Legends in Concert

2020 Information

Legends in Concert is the top of the heap in tribute shows in Branson! Featuring only the best artists to bring you uncanny performances of the biggest names in entertainment, this show stands head and shoulders above an industry filled with impersonators and mimics. Grand production, outstanding backup musicians, perfectly detailed wardrobes and make-up all come together to showcase the incredible talent that easily fools the eyes and ears! The revolving cast of superstars includes a varied line-up throughout the year.

Tribute shows are everywhere these days, many doing excellent imitations of big stars from the present and past. Only “Legends In Concert” pays loving tribute to such absolute perfection! Because amazingly talented artists are carefully selected to honor these legendary icons, you’re not seeing pretenders; you’re witnessing tribute performances at their very best!

Save time before or after the show to view the fascinating collection of memorabilia at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theater. The most recent acquisitions include sheet music signed by Barry Manilow, a cymbal that belonged to Lionel Ritchie and, from the 2008 American Music Awards, Taylor Swift’s signed guitar!

Every “Legends” line-up promises to be marvelous, so visit Branson several times each year for the consummate tribute show, the unforgettable “Legends in Concert!” 


2020 Branson Act Lineup 

Now through September 30

Elvis (Movie Era)

Michael Jackson (through 9-12) Kenny Chesney (Sept. 13-30)

George Strait

The Blues Brothers™

Elvis (Las Vegas)


Oct. 1 – Jan 2, 2021

Frank Sinatra

Johnny Cash

The Blues Brothers™