Cassandre' The Voice of an Angel Christmas Spectacular!

2021 Information

Featuring Cassandré and Timothy Haygood  and The Stardust Band! 
Branson's Largest Live Orchestra!  
- Incredible LIVE Music featuring Cassandré’s world class voice, and Timothy's renowned violin backed by Branson's best singers and instrumentalists!  
- Variety - 40's, 50's, 60's, 70's, 80's, Country, Pop, Broadway, Gospel and more IN THE FIRST HALF and fun, beautiful and inspiring Christmas Music IN THE SECOND HALF! 
- Hilarious Comedy featuring Cassandré’s lovable, singing and dancing Aunt Erma! 
- Dazzling Costume Changes!  - 
- Fantastic LIVE MUSIC on a grand scale! 

28 year veteran performers in Branson, Timothy and Cassandre’ Haygood put on a show unlike anything else in Branson.

Cassandre’s stunning, world class voice and Timothy’s mastery of multiple instruments is backed by an incredibly accomplished band! The cast also features additional soloists and dancers as well as the lush vocal harmonies of the Stardust Band! Dazzling costume changes and high enery production add to the fun!

Cassandre’ has a one-of-a-kind voice recognized by showgoers around the world! Her uniquely clear, pure tone, with incredible depth and range will delight your ears and will move you. She effortlessly transitions through so many musical styles that those who attend the show RAVE about the amazing musical experience and comment over and over that they never expected to see such a production here in Branson.