Sneak preview of Branson’s newest show, “Christmas With the Lennon Sisters”

Lennon Sister, Kathy, left, Janet and Mimi during visit to Branson Tourism Center on October 13.

BRANSON, Mo. During a visit to Branson Tourism Center today, the Lennon Sisters, Kathy, Janet and Mimi took a moment to discuss their new Christmas show, “Christmas with the Lennon Sisters.” Janet said that although the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre is a new venue for them, they are excited and delighted to be performing there and that it is simply a gorgeous theatre.

She said that “Christmas with the Lennon Sisters” is a whole new show with a lot of different and exciting things, including video clips, great costuming, choreography, a variety of Christmas music and special guests. Janet said, ” It’s a high energy show, but it’s also has poignancy and, for sure, traditional Christmas music.”

Janet shared that her granddaughters, ages 11, 10 and 7, will be doing some singing and dancing in the show. She pointed out that they are remarkable, so much fun and that they will provide the audience with the opportunity to see another generation of Lennons with them that will have that same “Lennon Family Sound.”

Mimi, who will be performing with her sister for the 13th year said that she thinks it’s wonderful when they sing acapella. “It’s a God given gift and when we sing it [acapella] there’s nothing like it. It’s like notes to heaven,” she continued. They will be performing songs such as “Star Carol,” ” Silent Night” and “Ave Maria” acapella in the show.

Even as they are preparing for their new show, the Lennon Sisters are performing daily with Ann-Margret at the Andy Williams Moon River Theatre through, it is anticipated, October 22. They will begin 2 p.m. performances of “Christmas With the Lennon Sisters” on November 1. The show will run through December 10.

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