Branson’s “acrobatic” action, spectacle and excitement

The synchronized unicylists are just one of the many exciting and colorful acts in the Acrobats of China.

BRANSON, Mo. “Branson’s acrobatic shows provide everyone in the family, from preschoolers to grandparents, or just about anyone else who enjoys watching the color, action, and excitement of shows featuring skilled acrobats and performers doing unusual feats of grace, daring, physical prowess and dexterity, with a wonderful and different Branson entertainment experience,” said Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. “Like its music shows and other entertainment, Branson is all about giving its visitors a choice of  quality entertainment options and fun for the whole family even within entertainment categories.”

Johnson points out that there are at least four Branson shows that fit within the genre of acrobatic type shows described above. Although each is unique, “The Acrobats of China,” “Cirque Montage,” “Legend of Kung Fu,” and “Yakov’s Dinner Adventure,” all fall within that genre.

Branson’s longest running show of this type, the Acrobats of China has been amazing Branson audiences since 1998. In a 2011 review of the show this writer said, “Everything involved with this show is about excellence, synchronization, excitement, precision, skill and entertainment. Even something as seemingly mundane as the beating of Chinese drums is turned into a colorfully synchronized entertainment experience that is amazing to see and hear. Acrobats of China is a virtual cornucopia of one amazing, entertaining, and exiting act after another that seamlessly melds into one grand choreographed entertainment experience for both adults and children.”

Cirque Montage made its premier Branson performance in 2009 and has been bringing its unique cirque style excitement back to Branson ever since. Its combination of the skill, daring, strength, grace, and agility of former artists with various Cirque du Soleil shows into one show, showcasing each individual performers unique talent, makes it unique among cirque shows. Judy Blake, one of the promoters of Cirque Montage has pointed out that in the typical cirque show there is a lot of other things going on concurrently while the individual artists are performing She has referred to  Cirque Montage as “cirque lite” because the show emphasizes and focuses on the individual artists themselves as they perform and interact with the audience.

One of the spectacular sets from The Legend of Kung Fu.

The Legend of Kung Fu is a spectacular and colorful production of a simple story about a very young boy who is left at the temple by his mother to apprentice as a monk and learn the art and culture of Kung Fu. The story is told with beautiful choreography, spectacular sets, costuming and an extremely talented Chinese cast of dozens.. Factor in the mystique, culture and heritage of China along with the excitement and action of Kung-Fu and the result is an exciting and unique show with something for everyone to enjoy.

Yakov’s Dinner Adventure combines the skills “from 15 international acts” into an original “fairy tale” story involving relationships, love between sisters, young love found, betrayal, redemption, and, as would be expected, a happy fairy tale ending. The story is set in the exciting environment of a Russian Circus and, as it unfolds, is artfully woven around the acts in the circus and its characters. From the graceful performance on the aerial hoop high above the stage to the final act, a beautiful and exciting combination adagio dance and aerial silk act, Yakov’s Dinner Adventure is constant action, variety and entertainment for the whole family. As the title of the show suggests, dinner is also part of the show and its presentation is as wonderful as the food is tasty.

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