Favorite Branson Breakfast spots

Grand Country Buffet is a favorite breakfast spot for visitors and locals alike.

BRANSON, Mo., January 19, 2013 — “Even with people eating Breakfast at their hotel or lodging as part of the amenities offered, one of the things many Branson visitors like to do while in Branson is go to one of Branson’s many restaurants for breakfast at least once during their stay with some having a family breakfast tradition that spans generations,” said Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. “Earlier this week we asked the question, ‘Where’s your favorite place in Branson to eat Breakfast?’ on our Face Book Page,” she continued.

The top five listed, out of the 24 people named, in order were:

Grand Country Buffet, 1945 West 76 Country Boulevard – Known for the quality of its food and wide choice, its breakfast is no exception. As one local poster said, Grand Country Buffet “has the best tasting breakfast around. I live in Branson and I have ate in a lot of places for breakfast. The best place and friendless place in town. Every time we have company come in that’s the only place I will take them for breakfast.”

Billy Gail’s Café, 5291 Hwy 265 – It’s the only one of the five not on the Branson Strip. Billy Gail’s is particularly noted for its humongous pancakes, is a favorite of locals and tourists alike. One poster opined, “Billy Gails, is always the best if you can get in the parking lot.”

Bob Evans, 801 West Main Street (Highway 76) – Ok so technically, it is two blocks south on Highway 76 of where most people consider the Branson Strip starts. Bob Evans, a national chain, is noted locally, for the variety and quality of its breakfast offerings and its specialty breakfast items as reflected by one poster who said, “Bob Evans for their sausage gravy and biscuits- unlike any other!!!”

IHOP Restaurant, 3120 West 76 Country Boulevard – A national chain, located on the western edge of the strip at the junctions of Routes 76 and 376, IHOP is famous for the variety and quality of its pancakes and French toast.

Belgian Waffle and Pancake House, 3120 West 76 Country Boulevard, – Another favorite of locals and visitors alike. One poster noted, “I love their French toast!!”

Only two of the top five are national chains. Interestingly, even with the addition of “Cracker Barrel” there are only three national chains listed in the top 10 which includes “Clocker’s Cafe,” “Silver Dollar City Breakfast Buffet” and the “Farmhouse Restaurant.” Johnson suggests that while the answers to the question do not constitute any kind of valid scientific study there is a correlation between the answers and the names of spots where locals and  visitors eat breakfast commonly appearing on other reviews and forums such as the 1Branson.Com Dining Forum. One thing appears certain however, a great Ozark Breakfast is never  very far away in Branson!