Voyage on Main Street Cruises’ Lake Queen is an entertaining adventure

Main Street Marinas' Lake Queen

BRANSON, Mo., June 19, 2012 —  As Main Street Lake Cruises’ Lake Queen glided from her mooring facilities at the Main Street Marina in Branson Landing, with a blast from her horn, at 11:45 AM today, with Captain Brian “Bubba” Ayers at the helm, everyone on board expected to have a peaceful and relaxing sightseeing cruise on beautiful Lake Taneycomo. Well, we got that and then some as we floated along on our nostalgic, relaxing and fun filled 90 minute cruise.

After leaving the marina, the Lake Queen headed upstream before making a slow turn, by the Branson Landing Fountains, for its downstream leg. As she silently glided along, Captain “Bubba,”  as he asked to be called, pointed out things of interest including birds and wildlife. Among others, of particular note on this cruise were the former residence of the renowned romance novelist Janet Daily, Blue Herons, Bald Eagles, and a unique situation where two mother Mallards, swimming with their ducklings toward the bow of the ship, split and swam down either side as we went by. Captain Bubba said that’s one of the greatest things about his job, you never know what you will see from cruise to cruise.

Yet, it is much more than simply a cruise as Captain Bubba turns it into a wonderful entertainment event. He combines information about the Lake Queen; history of the White River, Lake Taneycomo and Branson as he points out items of interest during the cruise combining personality, his knowledge of the local area and humor to create a vivid living entertainment mosaic as he strategically adds each piece during the cruise.

A unique view of Branson Landing from the Lake Queen.

The Lake Queen is a paddle boat replica, 90 feet long with a 20 foot beam and is rated for 149 passengers. It has two decks, the lower of which is climate controlled and the upper which is open air. Drinks, snacks and sandwiches, located on the lower deck, were also available with table service provided on the upper deck by one of the two U. S. Coast Guard qualified crew members.

Basically, all one had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy the cruise and timely interesting narrations of Captain Ayers. As an added treat, each cruise, departing after 11:45 AM, ends with an opportunity to witness the Branson Landing Fire and Water Spectacular from a unique vantage point out in Lake Taneycomo.

Jane Broezkling, a grandmother from Springfield, IL was sharing the cruise with three of her grandchildren, age 8 to 13 from Breese, IL. When asked how they liked the cruise and if they would recommend it for other kids their age they enthusiastically answered “Yes” to both questions. When asked if she enjoyed the cruise, “Grandma” said that she had been on it a couple of weeks ago with a two of her grandsons and enjoyed it so much she came back today to share it with more of her grandchildren.

The Lake Queen provide a unique Branson experience and, along with her sister ship, Main Street Lake Cruises’ Branson Princess, is the only cruise ship to ply the historic path of the “White River,” along Branson’s waterfront, as it flows beneath Lake Taneycomo. For more information on the Lake Queen or any of Branson’s other shows and attractions or for lodging arrangements please contact the Branson Tourism Center (BTC), one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services by either calling their toll free number 1-800-785-1550 or through their website

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