Redding, Ruth Robertson, Shelley Tees, and Kelly Weigand.

The opening set of the show is a collection of hits from “Momma Mia” and sets the stage for what is to follow. The numbers included, among others, Dancing Queen, Momma Mia, Gimme, Gimme, Gimme, Take A Chance On Me and Voulez Vous. From the all cast opening number of Dancing Queen to the four vocalists performance of Momma Mia and the performance of Knowing Me Knowing You featuring Heather Peterson in a “duet” with Jay McManus and Alexander James Webster the set dramatically illustrates the vocal and dancing skills and versatility of the cast along with the artful way that their talents would be interwoven throughout the show to provide and enjoyable and memorable entertainment experience.

Dancers and vocalists during "Celebrate."

From one of Abba’s very first hits Waterloo, to one of their last # 1 hits, Winner Takes It All, this show is a virtual cornucopia of Abbas top hits. In addition to the above this includes Abba hits such as Does Your Mother Know, Fernando, SOS, Thank You for the Music and others.

In addition to the Abba hits Dancing Queen also features some of the best music of the 70′s such the Village People’s hits In the Navy and YMCA; the Rose Royce blues song Car Wash; the Bee Gee’s hit How Deep Is Your Love and many more.

Although this writer fully realizes that his choices are subjective he typically mention two or three performances in a show that were his personal favorites. The ” dual duet” performance of How Deep Is Your Love started off by Heather Peterson and Alexander James Webster and later joined by Tiffany Sassanella and Jay McManus beautifully illustrated their vocal talents; In The Navy with Alexander James Webster doing the vocals and the dancers clogging was an exciting and colorful number featuring the skill and versatility of the dancer as they performed one of the many styles of dancing that are so artfully choreographed into the show and, what has to be my absolute favorite, the finale “Mega Mix” featuring all the cast members performing excerpts from the Abba hits that had previously been presented. What a fantastic way to end the show!

Information or tickets on the Dancing Queen Abbas’s Greatest Hits or tickets for any of Branson’s other shows and attractions or for lodging arrangements is available through the Branson Tourism Center. Please feel free to contact them by calling 1-800-785-1550 or through or through their website



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Mayflower Tours VIP group has unique Branson experience

Mickey Gilley performing private show for Mayflower VIP Group

BRANSON, Mo., September 30, 2013 – After the fun, pleasure and excitement of helping the 150 members of the Mayflower VIP Group have a special and unique Branson experience Annette Wood, Director of Group Sales, Branson Tourism Center said, “It was a joy to be the Branson partner of Mayflower Tours in the planning, implementation and fulfillment of this special VIP group trip. The result was a phenomenal experience for their travelers and one that very few of millions of visitors coming to Branson each year get to have.”

In its day to day operations, BTC’s groups department specializes in helping groups of all sizes and kinds, from student, family and bank travel to churches, military, reunions, meetings or conferences, weddings, travel agents and tour operators, have a great Branson experience. The genesis for the VIP event was when Mayflower Tours, a tour operator operating deluxe escorted holidays, wanted to offer their travelers a special unique escorted VIP tour of Branson and, because of the special relationships that BTC has built up over the years with Branson shows, attractions and lodging facilities, partnered with BTC to make it happen.

How well did it work out? Vicki Martin, a Mayflower Tour Manager, said that, from the time they left the hotel in the morning until they got back at night, each day was a busy, exciting and enjoyable blend of a variety of activities, relaxation and adventure including shows, attractions, boat rides and other things highlighted by a series of special events. She said, “Branson Tourism Center makes this very easy for a tour manager like myself” and pointed out that in a lot of places they go there is minimal assistance, but here, “Branson Tourism Center has it all taken care of for us.”

Mayflower VIP Travelers with Main Street Lake Cruises "Lake Queen."

Martin pointed out that the schedule was full of a variety of things to see and do. One of the many things planned into their varied itinerary was time to relax on Lake Taneycomo at the facilities of Main Street Lake Cruises. While there they took a sightseeing trip on the riverboat replica Lake Queen and enjoyed a special vintage carnival, including games, candy, soda, popcorn etc. at Main Street Lake Cruises’ “Paddlewheel.”

The carnival was just one of the unique special features the Mayflower VIP travelers enjoyed. Among others there was a private meet and greet on the stage of the theatre with Clay Cooper after seeing Clay Cooper’s Country Express with Clay entertaining them at dinner that evening; a personal welcome and introduction to the Titanic Museum Attraction by John Joslyn one of its owners; a private meet and greet with the Oak Ridge Boys after seeing their show; Breakfast with the Brett family prior to seeing the Bretts show; dinner with a member of the Hughes Brothers family at each table prior to seeing their show it; a very exclusive private show from Mickey Gilley along with an up close and personal question and answer period and a private meet and greet with Shoji and Christina Tabuchi after seeing the Shoji Tabuchi show.

Mayflower’s Martin said that many of her travelers have been to Branson multiple times with other groups and never have they had an experience and access to the entertainers like they did on this trip. She said she doesn’t know how they did it but that, “It wouldn’t have happened without [the] Branson Tourism [Center.]”

Branson Tourism Center’s Wood, from a BTC perspective, credits the relationship that BTC has with the Branson shows, attractions and other providers it works with and with the hard work and dedication of BTC Group Sales Manager Becky Jewsberry, who personally coordinated the planning of the event with Mayflower as well as its execution in Branson. “Whether it’s 150 or a family reunion of 20, we work hand in hand with each and every group to be an extension of their team,” said Wood. “The BTC Groups Department has a staff of 11 people dedicated to just one thing, helping those having an interest in for bringing a group to Branson to plan and execute an event that will be a successful, memorable and enjoyable experience.”

Wood invites group planners to contact the Branson Tourism Center Groups Department for a quote, information or assistance in planning a group trip to Branson by calling 1-800-268-4014 or through its website,

Mother Nature puts on a Branson show for Fall

The first blush of 2011's Fall colors as viewed from Point Lookout at the College of the Ozarks.

BRANSON, MO, September 25, 2013 – From that first tint of color to the peaceful drift of cascading leaves falling from the trees, the foliage of the Ozark Mountains in Branson provides a beautiful canvas for one of Branson’s best shows, brought to you by Mother Nature. Foliage color typically comes with warm days and cool nights, according to Greg Cassell, Resources Forester for the Missouri Department of Conservation. He says the colors peak during the third week in October. And because of Branson’s designation as a “Tree City,” the area has learned to grow while still protecting this important part of the natural landscape.

“We had a pretty wet spring this year,” said Tammy Johnson, Director of Operations for Branson Tourism Center, “meaning the colors should be a visual delight for our visitors.” One of our visitor’s most common questions is, “What’s the best way to see the foliage?” Johnson responds that there really is no best way; fall beauty is simply there at just about every turn. With that said, Johnson suggests that your list of things not to miss should be topped by the “unique panoramic” view found from the deck of the Lake Queen, a historic paddlewheel boat operated by Main Street Lake Cruises. Using “up close” and “panoramic” together to describe this stunning view of the Ozark Mountains seems contradictory, but in the case of the Lake Queen, it’s the perfect way to describe the experience.

The Lake Queen cruises Lake Taneycomo, a long and narrow impoundment of the White River, with shorelines much closer together than what can be found on Table Rock Lake. A typical sightseeing cruise on the Lake Queen provides an up-close chance to view Branson’s abundant wildlife in its natural environment. The majestic bald eagle, the great blue heron, a variety of smaller birds, and deer are a common sight along the lake’s shoreline. You can enjoy the wildlife and panoramic vistas only found from your vantage point on the water. As the foliage changes color, these vistas turn into a magnificent canvas of nature’s painting.

As seen from the bow of the Lake Queen, one can only imagine what this scene will look like over the next month as the foliage changes color.

Another unique fall view comes from the lofty heights of the 230-foot-tall Inspiration Tower located atop Inspiration Point, one of the highest points in southwest Missouri. Found at Shepherd of the Hills homestead, the tower provides an unparalleled panoramic view of the Ozarks’ foliage from a different perspective. Glass elevators transport guests up the enclosed observation deck from which, on a clear day, hundreds of square miles of foliage can be viewed as far as 90 miles away, presenting a spectacular view unmatched anywhere. Enjoy the view while leisurely strolling along the deck, or take a more thrilling sightseeing approach by zipping down from the tower on the Vigilante Ziprider. A quick trip in a comfy seat, hitting speeds up to 45 mph, and met at the bottom by a shuttle that will take you on a meandering trip through the beautiful Shepherd of the Hills’ grounds, returning you to the tower.

There are a number of scenic lookouts that provide a superb birds-eye view of the Ozarks’ fall foliage. These include lookouts on State Route 165, about a mile south of its intersection with State Route 265; the Table Rock Dam overlook, located on the south end of Table Rock Dan, across the road from the Dewey Short Visitors Center, and the Henning Conservation Area lookout located about a mile west of the junction of State Route 76 and State Route 376 on the north side of the road. There are also scenic lookouts only minutes away in several of the small communities surrounding Branson.

Another excellent panoramic view is provided at Point Lookout on the campus of College of the Ozarks. Located atop a bluff overlooking Lake Taneycomo, it provides a unique vista of both Branson’s fall foliage and the narrow winding lake; a simply breathtaking sight. While at the College, you might plan to eat at the Keeter Center, famous for their massive Sunday brunch that features food raised or grown on campus. Include a visit to Edwards Grist Mill and one of the area’s best kept secrets, the Ralph Foster Museum, affectionately known as the Smithsonian of the Ozarks. The museum is home to one of the only remaining Beverly Hillbillies’ trucks featured on the beloved television show.

Branson Tourism Center’s Tammy Johnson will also tell you that a great way to see wide-ranging views of Branson’s fall foliage is aboard the Showboat Branson Belle on Table Rock Lake, or on the Branson Scenic Railway, a real old-fashioned steam engine train.

Legendary double dose of Elvis with Buddy, Whitney, Johnny & Blues Brothers

Dean Z performing during a recent performance of Legends in Concert.

BRANSON, Mo., September 25, 2013 – The new Fall schedule for Legends in Concert, the “World’s Greatest Live Tribute Show,” will feature tributes to Buddy Holly, Whitney Houston, Johnny Cash and The Blues Brothers™ as well as, a double-dose of Elvis. Running through October 31 it will include, for the first time ever in a single Legends in Concert production, two tributes to “The King” with each representing a different period in the his career.

Both of the Elvis tributes will be presented by tribute artists who have won the Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest sanctioned by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. The show will open with the 1950s “Rockabilly” years presented by Dean Z, the reigning 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist and a resident member of the Branson Legends in Concert cast. Bill Cherry, the 2009 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist will be the closing act of the show and highlight “the King’s concert years performing such hits as ‘Suspicious Minds,’ ‘Burning Love’ and ‘American Trilogy.’”

In a recent review of this show this writer wrote, “Legends in Concert would be great entertainment with just the mini concerts of its ‘superstar’ impersonators. With the addition of colorful costuming, the band and dancers all seamlessly choreographed into the performances of these superstars the show becomes an outstanding entertainment production and experience.

“Legends in Concert is to tribute shows what the Indianapolis 500 is to auto racing… It is the perfect illustration of why Legends in Concert has been around for 30 years and has millions of fans.”

For tickets or additional information on Legends in Concert or for information or tickets for any of Branson’s shows and attractions or for lodging arrangements please contact the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services by calling 1-800-785-1550 or through its website



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Daniel O’Donnell brings festive international show to Branson starting Nov. 1

Daniel O'Donnell.

BRANSON, Mo., September 24, 2013 – “What an honor it is for Branson that that Daniel O’Donnell choose to keep it as one of the cities on his reduced road tour,” said Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. “The fact that he will be performing at the beautiful Andy Williams Moon River Theatre is not only the fulfillment of one of O’Donnell’s early Branson wishes, but adds a special dynamic to the total entertainment experience provided by the Daniel O’Donnell Show,” she continued.

At the October 2012 press conference, when it was announced that he would be at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre starting in 2013, O’Donnell related a story about his his first visit to Branson in the mid 90s, when he and his manager came to Branson to investigate the possibility of him doing shows in Branson. While on that visit they went to many theaters and saw a lot of great shows. One of those was Andy Williams in concert at the Moon River Theatre after which he said to his manager, “Maybe one day I’ll get to do shows in that theatre.”

Starting November 1 and running through December 7 that’s exactly what will be happening as O’Donnell presents his festive International show in the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre. Incorporating his charismatic and engaging style, he will present a blend of traditional Irish ballads, country favorites, and traditional gospel with an Irish twist that shows why he has sold millions of records and has been “a household name across Ireland and Great Britain for decade.” Appearing with O’Donnell will be guest star Mary Duff, one of Irelands’ top female vocalists.

In the United States O’Donnell has stared in several Public Broadcasting Network Specials  as well as  charting 18 albums in the Top 20 of Billboard’s World Music Album Chart.  In 2011, O’Donnell became the first artist to have an album in the UK charts for 25 consecutive weeks.

For additional information for the Daniel O’Donnell Show or for information or tickets for any of Branson’s shows and attractions or for lodging arrangements please contact the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services by calling 1-800-785-1550.



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A “grand” Branson lodging experience

Grand Plaza Hotel

BRANSON, Mo., September 21, 2013 – “Even in Branson, with all its shows, attractions, shopping and everything else there is to do an old travelers axiom applies,” said Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. “The choice of lodging has a tremendous impact on the overall quality of the travel experience. Our customers, both individuals and groups, have been very impressed with the lodging and services provided by the Grand Plaza Hotel.”

The 200 room suite hotel is a great choice for visitors coming to Branson because of its location, value, family friendly amenities and the variety of accommodations it offers. It is a perfect illustration of the term “location, location, location.” Located about a block north of the famed “Branson Strip,” The Grand Plaza Hotel provides the best of both worlds, the quiet of not being directly on the strip and quick access to the strip when desired. It is also has easy access to Branson’s alternate colored routes to help avoid the traffic congestion on Highway 76. This can be extremely helpful coming into or leaving Branson, going to Silver Dollar City, Branson Landing and many other places.

One of Branson’s largest and most popular discount factory outlet malls Tanger Outlets is located within walking distance. The Kings Palace, home of some of Branson’s most popular shows including the Twelve Irish Tenors, New Jersey Nights and Christmas in Hollywood is also within easy walking distance.

Grand Plaza's indoor pool.

The Grand Plaza is completely nonsmoking and offers a wide choice of accommodations. With its “Standard Queen Room,” with two queen sized beds, “Family Units” having two bedrooms and bathrooms and “Honey Moon/ Executive Suites” with a separate closed off sitting areas, the Grand Plaza can meet just about every lodging need. The hotels amenities include a game room, indoor pool, sauna, fitness room and hot tub. In addition, the hotel offers a full hot buffet breakfast every morning including cereal, fruit, waffles, breads, rolls, eggs, ham or sausage, and biscuits and gravy.

Annette Wood, Director of Group Sales, Branson Tourism Center said, “We love the location and the overall experience our groups receive at the Grand Plaza.” She points out that that the Grand Plaza has a number of different sized meeting rooms from those big enough to accommodate a group of 175 to those for smaller groups or breakout rooms. Group leaders or planners can reach Woods by calling 1-800-268-4014 or through the Branson Tourism Center’s Groups website

Johnson points out that the Grand Plaza Hotel is a great blend of value, luxury, amenities and location and will enhance anyone’s Branson experience. For more information about the Grand Plaza Hotel please contact the Branson Tourism Center by calling 1-800-785-1550 or through its website,

There’s country music shows and there’s Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express!

Clay Cooper singing "Rhinestone Cowboy."

BRANSON, Mo., September 15, 2013 – If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like to read long “review,” pieces about shows, here’s all you have to know. Saying Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express Show in Branson is just another country music show makes about as much sense as saying “a California Redwood” is just another tree.” There’s trees and there’s California Redwoods; there’s country music shows and there’s Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express.

What makes it so exceptional? In a nutshell, the overall quality of the production; its star, both in terms of his voice and ability to actually make the audience a part of the performance; the magnificent choreography and dancing and its supporting cast. From before the curtain goes up until it drops this show is an “express” ride through two plus hours of the most engaging, energetic and talented entertainment available in Branson hosted by a performer who can work an audience as beautifully as he sings and his wife choreographs and dances.

As I stood in line at the ticket window, about 30 minutes before the show started, I was behind two older ladies who were working out a ticket exchange with a lady in the box office for a performance the next day. The caring way that the person in the box office handled the situation touched my heart, no pressure, no hurry, just, “How can we serve you best?”

They didn’t know it, but they were talking with Tina Cooper, the wife of Clay Cooper, who would be dancing in the opening number of the show about 25 minutes later. During the show Clay points out all the things she does, choreography, dancing and more, but what stands out in my mind is the way she does what she does. The grace, elegance and beauty of her dancing in the show, to this writer, was a reflection of what I witnessed as she served those two women before the show and represents the spirit and culture that resonates throughout the show.

Clay and Tina Cooper performing a "duet" of "You Are The Love of My Life."

Obviously the show’s star is Clay Cooper who performs a variety of music during the show. From the Glen Campbell hit, “Rhinestone Cowboy” to a neat impersonation of the Blues Brother’s “Soul Man” with his son Colton, the singing talents of Clay Cooper on just about any style of music is evident. This writer’s two favorite “Clay” numbers were the Roy Orbison hit ballad “Crying” and his performance of “You Are the Love of My Life” sung as part of a beautiful duet where Clay sang and his wife Tina danced creating a unique beautiful, elegant and touching entertainment memory.

If that was his only talent that would be enough, but he has that innate Neil McCoy ability to relate to his audience and draw them into their own entertainment experience. I am sure that some of his lines are triggers for the crowd, but once they are pulled or he adlibs on his own, the result is a warm comfortable humor where everyone is laughing, having fun and wondering what is coming next. If our show was any indication it could be anything, even a delivery from Walgreen’s, delivered to the surprise and delight of the audience. One thing for sure, whether it is his singing or interacting with the crowd Clay Cooper is a master at his craft and one with his audience.

The second major element in the show is the shows dancing. It’s choreographer, and one of the dancers herself is Tina Cooper, who has been dancing professionally since 1989 and holds a “Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Music Theatre with a Minor in Dance” from the University of Oklahoma. What a joy it is to is sit back and enjoy the beauty, grace and elegance of the way that she and “Country Express Dancers” Sarah Blackerby, Kelly Smith, Jenn Turner, Kristin Chandler, Elizabeth Harris, Corey Hanson, Matthew Smith and Tommy D’Amico as they add a new unique dimension to one of the most entertaining shows in Branson and demonstrate why they are one of its top dancing troupes.

 The “Country Express Band” is composed of RP Harrell, Piano and Musical Producer; John Lance, keyboard; Barry Bales, guitar; Dave Clark, bass guitar and Jimmy Hyde, drums. Although their talent is obvious throughout the whole show it is highlighted in their performance of the Doobie Brothers’ “Long Train Running.” On an individual basis, RP Harrell’s performance of “Bowed On My Knees and Cried Holy” and Dave Clark’s unique bass guitar performance of “Amazing Grace” were beautiful “Wow” moments.

Young Miss Ezrah Noelle.

Then there’s the preshow comedic antics of Matt Gumm, his talent as a musician and vocalist during the rest of the show; the amazing things that Johnny Lonestar does with a whip and rope and the voice and personality of ten year old singer Ezrah Noelle. When all the elements of this show are put together the result is “an ‘express’ ride through over two hours of the best, most unique, exciting, engaging and talented entertainment available in Branson.

Perhaps the words of the “two shadows,” friends who are kind enough to go with me and offer a second opinion, summed it up better. They said, “We absolutely recommend this show. Clay Cooper and the dancing is great, there is constant action, audience involvement and everyone is having fun.”

For additional information on the Clay Cooper Country Music Express Show or tickets for any of Branson’s shows and attractions or for lodging arrangements please contact the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services by calling 1-800-785-1550 or through its website.


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National Harvest Festival salutes craftsmanship and cowboys

One of many visiting artists and craftsmen.

BRANSON, Mo., September 12, 2013 — “Silver Dollar City’s annual National Harvest Festival (Festival), running from September 12 – October 26, is an excellent illustration of why the U.S. Congress proclaimed Silver Dollar City as ‘The Home of American Craftsmanship,” said Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. “The festival will feature over 125 visiting craftsmen and artists from all over the country along with Silver Dollar City’s 100 resident craftsman and artists,” she added.

The Festival offers a unique a opportunity to see craftsmen and artists demonstrate their craftsmanship and artistry on a variety of American crafts at one of the largest gatherings of some of the top craftsmen and artists in America. See demonstrations on crafts such as cornshuckery, weaving, jewelry making, glass blowing, knife making, cooperage, Native American flutes, gourd carving and dozens of others “including Best of Missouri Hands juried artists and a showcase of Western artists.”

The Festival’s theme will be the American Cowboy. “The Pinkerton Man,” an original new Western stunt show debuting during the 2012 Festival has been expanded to include “a bigger cast and expanded fight scenes.” The musical production is presented in the parks 4,000 seat Echo Hollow Amphitheatre because it’s the only venue in the park big enough to hold all the “high-flying action and special effects, including dramatic 3-story falls, high-slide rappels, hero fights, pyrotechnic effects and explosions, with professional stunt men and women leading a cast of 16, plus live animals, comedy and original live music performed by the ‘Sons of the Silver Dollar.’”

Texas Trick Riders.

New this year will be the new “Texas Trick Riders show which will be presented in Silver Dollar City’s Red Gold arena through October 6. The show has a troupe of 7 stunt riders and 9 horses who will perform “precision trick riding and daring stunts” from Roman riding to flying vaults and much more.

The Festival’s entertainment also includes Western musicians such as “double-Grammy-winning musicians and 7-time Western Music Association’s (WMA)  ‘Entertainers Of the Year’ “Riders in the Sky;” WMA Crescendo Award winner “The Quebe Sisters Band” and others. Other featured events include Kent Rollins, a ranch owner whose chuck wagon cooking talents has put him on the Food Network’s “Chopped” and “Throwdown with Bobby Flay” will be demonstrating trail-side cooking; mustang expert Fred Woehl will tame and train rescued wild mustangs and three-time winner of the Academy of Western Artists’ “Will Rogers Award,” Cowboy Poet Chris Isaacs will present cowboy stories and poems.

Branson Tourism Center’s Johnson points out that all of the activities of the National Harvest Festival are in addition to everything else the award winning 1880′s theme park offers on a daily basis including 30 rides and attractions. Recently its new Outlaw Run wooden coaster received the coveted “Golden Ticket for Best New Ride” from “Amusement Today Magazine.”

In term of value and being able to enjoy all that Silver Dollar City has to offer at your leisure, she points out that the Branson Tourism Center (BTC) has two day Silver Dollar City tickets for the price of a one day ticket. For additional information or tickets for Silver Dollar City, the National Harvest Festival or any of Branson’s other shows and attractions or for lodging arrangements please contact BTC by either calling their toll free number 1-800-785-1550 or through their website


Latest Info Branson Fall season Limited Engagement performances

Bill Cosby

BRANSON, Mo., September 9, 2013 – “On a daily basis Branson is blessed with some of the finest entertainers anywhere presenting almost 100 live shows per day offering a quality and variety of live entertainment that is absolutely amazing,” said Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. She explained that it is these “resident” Branson Shows that form the foundation upon which Branson’s live entertainment reputation is based.

Supplementing that foundation and giving Branson visitors more exciting live entertainment choices are the periodic limited engagement performances of nationally known performers and acts. These performances are for a limited specific period of time and are typically for short periods of time, some as short as one performance.

In addition to the Fall foliage and everything else Branson has to offer a number of nationally known stars and acts will be performing limited engagements in Branson this Fall. The following list, obtained from the Official Branson.Com Show Schedule, powered by the Branson Tourism Center, is sorted alphabetically with a link for each to scheduling, ticket pricing and other information:

A Wartime Romance

Lee Greenwood

Bill Cosby

Charlie Daniels Band

Charley Pride

Clint Black

Crystal Gayle, T.G. Sheppard and Janie Fricke


Daniel O'Donnell

Daniel O’Donnell

David Frizzell & Shelly West

Diamond Rio

Don Williams

Gatlin Brothers

Dinner with Yakov

Grits and Glamour Tour

Starring Pam Tillis and Lorrie Morgan

Happy Together

Featuring Flo and Eddie, Mickey Dolenz, Gary Puckett & Union Band, and Mark Lindsay

Jim Belushi & The Chicago Board of Comedy

John Anderson

John Conlee & Bobby Bare

John Michael Montgomery


Kenny Rogers

Kenny Rogers

Lynn Anderson

Marty Stuart

Mel Tillis

Midwest Country Stars

Neal McCoy

Oak Ridge Boys

Rich Little

Ronnie Milsap & Connie Smith

Ronnie McDowell and the Sweethearts of the Rodeo

Sawyer Brown

Steve Wariner and Jeannie Seely

The Grascals Appearing At Larry’s Country Diner

Wilson and Fairchild Appearing At Larry’s Country Diner

Although not limited engagement shows it should be pointed out that the last scheduled performance of the Roy Rogers Jr. Show will be November 27 and that October 18th will be the last opportunity to see tthe spectacular production of Joseph at the Sight and Sound Theatre. Starting on November 2nd the Sight and Sound will be featuring another amazing production the Miracle of Christmas until December 28th. Joseph will be replaced by another spectacular biblical epic Jonah starting with the 2014 season.

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