The Shoji Tabuchi Show – a spectacular world class Branson experience

Shoji Tabuchi performing "In The Garden."

BRANSON, Mo., August 2, 2012 — In a town called the “Live music show capital of the world,” there is no one individual who is the very embodiment of the spirit and reality of what that means more than the legendary Shoji Tabuchi. Shoji has been entertaining Branson audiences for more than three decades, over two of which have been in the magnificent Shoji Tabuchi Theatre, designed and built specifically for him and the spectacular production show that he and his family presents.

For many shows, just having a violinist/fiddler and consummate entertainer such as Shoji along with a live band would be enough, but the opportunity to watch a performance of the Shoji Tabuchi Show last weekend, demonstrated that is not the case with this show. Dancers, vocalists and magnificent costumes, sets, choreography and production are seamlessly woven in with Shoji’s extraordinary talents to present a beautiful, unique and exciting entertainment spectacle without equal in Branson.

As would be expected, the show stars the incomparable fiddle playing and personality of Shoji Tabuchi. Ok, so it has some pretty good violin playing too because, as Shoji points out, “‘They’ are actually the same instrument; what makes them different is how you ‘fiddle around’ with it.” From the time he makes his unusual entrance onto the stage until his last number in the show, from Texas swing and Boogie Woogie, to Broadway, classical and fiddle standards such as “The Orange Blossom Special,” presented as only Shoji can, he provides a fiddle/violin entertainment experience that is without equal in Branson and, perhaps, anywhere.

What a joy to sit and listen to Shoji play. Whether it’s the classic Patsy Cline hit “Crazy,” “Unchained Melody,” “Memories” from the Broadway hit Cats, playing in a duet, as his daughter Christina sings her original song, “Living in Fear” or one of the many other numbers he plays, the performance is absolutely amazing! This writers three “Shoji” favorites were his version of “Hawaii Five O,” “In the Garden” and “Unchained Melody.”

Shoji and Christina during their performance of the shows patriotic finale.

If there was only Shoji that would be enough, but there’s so much more. Dorothy Tabuchi, Shoji’s wife, is the show’s producer. From Shoji’s dramatic entrance, Mardi Gras Parades through the aisles, trains moving across the stage to giant Japanese Taiko drums, Mary Poppins flying through the air, magnificent dramatic sets, dancers, singers and a great live orchestra, she has produced one of the most unique, entertaining and fascinating shows most people will ever experience.

Christina Lingo Tabuchi, Shoji’s daughter, is an accomplished vocalist and dancer adding yet another dynamic and entertaining element to the show. Her rendition of the Adele hit “Rolling in the Deep” and the duet of her original song ” Living in Fear,” with her singing and Shoji playing the fiddle were this writers personal favorites.

The combination of Shoji’s talent and personality, with that of Christina, his orchestra, singers and dancers, some of the most elaborate sets and beautiful costuming on any Branson stage and production and choreography to match, results in an entertainment extravaganza that is a joy to see, hear and experience. The Shoji Tabuchi show is a “musical cornucopia of talent, color, action, excitement and spectacle” that is a magnificent and unique world class entertainment experience that should not be missed.

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