A “Brady Day” in Branson starts with its newest show “Brady Brunch”

Cast photo of "The Brady Bunch."

“The premier of the new show ‘Brady Brunch with Barry Williams,’ in Branson is not only exciting,” said Stephanie Milton, Director of Special Events for the Branson Tourism Center, “but adds yet another dimension to the breadth of the live entertainment Branson offers on a daily basis”. Milton said that the star of the show is Barry Williams, who played “Greg Brady” on the hit TV sitcom “The Brady Bunch” and that the limited engagement premier performance will run from August 2nd to the 14th.

In a recent interview Barry Williams said the show will be “All things Brady and beyond.” He described it as a “one man variety show” that will actively involve the audience in the show including contests; question and answers; learning the “the Brady choreography,” a combination of the “Brady moves” that were danced on the show; his singing; eating a “brunch that only Alice could make” and other surprises.

In talking about “The Brady Bunch,” Williams pointed out that, although the show went off the air in 1974, each of its episodes has been aired over 200,000 times in over 142 countries. The show has been the subject of a cartoon show, “A Very Brady Christmas” special which has been airing since 1989 and numerous other specials. William wrote a New York Times best seller about his experiences on the show entitled “”Growing Up Brady” which was made into an NBC Movie in 2000.

When asked what his favorite episode of “The Brady Bunch” was, Williams said it was the episode entitled ” Adios Johnny Bravo.” It was his favorite because it was a “musical episode about Greg Brady wanting to become a pop rock start and ultimately choosing family over stardom.” He said that “Johnny Bravo” will be making an appearance in the show.

Branson Tourism Center’s Milton encourages those who will be in Branson during August 2 thru August 14 to join Barry Williams for the limited run performances of this new Branson show and a morning of exciting interactive entertainment. For information on the “Brady Brunch with Barry Williams” show or tickets please call the Branson Tourism Center at 1-800-524-0222 or visit their website www.BransonTourismCenter.com.

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