Joseph is simply spectacular inspirational entertainment

One of the many spectacular sets in Joseph.

BRANSON, Mo., May 10, 2012 — Simply put, many who have seen Sight and Sound Theatre’s Joseph have the same feelings about the show as did Arlan A, who, along with his wife, attended the show with us recently. He described Joseph as an “Entertaining, spectacular and inspirational production that he recommends highly.” In fact, everyone whom this writer has talked to, who has seen the show since its April Branson Premier has loved it with, as impossible as it seems, many saying they enjoyed it more than “Noah The Musical.” That’s saying a lot!

A word of warning, don’t miss the first 15 minutes of this show, not only is it a dazzling spectacle of action, color and special effects, but it sets the perspective for the whole show. Many know the biblical account of the story of Joseph and will understand that Joseph is a fictional account of factual events with characters and content added to the for entertainment purposes. Joseph, as a show, is a captivating, entertaining spectacular, filled with wonderful music, great sets, live animals, dancing, and humor that tells the timeless story of a man, his dreams, betrayal, faithfulness, love and forgiveness in a manner that the audience gets personally involved with.

Joseph unfolds live on a 26,550 square foot, 300 foot long, wrap around stage filled with dozens of live animals, including Scottish Highlander cattle, camels, donkeys, llama/alpacas, horses, goats, sheep, macaws, trained rats, a Welsh puppy, and a sphinx cat; over 40 professional adult and child actors and, as evidenced by an Egyptian Palace set, spanning the full 300 feet of the stage, that surrounds and towers above the audience, spectacular sets and staging. The scope of the action is expanded even more as the cast along with some animals use the aisles during the performance.

As is the case with the other Sight and Sound Shows, “Noah the Musical” and “The Miracle of Christmas” to say it is a spectacular production almost seems an understatement, but it is.” The show took more than two years to design; involves 70 set pieces including four thirty foot Egyptian statues; 500 costume ensembles with an average of five pieces each and more than 1,500 stationary lights and 74 moving lights. Including Joseph’s coat of many colors, 1,500 costume pieces were created just for Joseph.

The music for Joseph is an original composition written by veteran composer of film and television, Don Harper “whose credits include, among others, “National Treasure” and “National Treasure 2.” From the opening dream sequence to the very end, the show, whether it’s the action, color, story line, dancing, costuming or ability of the characters to get the audience involved holds the interest of young and old alike. Personal favorites would be things as diverse as the absolutely spectacular dream sequence at the very beginning of the show, the performance of the number “How Do I Get A Man Like Joseph” and the development of the relationship between Joseph and his wife Asenath.

The end result is a delightful entertaining story of a man, betrayed by his brothers and others as he remains faithful, follows those dreams, finds love and success in the face of hardship and suffering and realizes his dreams and true happiness through forgiveness. That story, music and the spectacular production of Joseph combines into a unique, spectacular and personal entertainment experience that will hold the rapt interest of both “young and old” and should not be missed. Interestingly, although based on the biblical account of Joseph, the production stands on its own and will be as entertaining to those who have never heard the biblical account of Joseph as it is to those who have.

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