Trip Protection Terms and Conditions

"Premium Trip Protection"

Premium Trip Protection may be purchased with any order from for a flat rate of $19.95 (tax included). This allows you to cancel any portion or all of your order for any reason up until noon of the day before the earliest scheduled event of your itinerary with absolutely no cancellation fee and a full refund of items purchased on your itinerary (the purchase price of $19.95 is non-refundable).*

Premium Trip Protection gives you peace of mind in the event that you may find yourself needing to cancel. To receive your full refund with no cancellation fee, you must call and speak with a Vacation Specialist prior to noon on the day before the earliest scheduled event of your order itinerary. Cancellations by voicemail, email, or otherwise not communicated to a Vacation Specialist over the phone may not qualify for a full refund. If you call after noon of the day before your earliest scheduled event, you will be subject to our Standard Cancellation Policy.

Please note: 

  • Premium Trip Protection can only be purchased on your first original order. When booking your vacation, simply tell your Vacation Specialist that you would like to add Premium Trip Protection to your purchase.
  • Premium Trip Protection is not available for purchase after your original order, whether in conjunction with an order or individually added to a previous order.
  • If you have not purchased Premium Trip Protection, our Standard Trip Protection applies to your order.
  • Premium Trip Protection is non-refundable and has no cash value.
  • Premium Trip Protection covers items purchased from (including show and attraction tickets, lodging, and meal vouchers) and does not cover any other travel expenses you may incur.
  • As referenced above, “noon on the day before the earliest scheduled date of your itinerary” implies 12:00 p.m. Central Standard Time on the day before the earliest scheduled date included in your order (show date/attraction date, or lodging check-in date).

*All non-refundable shows are excluded. Some non-refundable changes and/or cancellations requested within 72 hours of arrival are excluded. Vacation Rental properties are excluded from Premium Trip Protection and are subject to the Standard Trip Protection, and they are non-cancellable within 14 days of the arrival date. Ask your Vacation Specialist for details.