Who does Stacey Whitton Summers think she is?

Stacy Whitton, as Marilyn Monroe, making her grand entrance.

Well, that depends. Offstage Stacey is a wife, business entrepreneur, and more. Onstage, it’s a different story. As an internationally known tribute, transformation, artist with Legends in Concert, Stacey can be any one of a variety of artists on any given day.


She has so much talent and versatility that she plays multiple “legends” for “Legends in Concert” all over the world. In Branson’s Legends in Concert show, she did the Pat Benetar tribute for the summer lineup and is currently performing Marilyn Monroe in the fall line up through October 25. When she leaves Branson, she will be playing Martina McBride with the Myrtle Beach Legends in concert show for their Christmas show.


Stacey (SWS)was kind enough to take time from her busy schedule to interview for Branson – Up Close and Personal, a service of the Branson Tourism Center (BTC). It’s intended to provide an “up close and personal look” at a Branson star or personality and uses a “Question and Answer” format. The questions were asked on behalf of BTC by Gary J. Groman, local columnist and writer, who has been writing about the Branson entertainment scene for over two decades.


BTC: Do you prefer to be called a “tribute artist” or something else, and why?

SWS: You could refer to me as a tribute artist /impersonator, but I think the term “transformation artist” describes what I do the best. It’s more than a tribute when you are portraying another person incorporating their look, sound, body language, and essence. For me, it’s more a transformation than anything else.


BTC: How long have you been performing as a transformation artist with Legends in Concert?

SWS: Since 1994.


BTC How many “legends” do you perform?

SWS: I do six.


BTC: Who are they?

SWS: I started with Marilyn Monroe, then Shania Twain. In 2009, I did Gretchen Wilson and Marilyn in the same Legends in Concert show right at this theatre. It was fun because people didn’t know it was the same person until I came out for the Finale. In 2010 I started doing Martina McBride with Katy Perry and Pat Benatar following.


BTC: Who’s next?

SWS: I don’t really know. I don’t look for it. It depends on what the market wants. If I don’t believe myself in the mirror and feel the essence of the character, then I’m not going to do them.


BTC: Which one do you enjoy performing the most, and why?

SWS: That’s a tough one for me. They all bring something that’s fun, entertaining, and fulfilling. I think my favorite musically is Pat Benetar because she is the most natural for me and I feel fulfilled singing rock music. In terms of acting, Marily Monore and Gretchen Wilson are my favorites. They each have a huge personality that excites people, and the audience can’t wait to see if you can pull it off.


BTC: Outside of the artists that you perform tributes of, if you could meet and perform with anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?

SWS: Garth Brooks. I love sentimental songs, his exciting energy, beautiful melodies, and he’s also a great duet artist.


Marilyn Monroe, interacting with a lucky audience member.

BTC: What do you like most about your performance of your Marilyn Monroe Tribute in the 2019 edition of Branson’s Legends in Concert?

SWS: Marilyn was bigger than life, musical and funny. I love that I get to share that with the audience both musically and through improv and audience interaction.


BTC: What do you enjoy most about being a tribute artist for Legends in Concert?

SWS: I enjoy the fact that they are a family company, integrous, treat their people so well, and that I have been with them for 25 years.


BTC: Why should someone coming to Branson plan to see the Legends in Concert show?

SWS: They get the most bang for the buck. They get a variety of music presented by some of the best tribute artists in the world in a full production show. We go beyond what the usual tribute artist does by recreating the whole icon, their sound, look, essence, and energy in a full production Las Vegas-style show.


BTC: What is Whittton De Fleur?

SWS: It’s a sideline business of handmade hand died accessory line of vintage style broaches, each of which is handcrafted by me. They’re for people who really like flowers and are available online through www.WhittonDeFleurDesigns and in some of the Legends in Concert gift shops. Each item is a personal creation by me.


Stacey will be performing Marilyn Monroe in the Branson Legends in Concert Show through October 25. She will be performing Martina McBride in the Myrtle Beach Legends in Concert Christmas show.


The spectacular Christmas lineup for Branson’s Legends in Concert 2019 Christmas show includes Garth Brooks, Trisha Yearwood, Elvis, the Blues Brothers, and Stevie Wonder.


For more information on Branson’s Legends in Concert show, please contact Branson.Com at 800-785-1610 or through their website. Branson.com is currently running a special on Legends in Concert tickets, buy one and get the next one at half price.

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