The Texas Tenors delight Branson audiences “doing it their way!”

The Texas Tenors, Marcus Collins, right; J.C. Fisher, and John Hagen.

The Texas Tenors meteoric ‘Rise’ to fame is proof positive that “You Should Dream.” Since their national debut on NBC’s hit prime time show America’s Got Talent in 2009, they have become one of the most popular singing groups in America. In addition, to a full concert schedule and many hit recordings, they have filmed two PBS Specials, “You Should Dream” and their newest, which will air shortly, “Rise.”

The Texas Tenors have been entertaining Branson audiences since 2010. Having just seen their 2017 show recently, I can say without a doubt that 2017 is all that, and more! From their first number to the last, the power, beauty, and intensity of each totals up to an unforgettable entertainment experience that should not be missed!

The show is in concert format. And what a concert it is! The Texas Tenors, Marcus Collins, J.C. Fisher, and John Hagen perform many covers and original music. This includes country, classical, gospel, Broadway, and more.

The Texas Tenor entertainment experience is more than just their pure vocal talent, wonderful harmonies, and innovative arrangements. Oh, that’s the focal point, but their innate ability to relate to their audience and get them involved in the performance is a powerful dynamic. When combined and choreographed with a large LED Screen and a great live band, it’s easy to see why this show is one of Branson’s most popular music shows. The band consists of some of the best musicians in Branson including Larry Hensen, Keyboard; Mitch Keirsey, Guitar; and Ryan Hurn, Drums.

In each show piece that I write, I pick three of my favorite numbers to highlight. I confess that’s hard to do with this show because there are so many “favorites.” In any event, here they are and why. My first is the opening number, Alabama’s Play Me Some Mountain Music, because I love the song and the way they perform it. The performance of Vincero Perdero, (I Will Win, I Will Lose,) by J. C. Fisher and John Hagen was something! Although the words are sung in Italian they were displayed on the large screen. The way they sang separate parts and then joined together was magnificent!

The performance of the 1965 hit, That Loving Feeling, honoring “Righteous Brothers” Bill Medley, was another special highlight. It fully integrated the talents of The Texas Tenors, the band, and the giant LED screen into a spectacular performance. Bill Medley’s singing on the screen was synced with the live performance so that it appeared he was actually singing with them. It was a pure joy to see and hear.

I must mention one more, the Eagles hit, Desperado. Like Vincero Perdero , It’s a perfect illustration of how they start a song separately, each adding their own touch, and then come together for a powerful finish. What a beautiful job!

The show flew by and, fittingly ends with Frank Sinatra’s, I Did It My Way. From a The Texas Tenors perspective “Doing It Their way” is two of the finest hours of music you will hear anywhere. It ends all too soon!

Want tickets or more information on The Texas Tenors, or any of Branson’s other shows, attractions or lodging? Contact the Branson Tourism Center by calling its toll free number, 1-800-785-1550, or through

Personal answers to the question, “What do you like most about Branson’s Silver Dollar City?”

Silver Dollar City’s world class wood coaster, “Outlaw Run.”

Silver Dollar City features dozens of practicing crafters and artisans displaying their skills; over 40 exciting rides for all ages; shows; six annual world-class festivals, and much more. The 1890’s styled theme park has been “Creating memories worth repeating” for generations and is Branson’s oldest and most popular paid attraction.

We thought it would be interesting see what it was about Silver Dollar City that keeps bringing people back again and again. We asked those participating in our Facebook and Twitter social media channels, the question, “What’s your favorite thing to do at Silver Dollar City?

The following responses represent the things mentioned the most often and offer a personal perspective on what people enjoy most at Silver Dollar City. Joe Cannon’s comment, “Just going inside the gate and shutting out the real world for a while!” sums up the essence of what Silver Dollar City means.

The names of the “commenter” precedes their comment. Click here to read all the comments. In some cases, we have added our remarks. They follow the comment in [brackets]:

Gina Wagner: Just walking around, taking it all in. The music, the quaint little shops, the food, the rides. It’s all lovely. My favorite ride is the swings. During the Christmas festival [Old Time Christmas], my favorite thing to do is ride the train. It gets me emotional (in a good way) every time. [There is just something about Silver Dollar City and what it represents. It reminds people of a bygone era And brings them back again and again. It’s a wonderful thing!]

Jill Hoppe Allen: Our first visit to Silver Dollar City was in 1968. We had been married for 6 months. Now we’re coming up on 50. I’ve always felt like I was home when I walked through the gates. Now living in Florida and truly miss our annual trips to Branson and Silver Dollar City.

Barb Eaton: Sometimes we like to ride rides, some days it’s the shows, other days just walking and visiting the shops. We like to do it all at some point. [That’s one of the neat things about Silver Dollar City; there’s so much to do that you can tailor it to what you want to do when you want to do it.]

Matt and Julie Pierce: The demonstrations, Fire in the Hole and Grandfather’s Mansion. [“Fire in the Hole” is one of the oldest and most popular rides at Silver Dollar City. There’s nothing like it anywhere! It was the very first ride I rode on my first visit to Silver Dollar City in 1976 at the age of 35.]

“Marvel Cave” is another of Silver Dollar City’s unique experiences.

Maggie Jean McCurdy: THE TRAIN, my little ones love-love-love-it! Ride it every single time! The “ball room” [inside the Firehouse Play Place] at “Fireman’s Landing.” The rides, the food, and of course the shops! We’re season pass holders but, we’ve yet to see a show or the cave. Gives us something to look forward to on our next visits. [Marvel Cave is something you really should see. Hope you will find this article interesting: How Devil’s Den Became A Marble Marvel On Its Way To Becoming Branson’s Silver Dollar City” ]

Joyce Meinhardt: Classes at the Culinary school. My husband & I both love to attend for the recipes, samples and to chat with Debbie Dance Uhrig. [Another of the great unique activities Silver Dollar City offers its guests.]

Patricia Key-Bartee: Try all the foods, sit and enjoy the atmosphere, listen to the music, the sounds of the train, watch my family just having fun, enjoy the festivals, and make lots of amazing memories!!! SDC is one of our favorite places to visit each year. [“Making memories worth repeating” is what Silver Dollar City is all about!]

Tammy Lasley Stephens: Watching my family’s reactions to all it has to offer! Great memories! [That’s the real magic of Silver Dollar City.]

Michelle Gandy: Watching all the different people reacting to the sights and smells. For us, it’s always glass blowers, bread, and shows first. Then the rides as we pass them and go round again. It’s been 30+ years of fun! [It’s amazing the way people are continually drawn beck to Silver Dollar City and the fun filled memories it has created.]

Kyle Murphy: Every time we go, we have to do these 3 things: get a skillet meal, listen to the “Homestead Pickers,” and get an apple turnover with apple butter at the apple place.

Bob Kirkley: Listen to the “[Homestead] Pickers!” I first visited SDC in 1961 or 2. There was only the “hotel, general store, a stage coach ride, and, of course, “Marvel Cave!” [Bob: Here’s a link an article we wrote on Marvel Cave that we hope you will enjoy: “How Devil’s Den Became A Marble Marvel On Its Way To Becoming Branson’s Silver Dollar City”]

Shaina Jones: We love all the rollercoasters, shops and food!! The cave under silver dollar city is awesome. I love going at Christmas time to have cider, see the parade, shops and millions of lights, and the big 5-Story Special Effects Christmas Tree with over 350,000 colorful LED lights! [Here an article on two of SDC’s coasters that we hope you will find interesting: “Will Silver Dollar City’s iconic ‘Wildfire’ be eclipsed by ‘Outlaw Run?’”]

Tandi Frazier Jackson EVERYTHING!!!

“Silver Dollar City is a unique one of a kind theme park unlike any other,” said Preston Garrison, Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center, sellers of over five million Branson show and attractions tickets. “It’s filled with a special spirit and all the fun, excitement, and adventure anyone could ever want. Our customers just love it,” he added.

For more information or tickets for Silver Dollar City, or any of Branson’s other shows and attractions or lodging, please contact the Branson Tourism Center at 1-800-785-1550. One of its Branson based Vacation Specialists will answer your questions and help with reservations and getting the best available show seats and lodging. There is no charge for this service and they are available daily, except Christmas Day, from 9:00 AM to 8.00 PM.

Time running out to see original Titanic movie costumes in Branson

Two of the dresses and coat actually worn by “Rose”, Kate Winslett, in the 1997 Academy Award winning movie,”Titanic.”

“On a day to day basis, Branson’s Titanic Museum Attraction is a wonderful interactive experience for the whole family to enjoy together. It has hundreds of artifacts from the ill-fated ‘unsinkable’ ship, self-guided tours for adults and children, interactive exhibits, and much more,” said Annette Wood, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Branson Tourism Center. “Even with all that, it’s just amazing the way it keeps adding something fresh, unique, and new for its guests to experience every year,” she added.

2017 is the 20th anniversary of the premier blockbuster hit movie “Titanic.” It went on to win eleven Academy Awards including “Best Picture” and “Best Costume Design.” Now, for the first time, and only through June 11, 2017, visitors to the Museum can view a collection of the actual costumes worn in the movie.

The costumes are displayed throughout the museum. Each is in an appropriate setting that enhances the viewing experience. During a recent tour of the exhibit with First Class Maid Jamie, she said, “Everyone comes to the Museum and asks, ‘Where’s Jack?’. Well we don’t have ‘Jack,’ but what we do have is one of the costumes that Leonardo DiCaprio, ‘Jack,’ wore in the movie. And that’s just one of many!”

Jamie explained the effort involved in putting the exhibit together. “It took the Museum about two years to get all of the contracts signed,” she said. She points out that because of cost overruns on the production of the film, two studios were involved in producing the film, “20th Century Fox” and “Paramount Pictures.” Contracts had to be negotiated with each of them as well as individual collectors who own some of the costumes.

One of the costumes worn by “Jack,” Leonardo DiCaprio.

When asked what her favorite costume was she said it’s the white “boarding dress” worn by “Rose,” played by Kate Winslet, as she was boarding the “Titanic”. Another favorite is the scarlet “jump dress” she wore when she was going to jump off the ship, and Jack talked her out of it. Those two dresses are in a dazzling exhibit with the pink “sinking coat” Rose wore as the ship was sinking after hitting the iceberg. My favorite costume was the “Engineers Overalls” and the engine room environment created for their display.

It’s the total experience, uniqueness and the beautiful way each is displayed. It’s an historical collection of movie artifacts that may never been seen together again. First Class Maid Jamie said, “These costumes are not going on a big tour of the United States. They will be on display in Branson through June 11. The only other place they will be displayed will be in the Titanic Museum Attraction in Pigeon Forge from June 17 through Labor Day.

The 155-carat sapphire “Heart of the Ocean” necklace.

“The Heart of the Ocean (also known as Le Cœur de la Mer), was a fictional blue diamond and sapphire necklace that played a very prominent part in the movie “Titanic.” The owners of the Titanic Museum Attraction commissioned their own “Heart of the Ocean” necklace, and it’s real! Valued at $250,000, it has a 155-carat sapphire surrounded by 16 carets of diamonds. It is normally displayed at the Pigeon Forge Titanic Museum Attraction, but is on display in Branson through June 11.

Another costume on display is that of the Titanic’s Captain Smith, played by Bernard Hill in the movie. Jamie points out another interesting aside involving the movie. The Museum’s audio tours, for both adults and children, are narrated by Bernard Hill.

For more information on Branson’s Titanic Museum Attraction or other attractions, shows or lodging please contact the Branson Tourism Center and talk with one of their Branson based Travel Planning Specialists by calling 1-800-785-1550. BTC’s one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services and has sold over 5 million Branson show and attraction tickets.


Awesome Branson shows that will delight the whole family!

The Acrobats of China performing some of their incredible feats.

“There’s so much for families and kids to see and do in Branson,” said Preston Garrison, Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. “It has natural beauty, museums, attractions, and rides of all kinds, lakes, Silver Dollar City, live shows, and so much more. It’s hard to imagine a place where kids and families can have a more fun filled vacation than in Branson, Missouri,” he continued.

The quality, quantity, and variety of its live shows is well-known. There’s not one of its 120 live shows in Branson where the content is not suitable for families to enjoy together. There are however, some shows that younger children are more likely to enjoy than others.

Typically, a child’s reaction and enjoyment of a show will depend on how much it holds their interest. This includes things like action, magic, color, or something else they can relate to. It might be the characters, story, seeing other kids performing, a type of music, or something else. The longer their interest is held, the more they will enjoy the show. We believe the following shows will hold the interests of children and adults alike:

Acrobats of China is a colorful fast moving show appealing to children because of its many different acts of strength, agility, coordination and daring. There’s constant action, colorful costumes, beauty, and pageantry. The same thing that makes it a great show for children makes it great entertainment for adults too

They truly are “Amazing Pets!”

Amazing Pets will hold children’s interest from the beginning to the end. It’s a delightful  combination of performing cats and dogs, beautiful exotic birds, colorful costuming, and interaction with the kids in the audience. One thing is certain, the antics of these pets is “amazing!”

The Buckets N Boards Comedy Percussion Show is a one of a kind show. It features precise percussion on a variety of surfaces, delightfully silly songs, tap dancing, and lots of laughter. Kids and adults alike just love this show! How good is it? It’s one of the most popular shows on Disney Cruise Lines.

Dixie Stampede features exciting entertainment and a four-course feast eaten “Dixie Stampede Style.” “Dixie” boasts various fun features that include the lumberjack relay, racing pigs, buffalo, 32 beautiful horses, all presented amid constant excitement, color, and pageantry. Canine Capers, is a new act for 2017. It features “an action-packed exhibition of ‘man’s best friends!’ This stunt dog relay event includes Fly-Ball racing, agility course, and high jump in an exciting head-to-head competition.” Add some friendly competition and the result is an experience the whole family will enjoy from beginning to end.

it Starring the Hughes Brothers & Their Families combines, color, action, and the incredible talents of this family into one of the most entertaining shows on any Branson stage. It’s filled with music, dancing, fun and humor as the Hughes family shares their family with yours for two of the most entertaining hours in Branson. Kids love the strategically placed performances by the Hughes’ kids. This show is as inspiring as it is entertaining and is enjoyed by both adults and kids throughout.

What kid doesn’t love magic? Here are two of Branson’s best:

Illusionist Rick Thomas will have you wondering if you can believe what you are seeing. He uses his exceptional showmanship and the talents of his beautiful wife, Tara, to present a Branson show of stunning illusions, excitement, and spectacular beauty! His ability to interact with the kids and adults in the audience is “magic.” He uses some of them in his illusions as he magically delivers a message that is as inspiring as it is entertaining.

From the illusions of Dave and Denise Hamner to Gakita the gorilla, flying cockatoos, Wayne Newton, and much more, Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show delights all ages throughout the show. It’s truly a one of a kind magical experience “where birds appear, people fly, and voices soar!”

For more information or tickets for any of these shows, please contact the Branson Tourism Center. They can be reached by calling 1-800-785-1550 or through their website


For great country music see Raiding the Country Vault!

Raiding The Country Vault’s Billy Yates and Michael Peterson

Raiding the Country Vault is in its first full season in Branson. No glitz and fancy theatrical effects in this show. Just 90 minutes of great traditional country music classics with an outstanding cast performing music they know, love, and respect.

Every song in the show is a country classic that most, whether a country music fan or not, will recognize. The cast performing them has worked with, or written songs for, the country music legends who made them a hit. Billy Yates, lead vocals and guitar, a Missouri Native, co-wrote the Emmy Award winning song, Choices and the George Jones Classic, I Don’t Need Your Rockin’ Chair. Michael Peterson, lead vocals and guitar, performs his hit Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie. Other cast members have performed with Dierks Bentley, Hank Williams, Jr., George Jones, Kenny Chesney, Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, and other country music legends. These include Michelle Poe, lead vocals and bass; Keith Horne, lead guitar; David Smith, piano; Melody Hart, lead vocals and fiddle; Steve Ramsey, keyboard; Peter Generous, drums; and Scott Kwapiszski, pedal steel and banjo.

The production is elegant in its simplicity. Legendary country music presented by some of the finest country talent ever to grace a Branson stage. As each song is being performed, information about the song and the artist who made it famous is presented on a giant screen adding even more enjoyment to the performance

From many, here are my four favorite highlights from the show. Michelle Poe did a beautiful job on Patsy Cline’s hit Crazy. Charlie Daniels’ hit, The Devil Went Down to Georgia, featuring Melody Hart on the fiddle and Billy Yates, on the guitar was awesome. How special was it to hear Michael Peterson perform his hit Drink, Swear, Steal & Lie and hear Billy Yates’ sing the song he co-wrote for George Jones, I Don’t Need No Rocking Chair!  There’s something special about hearing someone perform a hit song they have written or sung.

Whatever you do, don’t miss the shows Finale! The integration of the full cast performing Forever Country, with the actual Forever Country video of the one-time gathering of the 30 country music stars performing it, is as inspiring as it is entertaining. What an appropriate way to end such a great show. One that ended all too quickly.

For more information or tickets for Raiding the Country Vault, please feel free to contact the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services, by calling  1-800-785-1550 or visiting

Peace and scenic beauty abound on Lake Taneycomo Main Street Lake Cruises

Main Street Lakes Cruises Lake Queen and Landing Princess

“Whether you take a sightseeing cruise on the river boat replica, Lake Queen or the 100 foot luxury yacht, Landing Princess, it is a spectacular unique adventure,” says Mellisa McGowen, Marketing Manager and Groups Sales Coordinator for Main Street Lakes Cruises.  “It offers amazing panoramas, sights, and a closeness with the beauty, nature and history of the Ozarks that few of the millions of annual visitors to Branson will ever experience,” she added

When asked, “What can passengers expect to see,” she answered, “That depends. Each cruise is different. You can’t plan for a Bald Eagle to soar overhead or be sitting in a tree, a mink scurrying along the shoreline, or many of the unique things that happen daily. They either happen or they don’t, but when they do you couldn’t have a better seat to see the show!”

Passengers get a unique mid-lake view of Branson Landing and its $7.5 million fountain. Its spectacular synchronized fire, water, light, and music show is a popular feature of every cruise. Another passenger favorite is a closeup view of one of Missouri’s largest Blue Heron Rookeries. All this while cruising by amazing bluffs carved by Mother Nature over the centuries surrounded by spectacular Ozark vistas that change with the season.

Throughout the cruise, the Captain points out sights of interest and provides an entertaining and informative account about each.  Did you know that Lake Taneycomo is one of the finest places to fish for Rainbow and Brown Trout in the United States? Where and when did the term “Hacker” originate? How did Lake Taneycomo get its name. The timing of the comments allows plenty of time to relax and enjoy the peaceful beauty of the Ozarks.

On every cruise children and others can go up to the “wheelhouse” and meet the Captain. If the weather and currents allow, under the watchful eye of the Captain, they can take the wheel and “drive” the boat.

The 90-foot long paddlewheel river boat replica Lake Queen has full sized rest rooms and two decks. The lower deck is climate controlled while the top deck is open. She cruises twice a day, 11:45 AM and 4:45 PM with boarding available 30 minutes prior to departure. Both cruises offer the option of a light meal. It consists of a Jumbo Ham or Turkey Croissant, homemade chips, a sugar cookie and unlimited tea, coffee, or water. Meals must be ordered prior to boarding. The Lake Queen has a full cash bar offering alcoholic drinks and soft drinks.

The 100-foot luxury yacht Landing Princess is luxuriously appointed, has full sized rest rooms and two fully enclosed climate controlled decks. She offers the same scenic cruises as her sister boat, with the addition of a delicious dinner. Except for an Easter Sunday Cruise on April 16 at 11:45 AM with boarding at 11:15 AM, her regular season of dinner cruises starts on May 5. Boarding starts at 6:15 PM with the cruise departing at 6:45 PM. Once underway, passengers will enjoy a delicious dinner consisting of Wedge Salad, Pan Seared Chicken Breast w/ Marsala, Pork Tenderloin w/ Tomato Béchamel, Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Seasonal Vegetables, Bread Service, Triple Chocolate Cake, Tea, Coffee or Water. Cash bar available for soft drinks (soda) or alcoholic beverages as well.

McGowen said that safety is the number one concern and that both of Main Street Lake Cruises boats and their crews are fully inspected, certified, and licensed by the U.S. Coast Guard. “Our number one objective is to give our passengers an experience that they will not forget and will become a wonderful part of their Branson memories.

For more information about a cruisesaboard the Lake Queen or the Landing Princess please feel to contact the Branson Tourism Center by calling 1-800-785-1550 or visiting

Runaway entertainment on Clay Cooper’s awesome Country Express

The amazing Clay Cooper.

“What you see is what you get” is a common expression. With Clay Cooper the man, what you see and get is one awesome individual. With Clay Cooper the performer, what you see and get is one awesome entertainer. With Clay Cooper’s Country Express, what you see and get is two hours of some of the most awesome entertainment on any Branson stage. It’s an express ride that simultaneously entertains adults and children alike with a constant variety of great music, superb dancing, comedy, fun, laughter, and joy.

Clay Cooper is the Engineer on this entertainment express, powering it with his extraordinary personality and musical talent. Whether its Garth Brook’s Thunder Road or the shows finale, an original song, America Stand Strong, written by his wife, Tina, Clay’s musical talents are as obvious as they are a pleasure to hear.

And, it doesn’t stop with just musical talent. His innate ability to relate to his audience and draw them into their own entertainment experience is amazing. Each performance is as different as a snowflake as he goes into the audience and interacts with them. His uses a warm, comfortable, and friendly style, that has everyone relaxing, having fun, and laughing. No funny costumes or skits, just the heart of the man interacting with the hearts of his audience. It is truly a joy to experience!

Another unique and awesome aspect of this show is its dancers. The show’s choreographer is Tina Cooper. She’s not only a graduate of the University of Oklahoma, with a “Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Music Theatre and a Minor in Dance,” but an accomplished dancer with extensive dancing and show experience.

Dancing is woven into many of the numbers in the show, some as a feature and some subtly, but in every case adding another entertaining element to a great show. The dancing performance while Clay is singing Garth Brook’s Thunder Road was exquisite and is a perfect example of how much the dancing enhances the overall enjoyment of the show and what makes this show so unique and special.

For most shows that would be enough, but not on Clay Cooper’s Country Express! Longtime Branson favorite, Kari Garrison is the featured female vocalist. Clay Cooper’s Country Express Band features some of the finest musicians in Branson. Johnny Lonestar’s gun slinging, whip, and rope act is amazing.  The talented and versatile Matt Gumm does everything from comedy to playing the Hammered Dulcimer and he does it well.

This is one of the few Branson musical shows, variety or otherwise, with the ability to simultaneously entertain both kids and adults throughout the show. From a vocal perspective, the show features quality “peer to peer” performances and appearances by Colt Cooper, Ezrah Noelle, Cadin Cooper, and Rosie Cheek.  Johnny Lonestar’s act and Matt Gumm’s routines appeal to both kids and adults alike. The pace of the show, its variety, costuming, dancing, and constant action also hold the interest and appreciation of kids and adults alike.

This show is an “express” ride through two plus hours of the most engaging, energetic and talented entertainment available in Branson. It’s hosted by a performer who can work an audience as beautifully as he sings and his wife choreographs and dances. It’s just keeps getting better and better, you don’t want to miss this show!

For more information on the Clay Cooper’s Country Express Show, or tickets for any of Branson’s shows or attractions, please contact the Branson Tourism Center. You may talk with them personally through one of their Branson based Vacation Specialists by 1-800-785-1550 or through their website


Branson’s Gazebo Inn is Ozarks hospitality at its finest

The unique Gazebo Inn located in the center of the famed Branson Strip.

Tucked into a secluded location immediately just off the center of the famed Branson Strip, the 73 room Gazebo Inn provides a unique lodging experience. Its inviting, warm, quaint and distinctive exterior is an indication, to incoming guests, of the wonderful lodging experience that they will have.

Stanley Merriman, the Inn’s General Manager said, “Staying at the Gazebo Inn is a special way to experience Ozark’s hospitality.” He feels that special experience comes from exceeding their guests expectations through a combination of things. These include very reasonable prices, location, its relatively small intimate size, secluded safe quiet environment, quality and cleanliness of its rooms, a large continental breakfast, and the quality of staff and the services they provide to their guests.

One of the spacious standard queen bed rooms.

Merriman points out that every room in the hotel has been completely renovated, with new carpet, painting, new flat screen TVs, and more, within the last 12 months. The Inn has a great choice of rooms ranging from their standard king and queen rooms, to rooms with whirlpools, Honeymoon suites with an in room Jacuzzi, and a family suite with its own parking space near the pool. All the Inn’s rooms are non-smoking and a limited number are pet friendly.

Standard amenities include in room refrigerators, coffee machines, hair dryers, irons, ironing boards and free wireless internet. The Gazebo Inn has an outdoor pool. While having no indoor pool, it’s located near its “sister” property, the “Grand Plaza Hotel” which provides complimentary access to its indoor pool and other amenities not available at the Gazebo Inn.

The Inn is ideally located in the center of the Branson Strip. It’s within walking distance of a number of Branson’s finest shows including those at the Andy Williams Performing Arts Center and Theatre and the King’s Castle Theatre. The fabulous shopping available at the Tanger Outlets and the Grand Village, as well as many Branson attractions and restaurants, is but moments away.

Merriman also said that the Gazebo Inn is part of the Branson Tourism Center’s Lowest Rate Lock Guarantee Program. What that means is that if you book your room through the Branson Tourism Center now, and find a lower price for the same room on the same dates before you arrive in Branson, the Branson Tourism Center will match it.

“The Gazebo Inn provides our customers with a great Ozark’s lodging experience,” said Preston Garrison, Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. For additional information or reservations for the Gazebo Inn or any of Branson’s other shows and attractions please contact the Branson Tourism Center (BTC), one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services. BTC can be reached by either calling their toll free number 1-800-785-1550 or through their website

Your guide to an awesome day of bingeing on country music in Branson

Down Home Country’s Wayne Massengale and Melody Hart.

“Branson has over 100 live shows of every type and kind of music,” said Annette Wood, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Branson Tourism Center. “Some shows however, feature country music providing country music fans the opportunity to ‘binge’ on country music from morning till night,” she added.

Here’s four of from our list of Branson’s Most Popular Shows that will fill your day with great country music:

Down Home Country is country music, and then some, at its best! What a great way to start the day with this morning show. This show features traditional country tunes including songs from big time, beloved artists like Waylon Jennings, Merle Haggard, George Jones, and Hank Williams, and others. In addition, these talented singers and the “Grand Band” will give you a taste of gospel, bluegrass, and western swing as well. And there’s more. Jamie Haage is joined by Melody Hart, one of Branson’s premier fiddle players. and that crazy and colorful comedian, Jarrett Dougherty and some of his crazy characters. Good music, clean comedy, and a whole lot of country charm make this a great way to start a day of country music binging.

Raiding the Country Vault will highlight your afternoon*with 90 minutes of non-stop “definitive country music hits” presented by musicians with the extraordinary skill and experience to bring that music to life.”  It takes its audience on a wonderful trip through many of country music’s greatest hits by celebrated artists including: Conway Twitty, Patsy Cline, Johnny Cash, Buck Owens, Charlie Daniels Band, Willie Nelson, Waylon Jennings, Garth Brooks, Dolly Parton, Dwight Yoakam, George Strait, and many, many more.” A large LED screen displays the history of each song and the artist making it famous adding to the enjoyment of the show.

Either of the following evening shows would be the perfect completion to a “binge” day of country music in Branson:

Clay Cooper’s Country Express features the vocal talents and audience charisma of Branson favorite, Clay Cooper. And that’s just the start! It has some of the best dancers and choreography on any Branson stage, the vocal talents of featured female vocalist Kari Garrison, and one of the most talented live bands in Branson. Add the talent and comedy of Matt Gumm, the rope and gun handling performance of Johnny Lonestar. The result is two hours of great country music, dancing, fun, laughter, and variety.

Presleys’ Country Jubilee, Branson’s first show on the Branson Strip, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year. As many times as I have seen this show, every time I see it, I feel like I’m witnessing a Branson treasure. Its country origin, and the faithfulness of four generations maintaining the traditions and heritage of that origin, make Presleys’ Country Jubilee special.  The spirit and talents of the Presley family and cast, musical variety, and uniqueness of the show’s humor is a one of a kind entertainment experience. It flows seamlessly from one entertaining part to another.  With this formula, there can only be one result…a special, unforgettable Branson entertainment memory that should not be missed!

For more information on these or other great Branson shows or lodging, please contact the Branson Tourism Center. Reach it by calling 1-800-785-1550 or through its website Selling almost 5 million Branson show and attraction tickets, it’s Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services.

Branson Tourism Center wins Southwest Missouri’s Better Business Bureau 2017 Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics

“It was an honor just to be a finalist for the Torch Award,” said Tammy Johnson, Vice President and General Manager of the Branson Tourism Center (BTC). “Actually winning the BBB Torch Award, with so many worthy nominees, is as humbling as it is awesome,” she added.

Johnson said that it’s a testimony to the dedication, effort, and character of Branson Tourism Center’s employees and the Branson vendors they market for. “Our team ‘makes it happen’ every day as they share Branson and help its visitors have the very best Branson experience possible,” she said. “The principles this award embodies, ‘excellence in customer care, marketplace excellence, advancing marketplace trust and consumer leadership,’ are an inherent part of our daily interactions with our customers and vendors. It’s what we strive for every day,” Johnson added.

Over the last 14 years, BTC has sold nearly 5 million show and attraction tickets and hundreds of thousands of room-nights in the Branson marketplace building trusted relationships with its valued customers and vendors. Johnson said, “From a business and economic perspective ‘what’ we have done is important. Equally important however, and what winning the ‘Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics” signifies, is ‘how’ we did it.”

About Branson Tourism Center

Branson Tourism Center, established in 2003, is a marketing company specializing in packaging and individual sales of lodging, shows, attractions and restaurants within Branson to prospective visitors.  It’s one of the area’s largest providers of Branson travel services and employs close to 100 people. It is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Southwest Missouri with an A+ rating. Among other organizations, it is a member of the Student & Youth Travel Association (SYTA), American Bus Association (ABA), National Tour Association (NTA), American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA), Religious Conference Management Association (RCMA), Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce (BLACC), and Branson Lakes Area Lodging Association (BLALA). Branson Tourism Center may be reached by calling 1-800-978-1999.