August is a great time to plan for Branson’s Ozark Mountain Christmas

Legends in Concert, Reza’s Christmas Spectacular, Christmas With Daniel O’Donnell, and Sight and Sound’s Miracle of Christmas are just a few of Branson’s live shows celebrating Ozark Mountain Christmas.

Why is it a great time to plan for Branson’s Ozark Mountain Christmas in the 90-degree heat of August? “Because Ozark Mountain Christmas is easily the most colorful, exciting, inspirational, and busiest time of the year in Branson,” said Lucas Case, Public Relations Manager for Branson.Com and the Branson Tourism Center.

Plan Early for best seats, lodging, and deals

Case points out that its overwhelming popularity creates a high demand for show seating and lodging. “For the best availability, and to save money on the ‘hottest’ deals, planning your trip to Branson’s Ozark Mountain Christmas in the heat of August might be the ‘cool’ thing to do,” Case advises.

Ozark Mountain Christmas Live Shows

Branson is known far and wide for its fabulous live shows and Christmas is no exception! The vast majority of Branson’s shows share the spirit of Christmas by devoting a substantial part of their show to the celebration of the traditional Christmas. These include Branson favorites such as Cooper’s Country Express, Presleys’ Country JubileeReza’s Christmas Spectacular, Yakov – Famous Russian Comedian, and many more. Several shows are “totally” Christmas during Ozark Mountain Christmas. This includes shows such as Christmas With Daniel O’Donnell, Christmas Wonderland, the Hughes Brothers Christmas Show, Legends in Concert, Sight and Sound’s Miracle of Christmas, A Brett’s Family Christmas, and Dolly Parton’s Stampede.

Ozark Mountain Christmas – celebrates the traditional American Christmas

A significant attraction of Branson’s Ozark Mountain Christmas for many is it’s a unique and special celebration of the traditional American Christmas. Something not available at most other major tourist destinations. The entire Branson area is a glimmer with millions of Christmas lights; live Christmas shows; and world-class shopping.  All infused with a Christmas spirit that puts a special glow in the hearts of all wanting to celebrate and experience the true spirit of Christmas.

Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas is a beautiful “centerpiece” of Ozark Mountain Christmas.*

Silver Dollar City’s Ole Time Christmas – over 6.5 million sparkling lights

In addition to the spiritual glow, there is the actual glow of millions of Christmas lights glittering throughout the Branson area. In Silver Dollar City alone, there are over 6.5 million sparkling Christmas lights transforming the park into a virtual Christmas wonderland as part of its celebration of Old Time Christmas. New for 2019 is a custom-designed, Christmas Tree towering 80 feet into the Ozark sky. It features hundreds of thousands of dancing high-resolution lights with the capability of combining animated imagery, music, and color into an experience like no other.

Make sure to allow enough time to see “A Dickens Christmas Carol” and “It’s a Wonderful Life.” These two Broadway styled shows will create unique Christmas memories and should be a part of your visit to Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas. Also, you will not want to miss the inspiring “Living Nativity.”

Ozark Mountain Christmas Drive-Thru Displays

Promised Land Zoo is a wonderful zoo experience by day, but, during November and December, it becomes a sparkling winter wonderland at night! Promised Land Zoo’s Let There Be Lights Drive-Thru is open from 5:30 to 11:00 pm. Your adventure starts by driving your vehicle through its 2-mile drive-thru (all LED) lights display as you listen to music on 106.9 K-KLAUS from the North Pole. Then after the drive-through park your vehicle and visit the Candy Land Courtyard complete with musical trees, new lighting displays, Santa and his Reindeer, and a Live Nativity Petting Zoo. Moreover, that’s just one of three great drive-through light displays!

Great Shopping

Case points out that Branson provides a great shopping experience year-round, but there’s just something special about shopping in Branson during Ozark Mountain Christmas. Its large variety of unique boutiques, specialty shops, galleries, craft shops, Branson Landing, and outlet malls like Tanger Outlets and The Shoppes at Branson Meadows make Branson the ideal place to get the perfect Christmas gift for everyone.

Adoration Parade and Lighting Ceremony

The 71st Annual Adoration Parade and Lighting Ceremony will take place on Sunday, December 8 at 5:30 PM. This continues a tradition where the Branson community gathers together to celebrate the true meaning of the Christmas season. The parade’s theme, as it has been from its inception, is “keeping Christ in Christmas.” It starts with the lighting of the giant 30-foot Nativity Scene atop Mt. Branson overlooking Lake Taneycomo, Branson Landing, and Historic Downtown Branson. It’s immediately followed by a night “light parade” with dozens of bands, floats and walking units participating.

Case re-emphasizes the point of how necessary reservations are during Ozark Mountain Christmas. He explains that it’s not only the chances of non-availability particular shows and lodging, but getting the best show seats, choice of accommodations, and lowest prices.

For additional information on Ozark Mountain Christmas, tickets for any of Branson’s shows and attractions, or lodging arrangements, please feel free to contact the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services by calling 1-800-785-1550 or by visiting its website

* Photos  courtesy of Silver Dollar City


Shrek The Musical amazing Branson audiences

Shrek and a few of his many friends. (Special to Branson Register)

The Welk Resort Theatre in Branson has a reputation of offering the best in entertainment with shows like Daniel O’Donnell and the Tony Award winning Broadway musical, the Million Dollar Quartet It’s recent addition of, the Tony Award nominated Broadway show, Shrek The Musical, is amazing Branson audiences as it continues that legacy of quality entertainment and excellence.

The Million Dollar Quartet,”which will open its 2019 season on Aug. 29, has been one of Branson’s most popular shows since it’s premier in 2015. Currently, through Aug. 10, the Shrek The Musical is amazing Branson audiences of all ages as it follows the lovable ogre on his adventures out of solitude of his swamp into friendship and love.

Shrek the Musical has all the fun, color, excitement, and emotion of the Broadway show and movie it is based on. The story of what happens when the seven-year-old ogre, Shrek, is sent out of his home and into the world is a delightful musical adventure filled with great sets, color, excitement, and inspiration for the whole family.

What other show in Branson has a gruff lovable ogre, fairy tale creatures such as Pinocchio, an evil Lord, a talkative donkey, a lovely princess plagued with a mysterious curse, and a fire breathing dragon? It’s not just the characters but the way they are magically and musically woven, with hilarious comedy and a heart-warming message of love and acceptance, into an entertainment experience that simultaneously holds the interest of both adults and children throughout the whole show.

Years after leaving home Shrek has found peace, comfort and solitude in his swamp. All that changes suddenly as a band of fairy tale creatures, including Pinocchio and others, suddenly show up in his swamp. They have been banished from the Kingdom of Duloc by the evil Lord Farquaad for being freaks. To get his solitude and swamp back Shrek decides to visit Lord Farquaad to see if he can get the fairy tale creatures their home back.

Along the way he rescues a talkative donkey, from the evil Lord’s guards, who becomes his friend and traveling companion. Meanwhile at the castle, the magic mirror tells Lord Farquaad that the only way he can become a king is if he marries a princess. He picks Princess Fiona, who’s trapped in a tower that’s surrounded by hot boiling lava and guarded by a terrible fire-breathing dragon. Fiona has been dreaming of the brave knight that will rescue her from the tower and end her mysterious curse when he kisses her.

The story of how Shrek becomes the one to rescue her; her mysterious curse; young love, perceived, rejected, and redeemed; betrayal; acceptance; and forgiveness is as inspirational as it is entertaining. It’s an adventure having many twists, turns, and surprises along the way. If we told you what they were they wouldn’t be surprises, but one thing is for sure, it’s a wonderful magical adventure.

One family who saw the show said, “We were fortunate in being able to attend one of the premiere showings of the new Shrek the Musical stage performances in Branson, Missouri. My wife and I have attended perhaps half a hundred Branson stage performances. Shrek ranks right up there with the best.

“The characters, Shrek the Ogre, Donkey the Donkey, Princess Fiona… Lord Farquaad the sawed-off short guy, and a host of fairytale creatures, soldiers, and a dragon, graced the stage with excellent dancing, singing, and speaking skills.

“This is the play adaptation of the movie and the make-up and costumes are delightful … Story-line is great, scripting is right-on, humor is wonderful, and acting/performing is top notch. Backdrops, scene setting, and changes were flawless and fast. Songs, sets, and lighting and shadows were on the mark. Overall, this was a perfectly staged event.”

“Filled with wonderful music, hilarious comedy and a heart-warming message of love and acceptance,” Shrek the Musical is a show that will entertain. Delight, and inspire the whole family and should not be missed.

For additional information on Shrek The Musical, or on how to save money by packaging, or bundling, shows with lodging, please contact the Branson Tourism Center by calling 1-800-785-1550, or by visiting


Wouldn’t your child enjoy seeing one of Branson’s incredible shows?

From three generations of Presley comedy to the magic of Jim Thomas, Reza, and the Hamners;, the talent of the Hughes Music Show’; Legends in Concert; into the swamp with Shrek; Amazing Pets; and others there’s a Branson show that your child will enjoy.

 “Finding a quality Branson Show is no problem. It’s known far and wide for the quantity and quality of its live shows,” said Preston Garrison, Business Unit Manager, for the Branson Tourism Center. “Picking a single show that your child will be excited about seeing however, from all the choices available, depends on a number of factors. Among others, these include the child’s interests, age, attention span,” he added.

Garrison works for the Branson Tourism Center who has sold over 5 million Branson show and attraction tickets. Many of these tickets were sold to families visiting Branson with children.

When marketing a show, it’s very common to say something like, “There’s something in our show for everyone.” That’s very true in most cases, but, in many shows, for most children, it’s for a relatively short part of the show. Some shows, however, are more likely than others, to hold the interest of children throughout more of the show because they have been specifically designed to do that.

Here’s some things to consider that can help you select a show that your child will be enjoy:

Does the show feature a main character, theme, or animals that will appeal to your children? Most children will enjoy a show featuring a character they recognize, magic, action, or animals. Some Branson shows that fit this bill would be Branson’s newest show, Shrek The Musical, Amazing Pets, The Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai, Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show, Dolly Parton’s Stampede, Reza Edge of Illusion, Buckets and Boards, and Illusionist Rick Thomas among others. Some of the older children might enjoy one of the concert styled tribute shows such as Jerry Presley’s Elvis Live, Legends in Concert, Liverpool Legends and many others.

Does the show have enough color, action, and spectacle to hold your child’s interest throughout the show? Is there enough color, spectacle and action intermixed throughout the show, whether intended specifically for children or not, to hold their interest? Presleys’ Country Jubilee is an excellent example of this type of show. The unique comedy of “Herkimer” and his son “Cecil,” combine with outstanding music into a show that has been successfully and continuously entertaining families visiting Branson since 1967. Others are the Grand Jubilee, with the New South Quartet, the vocals of Jackie Brown, and the hilarious high-jinks of the colorful “Jim Dandy,” and the amazing talent, high energy, and special effects of The Haygoods.

Does the show have performers in it that your children will relate to on a peer to peer basis? This one is tricky because it’s not just a matter of having children performing; it’s about the quality of their performance and how it relates to the total entertainment experience of the audience. Most of these shows are music-based shows and are designed to entertain both kids and adults simultaneously. Key peer to peer children performances are strategically placed throughout the show and integrated with the performances of the adult stars of the show. This helps hold the interest of both children and adults throughout the show.Outstanding examples of this type of show would be the Duttons, Clay Cooper’s Country Express, and the Hughes Music Show. The action, energy, glitter, glamour, colorful costuming that is constantly being changed, dancing, and singing of the shows like Broadway’s Greatest Hits at Kings Palace is another example of this type of show.

Do your children have the attention span to sit through the show? This is primarily age related and something only the parent or adult thinking of taking a child to a show would know. If after considering the factors listed above the answer is “No,” then it might be advisable to spend the time and money enjoying one of Branson’s many other activities such as the Titanic Museum Attraction, a sightseeing cruise aboard the river boat replica Lake Queen, the Shepherd of the Hills Trout Hatchery or any one of the dozens of other Branson Attractions.

For additional information on any of the shows or attractions mentioned above, please contact the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services by calling 1-800-785-1550 or through their website.


Samson the First Superhero in Final Branson Season

Sight and Sounds spectacular stage production of the scriptural epic Samson is in its final season of delighting Branson audiences. Josh Eneck, who has been with Sight and Sound for over 23 years, and is currently its President and Chief Inventive Officer, said that the ideas for the shows they produce “…absolutely comes from prayer with the Lord and seeking Him on what’s the best story to tell for the day and age we are in right now.”

It’s hard to picture a better story for “right now, an era enamored with “Superheros” than the biblical story of the world’s first superhero, Samson. An ordinary guy, like many of us today who’ve strayed from God’s path, and need to believe in Him and His grace, to get back on the path. Samson’s story of his heroic fight against the Philistines, is both exciting and inspiring. After succumbing to temptation, losing his strength and sight he fought on and, by having faith, in God redeemed himself in superhero fashion.

Samson, while based on one of the most famous biblical stories of all time, is also an incredible and unique entertainment experience. The show’s cast, music, dancing, scale, spectacle, story, and ability to entertain happens regardless of one’s biblical appreciation or knowledge.

The story unfolds on Sight and Sound’s 300-foot surround stage. An extremely talented cast, awesome sets, amazing special effects, colorful costuming, and a host of live animals bring the story alive in a production unlike what most have ever seen. The audience is immersed and surrounded in the action and drama taking place not only on the stage, but all around them. Don’t want to spoil any of the surprises, but rest assured, the performance absolutely “brings the house down.

It is a story most are familiar with, narrated by Manoah, Samson’s father. He guides the audience through the story of Samson’s trials, temptations, and relationships. A story that tells how Delilah and her unfaithfulness caused him to falter in those beliefs and fall towards the depths of defeat. But, in the end, it’s a story of faith rekindled and redemption as he returns to his God and gives his all in one final “superhero” display of faith and belief in his God.

In addition to a great story, it’s beautifully acted, sung, and danced by an outstanding cast. Their talent, love and dedication to what they are doing is obvious. As is the custom of Sight and Sound productions, the story is the star, but two of my favorite musical numbers was the entire cast performance of the rousing “Philistia Brave and Strong” and Samson’s performance of “What Is This Grace?” during his realization and acceptance of God’s grace.

Prior to seeing Samson you might like to take the special Behind the Scenes Tour of the production. “A million watts of lights, sixty-thousand watts of sound, a massive stage over twenty-thousand square feet in size that wraps around the audience on three sides and four-story tall set pieces towering right in front of you.” This additional add on tour, includes exclusive backstage access to everything that happens behind the scenes and can really add to the total Samson experience.

For more information on Samson, the Behind the Scenes Tour, or other great Branson shows or lodging please contact the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services and sellers of over 5 million Branson show and attraction tickets by calling 1-800-785-1550 or through their website .

BTC’s Best Branson Insider Highlights for May-Aug 2019

Branson’s newest show, “Shrek the Musical” opening at ,the Welk Resort Theater on June 8.

There is so much to see and do in Branson that it’s sometimes hard to make sure that you don’t miss something you might want to do. If you’re planning a trip to Branson during May through August 2019 access to information on Branson Shows and Attractions is commonly featured and readily available at many internet sites including www.BransonTourismCenter.Com.

What is not as commonly as available, and is a little harder to find, particularly in one place, is schedules of national stars and shows appearing in Branson for “limited engagements,” and information about special events. BTC’s Best Branson Insider Highlights provides this information in a convenient format sorted by starting date to make it easier to see what’s available on the dates you you plan to visit Branson.

Featured Limited Engagement:

Everyone’s favorite ogre “Shrek,” is coming to the Welk Resort Theatre this summer, from June 8 through August 10. Shrek The Musical is filled with wonderful music, hilarious comedy and a heartwarming message of love and acceptance. Based on the award-winning Broadway show and movie, it’s an entertaining story of a gruff, but lovable ogre who sets out on an adventure, so that he can be left alone. But, along the way, he discovers that friendship and love can have a place in his life. This unique Branson entertainment experience is a show the whole family will enjoy together.

Limited Engagements: May – August

May 5: Mickey Gilley & Johnny Lee – The Urban Cowboy Reunion*
May 12: Vicki Lawrence & Mama: A Two Woman Show
May 18: Darryl Worley with Special Guest Billy Dean
May 25: Tommy James & The Shondells

Jun 1-30: Shrek The Musical

Yakov Smirnoff

Jul 1-31: Shrek The Musical
Jul 1-13: Yakov – Famous Russian Comedian!

Aug 1-10 : Shrek The Musical

*  First day of multiple appearances during month. Check Schedule for additional dates.

Featured Special Event:

Silver Dollar City’s Star Spangled Summer Festival offers all the excitement and adventure the world class 1880s styled theme park is noted for; over 40 thrilling rides & attractions including the 10 Family Adventures of Fireman’s Landing® and The World’s Fastest, Steepest & Tallest Spinning Coaster — Time Traveler®! In addition, the festival features ‘“Kid Magic,’the youngest professional magician in the world, Kadan Bart Rockett and sister Brooklyn with their jaw-dropping illusions;” comedian, magician and juggler Greg Bennick; ‘“Reuben’s Swashbuckling Adventure’ created exclusively for Silver Dollar City by the park’s award-winning producers.” This Broadway-style musical is a magical journey of discovery and dreams; and much more.

Special Events: May – August

May 2-27: Bluegrass & BBQ at Silver Dollar City
May 12: Mother’s Day
May 24-27: Memorial Day Sidewalk Sale at Tanger Outlet Mall
May 26: Memorial Day Fireworks at Big Cedar Lodge
May 27: Memorial Day
May 28-Jun 7: Season Pass Holder Appreciate Days at Silver Dollar City
May 31-Jun 2: 2019 Summer Concert Series at Silver Dollar City

Jun 1-2: 2019 Summer Concert Series at Silver Dollar City
Jun 1 – Jun 7: Season Pass Holder Appreciate Days at Silver Dollar City
Jun 7 – Jun 9: 2019 Summer Concert Series at Silver Dollar City
Jun 8 – Jun 15: National Law Enforcement Week
Jun 8 – Jul 21: Star Spangled Summer at Silver Dollar City
Jun 10 – Jun 15: Stage One National Dance Competition
Jun 16: Father’s Day
Jun 28: Praise & Waves at White Water

Jul 1-21: Star Spangled Summer at Silver Dollar City
Jul 4: Independence Day
Jul 4: Independence Day Show at the Hughes Brothers Theatre
Jul 12-14: Cooking School at The Keeter Center
Jul 20-Aug 4: Moonlight Madness at Silver Dollar City

Aug 1-4: Moonlight Madness at Silver Dollar City
Aug 16-18: Cooking School at The Keeter Center
Aug 22 – Sep 2: Southern Gospel Picnic at Silver Dollar City

These are just the highlights of some of the things going on in Branson. Branson’s entertainment scene is in constant motion. To keep up with of any changes or additions, please feel free to call one of the Branson Tourism Center’s Branson based Travel Planners at 1-866-593-9740. They will be delighted to answer any questions you might have about Branson and assist with reservations and tickets. There is no charge for this service, and they are available daily, except Christmas Day.


What you really need to know about The Shepherd of the Hills!

Scene from the “Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama” with the Baldknobbers burning cabin.

“The Shepherd of the Hills,” Harold Bell Wright’s bestselling 1907 novel, about life in the late 1800’s Ozarks, love, and forgiveness was the beginning of tourism in the Branson area, before Branson was even a city. The Shepherd of the Hills Homestead and surrounding area, where Wright penned his novel and whose life and people it’s about, has been a constant source of tourism and interest for over a century. Here’s a few reasons why:

The Shepherd of the Hills Outdoor Drama started performing in the Ole Mill Theatre in a hollow on the Homestead in 1960. The drama presents Wright’s novel in an exciting action-packed production with a cast of more than 90 performers; dozens of animals including, horses, donkeys, mules, and sheep presented in an outdoor amphitheater, covered by the stars, and surrounded by the very hills Wright wrote about.

This legendary tale of love, Ozarks life and heritage inspires as it entertains and will be remembered for a lifetime. Its 2019 season starts on May 18 and runs through October 19. For more information please go to

The Shepherd of the Hills Historic Homestead Tour: A fantastic daytime activity touring the historic Homestead and set where one of Branson’s favorite nighttime shows happens! The tour sets the stage for the outdoor drama, The Shepherd of the Hills, and gives you a behind-the-scenes glimpse into this legendary production and much more. You’ll take a tram across the trail of the homestead with an experienced guide, learning interesting details about several different landmarks, including Old Matt’s Cabin, the original home of the story’s main characters. It visits Inspiration Point, the site is where Wright compiled the notes for his book and see statues of the key characters in the story and a monument honoring Harold Bell Wright, the author of ” The Shepherd of the Hills


ATV Adventure.

Shepherd with the Hills ATV Adventures: An ATV experience like no other, with two different “adventures” from which to select. Beginners to ATV’s can take a single hour excursion. The first 30 minutes includes instruction, tips, and practice on how to operate the ATV on pavement. The last 30 minutes is fun and adventure into the backwoods trails of the Homestead. If one hour’s not enough there is an hour and a half excursion including one “hour of deep off-roading that’ll make the hair on the back of your neck stand on end.” All the off road trail rides, excursions, are a guided and led by Shepherd of the Hills staff.

Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower: This iconic tower is 230 feet tall and sits on top of an Ozarks’ mountain high above beautiful Ozarks scenery and Branson. Constructed in 1989 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of famed author, Harold Bell Wright, the impressive structure incorporates more than 92,000 pounds of steel, can withstand a continual wind of 172 miles per hour or gusts of up to 224 miles per hour and includes more than 4,400 square feet of glass; enough to cover a third of a football field.

The Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park features a Zipline Canopy Tour, Rope Course, and Lil Pete’s Playland. They offer a choice of fun and adventure for every member of the family.

Shepherd of the Hills Inspiration Tower: This iconic tower is 230 feet tall and sits on top of an Ozarks’ mountain high above beautiful Ozarks scenery and Branson. Constructed in 1989 to celebrate the 100th anniversary of famed author, Harold Bell Wright, the impressive structure incorporates more than 92,000 pounds of steel, can withstand a continual wind of 172 miles per hour or gusts of up to 224 miles per hour and includes more than 4,400 square feet of glass; enough to cover a third of a football field.

The Shepherd of the Hills Adventure Park features a Zipline Canopy Tour, Rope Course, and Lil Pete’s Playland. They offer a choice of fun and adventure for every member of the family.

For further information, tickets, or reservations for Shepherd of the Hills activities or any of Branson’s other shows, attractions, or lodging please call the Branson Tourism Center at 800-785-1550 for assistance.


Four Great Ways to Great Spring Memories in Branson

The Hughes Music Show is a show the whole family will enjoy.

With a blast of winter snow and temperatures down into the teens over the last few days, it’s kind of hard to imagine that spring is just a couple of weeks away, but it is. As spring bursts onto the scene, what better way to shake those “winter blues” than to take a “break” in Branson.

For some it will the a “spring break” from college and for others, just a “needed break” from their daily routines. Regardless of what the break is “from,” if it’s in Branson, it’s going to be “to” fun, excitement, and adventure.

With all its natural beauty, lakes, shows, attractions, shopping and other activities, figuring out what to do can, especially for first time Branson visitors, be bewildering. Here’s four steps to help set you on the path to wonderful memories of a special spring visit to Branson:

1. See the Natural Beauty of the Ozarks: No matter where you are in Branson, the beauty of the Ozark Mountains is at every turn. Never is this more true than during spring as the hills awaken to the promise, beauty, and freshness of another year. Whether seen from the deck of the river boat replica Lake Queen on Lake Taneycomo, cruising aboard the Showboat Branson Belle on Table Rock Lake, the top of one of Silver Dollar City’s roller coasters, or just driving around Branson, you will be immersed in a beautiful one of a kind show produced by “Mother Nature.”

 2. Experience Branson’s Amazing Live Shows: Along with the natural beauty blooming throughout the Ozarks, Branson’s 2019 Show Schedule starts into full bloom. Branson offers a number, variety, and quality of lives shows unrivaled by any other tourist destination anywhere near its size. From Branson’s first show on its famed “Branson Strip,” Presleys’ Country Jubilee, celebrating its 52nd consecutive year of entertaining Branson visitors, to the Grand Jubilee, The Hughes Music Show, Amazing Pets, the biblical spectacular Samson, The Haygoods, Clay Cooper’s Country Express, Dolly Parton’s Stampede, or dozens more, there’s a show just right for everyone

3. Visit Silver Dollar City: In terms of the excitement, fun, and adventure Branson has to offer, Silver Dollar City, Branson’s international award winning 1880s styled theme park is hard to beat. Whether it’s riding one of its over 40 exciting rides, including its world class coasters such as the world’s fastest, steepest, and tallest complete-circuit spinning roller coaster, “Time Traveler,” “Outlaw Run®,” or its iconic WildFire®; watching dozens of practicing crafters demonstrate their crafts; going hundreds of feet beneath the ground on a guided tour of Branson’s original attraction, “Marvel Cave;” experiencing one of its shows or many other activities, a day at Silver Dollar City will be filled with “Memories Worth Repeating.”

4. Enjoy Branson’s Attractions: Taking a “voyage aboard” the Titanic Museum Attraction; an adventure on the Shepherd of the Hills Zipline Canopy Tour; a nostalgic visit to the World’s Largest Toy Mueum Complex; seeing the big cats of the National Tiger Sanctuary; a thrilling ride on the Runaway Mountain Coaster are just a few of the dozens of Branson Attractions to enjoy. And that’s not including great golfing, bass and trout fishing, hiking; boating; or anyone of dozens of other attractions and activities that Branson has to offer.

Branson is a great value in terms of its prices for lodging, shows, attractions and other activities. For more information on saving money by “packaging” or personal assistance in planning the perfect break to Branson, please call one of Branson Tourism Center’s Branson based Travel Planners at 1-800-785-1550. They will be delighted to assist and answer any questions you might have about Branson shows, hotels, or attractions. There is no charge for this service and they are available daily from 9:00 AM to 8.00 PM.

Valentine’s Day or any Day Opportunities for Romance Abound in Branson

Valentine’s Day or any day, Branson has so many ways to show that “special someone” just how special they are.

On Valentine’s Day romance and love abound with sweethearts trying the show that “special someone” just how much they are loved. Charles Schultz, the creator of Peanuts said, “All you need is love. But a little chocolate now and then doesn’t hurt.” A paraphrase of that would be “All you need is love. But a little Branson now and then doesn’t hurt.”

What better way, to show that special someone, on Valentines Day, or any day, how much they are loved than by “celebrating” that love in Branson. What could be more romantic than a quiet dinner for two at one of Branson’s great restaurants; walking hand in hand down the Branson Landing Boardwalk or Promenade, seeing one of Branson’s great live shows, or any one of hundreds of other things. The important thing is that a lot of the same things that makes Branson such a fun place to visit are the same things, with the right person and, perhaps, at a slower pace, that make it romantic.

For many, Valentine’s Day, means a special meal with that special someone. Whether it’s the elegance of dinner at a table for two, overlooking Lake Taneycomo at “Cantina Laredo” on Branson Landing, the affordable American fare of the “Stage Door Grill” at the beautiful Welk Resort, a great steak from the “Paradise Grill and Steakhouse,” a dinner cruise aboard the “Landing Princess, or a meal from one of its other fine restaurants, Branson has the perfect meal for you and your sweetheart, not only on Valentines Day, but every day!

Valentine’s Day or any day, Branson’s shows provide a wide variety of live entertainment to share with your Valentine or that special someone. Some of Branson’s most popular shows such as “Amazing Pets,” “Comedy Jamboree,” “Grand Jubilee,” “The Haygoods,” “Hughes Music Show,” “Legends in Concert,” “Reza Edge of Illusion,” and others will be open over the Valentine’s Day time period. At this time of the year the list changes on just about a daily basis. For a current list of shows, please go to the Branson.Com Show List and select the date(s) that interest you. By the end of March virtually every Branson show will be open.

The majority of Branson’s attractions, on Valentine’s Day or almost any other day of the year, are open for you and your sweetheart to enjoy together. The Titanic Museum Attraction, and the romance associated with it and Valentine’s Day, fit perfectly with the museum’s celebration of Sweetheart’s Month at the Titanic! Its elegant, full-sized replica of the “Titanic’s Grand Staircase” is a spectacular, inspiring, and beautiful spot for a wedding or to renew vows in celebration of Valentine’s Day or any other day. Its gift shop is a treasure trove of special unique Titanic gifts, where every piece of jewelry is inspired by a Titanic story.”

If a little shopping might be part of a romantic getaway then Branson is the place to be. It offers a unique world-class shopping experience unrivaled by any other travel destination anywhere near its size. There’s hundreds of different famous-name stores, boutiques, galleries, national chain stores, flea markets, craft malls, and specialty shops at just about every turn. Branson Landing with its 120 retail stores, kiosks and restaurants eclectic shops, national retailers, fine dining, and nightspots is located on the shores of Lake Taneycomo just step away from the unique shopping experience offered in the historic downtown Branson shopping district.

Want help to customize a special Branson romance package for you and that special someone? Just call one of one of the Branson Tourism Center’s Branson based Travel Planners at 1-800-785-1550, from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, seven days a week. They will be delighted to help you plan that the perfect romantic get-a-way for that special someone.

Branson Shows Greet 2019 With Amazing New Year’s Eve Celebrations

Legends in Concert is just one of the Branson shows having special New Year’s Eve Celebrations .

From “Elvis” to the world’s largest performing family and so much more, it’s doubtful that any other travel destination in America will be offering the variety of family friendly live shows that Branson is on New Year’s Eve. Even better, each show is just a part of the total excitement and fun that those attending will enjoy. Here’s an example of the choices available on New Year’s Eve in Branson:

Pierce Arrow presents its Decades New Year’s Eve Party with Hors d’oeuvres, party favors, drawings and giveaways, midnight balloon drop, the “Pierce Arrow Decades Show,” and special Guest Doug Gabriel. For more information or reservations call 417-332-2529.

Hughes Brothers Theatre’s From Christmas to New Year’s Eve Show! Featuring two Award winning shows “The Hughes Music Show” and the “Hughes Brothers Christmas Show,” a yummy dinner, cool “Light-Ups,” noisemakers, midnight Balloon Drop, and an after Midnight cut-a-rug, boogey down dance with the cast, and many other surprises; this celebration promises “A Good Time & Lots of Laughs.”

Celebrate New Year’s Eve with Clay Cooper and The Haygoods in Branson’s biggest family friendly party of the year the Clay-Goods Jambor-Eve. This party features performances by Clay Cooper’s Country Express and The Haygoods, gourmet Hors d’oeuvres, a cash bar, pyrotechnics, a laser show, party favors, and non-alcoholic toasts and balloon drop at Midnight. The doors open at 7:30 p.m.

Great New Year’s Eve and Day 10 a.m. Morning Show for the whole family: Grand Country’s Amazing Pets featuring, what else, but a cast of loveable cuddly pets performing feats that will amaze you.

New Year’s Eve at the Grand Country Music Hall features the premier performance of their 2019 “Grand Jubilee Show,” party favors, munchies from the Grand Country’s famous buffet, and a Midnight balloon Drop.

The Hamners continue one of Branson’s longest running New Year’s Eve celebrations with their “New Year’s Eve Fiesta.” The fiesta features Mexican food, party favors, contests, prizes, and a special extended version of “Hamners Unbelievable Variety Show.”

The Americana Theatre’s New Year’s Eve Party features an “All-Star New Year’s Eve Show.” The All-Stars include the fantastic C. J. Newsome; one of Branson’s favorite comedians, Terry Sanders; the world’s only female aerialist violinist, the amazing Janice Martin; and more. Big D’s Barbeque will be catering the party and attendees an bring in the New Year toasting with either non-alcoholic or regular champagne. “Dinner’s” at 8 p.m. and the show starts at 9 p.m.

The Legends in Concert New Year’s Eve Celebration at Dick Clark’s American Bandstand Theatre, is featuring an array of truly “legendary” tribute performances including Elvis Presley, The Blues Brothers, Brooks and Dunn, Elton John, Tina Turner, and Cher. And, that’s just the beginning; the party is complete “with party favors, gourmet boxed dinners, wine and beer service, and a midnight celebration like no other.

For more information, tickets or reservations on these or other Branson shows, attractions, events, or lodging, please contact the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services and sellers of over 5 million Branson show and attraction tickets by calling 1-800-785-1550 or through their website

What could be more amazing fun than Christmas Week in Branson?

Many of Branson’s most popular shows will be open Christmas Week.

What could be more amazing fun than Christmas Week in Branson?

“Not much! If you’re looking for excitement, fun, and entertainment during your Christmas vacation then Christmas Week, the week between Christmas Day and New Year’s Day, in Branson is the place for you!” said Preston Garrison, Business Unit Manager, for the Branson Tourism Center. He points out that although there’s a misconception that there’s not much to do in Branson during Christmas Week, that’s simply not the case.

Although many of Branson’s shows are closed, many of its most popular shows are open, as is Silver Dollar City with its Old Time Christmas, and most of Branson’s other attractions. From butterflies and tigers; to drive through Christmas lighting displays; acrobats; museums; world class shopping; golfing, indoor and out, weather permitting; and New Year’s Eve celebrations, Christmas Week in Branson is full of the fun, entertainment, and shopping that Branson is noted for.

Here’s a list summarizing just some of the major highlights:

Branson Shows: Although many of Branson’s shows are closed for the season, some of Branson’s most popular shows will be open during Christmas Week. Among others, this includes, in alphabetical order, Amazing Acrobats of Shanghai, Amazing Pets, Clay Cooper’s Country Music Express, Comedy Jamboree, Dixie Stampede, Grand Jubilee, Hamner’s Unbelievable Variety, Million Dollar Quartet, The Haygoods, Hughes Brothers Christmas Show, Legends in Concert, Pierce Arrow‘s “Decades,” Samson, and the Showboat Branson Belle.

Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas Festival: Silver Dollar City’s Old Time Christmas Festival is one of the Nation’s top Christmas events. The award winning 1880s styled theme park is aglow with over 6.5 million sparkling Christmas lights, including 1.5 million added just last year for its spectacular “Christmas in Midtown.” The park’s Broadway styled shows including “A Dickens’ Christmas Carol’ and “It’s A Wonderful Life;” unique shopping; food; weather permitting, dozens of exciting rides; and demonstrating craftsmen are just some of what the Festival offers. At dusk, each evening, the 5-Story Special Effects Christmas Tree in the city square comes to life, with its 350,000 colorful sparkling LED lights, choreographed to Christmas music, and making over 100 light changes per second. “The most famous reindeer of all” leads Rudolph’s Holly Jolly™ Christmas Light Parade through the square. The parade amazes with its musical floats, illuminated with 200,000 ultra-bright LED lights; 33 colorful costumed characters, including Bumble the Abominable Snow Monster, 14-foot moose characters, 12-foot tall elves and 10-foot candy canes, penguins, and a troupe of marching wooden soldiers.”

Spectacular Christmas Lighting Displays: Evan after Christmas Day, Branson’s spectacular major drive through Christmas lighting displays will remain open through Christmas Week. These include the Shepherd of the Hills Trail of Lights, Branson’s Gift of Lights, the giant 30 foot illuminated nativity scene on top of Mount Branson overlooking Lake Taneycomo and historic downtown Branson.

Branson Attractions: The vast majority of Branson’s attractions will be open. This includes its oldest and most popular paid attraction, the international award winning Silver Dollar City presenting its “Old Time Christmas;” the Titanic Museum Attraction decked out for its beautiful “Edwardian Christmas;” the unique White Flight exhibit at the Butterfly Palace & Rainforest Adventure; National Tiger Sanctuary; World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex and many more.

Branson Shopping: Branson’s legendary shopping is “always” open and Branson’s Christmas Week is no exception. From the outlet malls such as “Tanger Outlet” and “The Meadows” and the unique “Branson Landing,” with its 100 retail stores, restaurants and entertainment venues; to the shops of Historic Downtown Branson, featuring “Dicks 5 & 10;” and specialty shops offering arts and crafts and one of a kind items, Branson’s Christmas week shopping should not only satisfy the most avid shopper, but just might have a few “after Christmas sales” to boot.

New Years Eve – In addition to other New Year’s Eve celebrations, among other, the following shows will have special New Year’s Eve celebrations:

Dec 30:  Hughes Brothers New Years Eve Party
Dec 31:  Main Street Lake Cruises Landing Princess
Dec 31:  Legends in Concert
Dec 31:  Americana New Year’s Eve Show
Dec 31:  Clay-Goods Jambor-Eve
Dec 31:  Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety (New Year’s Eve Fiesta)
Dec 31:  Pierce Arrow

BTC’s Garrison points out that the off season scheduling of shows, limited seating; possibility of winter weather, and the fact that some Branson lodging facilities are closed requires some thought and advance planning. He suggests that an easy way to get the most current information, avoid problems, save time and, in many cases money, is by simply calling the Branson Tourism Center, toll free at 1-800-785-1550 and talking with one of their Branson based Travel Planners who will be delighted to answer any questions and assist in making any show or lodging reservations. There is absolutely no charge for this service.