Amazing country music and comedy with Billy Dean in Concert with Jarrett

Billy Dean doing what he does best and enjoying it!

Billy Dean enjoying what he loves to do.

Simply put, Billy Dean is one great entertainer; no gimmicks, just great music, most of it sung by the man who wrote it, surrounded by a great band, and one of the funniest comedians in Branson. The Billy Dean in Concert with Jarrett show is two of the most musical, unique, funny, and fun filled hours most people, but especially those who love country music, will ever experience.

The opening number sets the musical tenor for the show with Billy Dean and Jason Pritchett singing a duet of their new song, Already a Dead Man. As is the case with many of Dean’s songs, it tells a story; this one of a young gunslinger trying to make a name for himself by challenging an older gunslinger to a duel and how there really is no winner for those who live by the gun. It was beautifully sung and played by the pair, with Jason singing the part of the younger and Billy the older. What a wonderful way to open the show.

Dean’s band, the Steel Horses, consists of Jason Pritchett, acoustic guitar; Steve Leach, bass guitar; Robbie Blackwood, drums; and Matt Hanshaw, lead guitar. They are superb musicians and vocalists using their talents to add a wonderful element to the vocal performances. Moments such as Matt Henshaw’s guitar feature during Deans performance of Only Here For A Little While and Jason Pritchett’s opening duet with Dean, as well as his performance of his hit single, Good Show added another dimension to an already great show.

As would be expected from a man who’s combined writing and singing have resulted in more than twenty hit singles on the Billboard country charts, eleven of which were Top Ten hits, the show features a number of hits that were written and performed by Dean. How special is it to sit in a theatre and not only hear hit after hit performed by the man who wrote them, but to be able to get the story behind many of them?

And, it’s not just what he does, but the way he does it. There is that Neal McCoy way of interacting with the audience that reeks of genuineness and just adds so much to the entertainment experience of the audience he draws them into the performance. Three of my favorite show highlights was the opening duet of Already A Dead Man by Dean and Pritchett, his performance of Only Here For A Little While with Henshaw’s guitar feature, and his performance of his first hit, Somewhere In My Broken Heart, as he plays the piano and relates how he came to write it.

Billy Dean meets Afelia Payne.

Billy Dean meets Afelia Payne.

The comedy of one of Branson’s most beloved comedians, Jarrett Dougherty is woven in strategically throughout the show. As the show’s emcee Dean gets to be the “straight man” for some pretty funny characters such as “Jay Walker,” “Afelia Payne,” and “Cam Payne.” Dougherty is one funny man and one thing is for sure, once you hear Cam Payne’s political platform for president you will have a different perspective on the national presidential campaign and might just want a brokered convention to get him on the ticket. At least that way there would be something “serious to laugh about.”

If you want a show filed with great music, personality, fun, and comedy that will have you leaving entertained and inspired two hours later, wondering how the time passed so quickly, this is the show for you.

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