The Price Is Right Live! cash, prizes, fun and laughter

Host Jerry Springer, left, encouraging contestent as they play the "Punch A Bunch Game."

BRANSON, MO, June 7, 2013 – Since 1956 the iconic TV game show “The Price Is Right” with its unique and simple format has been giving away millions of dollars in prizes and cash and entertaining TV viewers. Its format differed from the usual question and answer format in that it is based on something that just about everyone can relate to, “shopping” and the “prices” they pay for the items they are shopping for. Now visitors to Branson can experience the thrill, fun, excitement, including the opportunity to win cash and prizes, of “The Price Is Right” at Branson’s most unique show, The Price Is Right Live!

Those attending the show who want to appear on stage and participate in the show or be eligible to win prizes fill in a simple two question form, well three, “First Name,” “Second Name” and “Date of Birth” as they receive their “Price Is Right Live Name Tag” prior to going into the theatres auditorium and no later than 7:45 PM. While waiting for the actual start of the show, the audience is entertained with clips about the TV version showing on large screens on either side of the auditorium.

When we attended the night of June 5, the shows announcer, Andy Taylor, got the audience’s adrenalin going as he prepped it for the start of the show. He greeted and entertained everyone, as he also explained some of the rules and how the process worked if you we called to “Come On Down” and infused it with a bit of his own energy and enthusiasm as he got them ready to greet the shows show’s host, Jerry Springer.

Some might wonder about “Jerry Springer” and “Branson” as being opposites, when in actuality nothing else could be further from the truth. He does mention his TV show in passing, but if this writer was going to pick one word to describe the relationship Jerry Springer has with the audience and the contestants it would be “endearing.” He is warm and witty while putting the contestants at ease and moving the show along from game to game in an entertaining, natural and unscripted manner.

Just like on the TV show, the announcer invites audience members to “Come On Down” to the front where they compete against each other by guessing the price of an item. The one who comes the closest to the actual price without going over gets to go up on stage with Springer and compete for cash and prizes playing one of the shows actual games, such as “Plinko,” “Punch A Bunch” “Cliff Hangers,” “The Clock Game,” and others.

One neat feature that is different from the TV show is that the selection for the contestants to compete in “Show Case Showdown” at the end of the show is open to everyone who has registered to be a contestant on the show and had nothing to do with whether or not a person has competed in the show or won anything up to that point. Just like on the TV version, each prices their own Showcase competing for a chance to win its prizes and, during this show a car. Another difference between the TV and Live show is that in between each game the announcer reads off the names of five instant winners who, after the show, have the opportunity to come on stage, spin the big wheel and pose for pictures with the shows cast.

In an earlier interview with this writer Springer was asked, “What do you like most about hosting the show?” He said, “The joy of the show for me is discovering and exploring the personalities of the contestants on the show. To me the game is secondary. What I enjoy most is just interacting with regular folks and having a good time.” He said that people should come to the show “to maybe win some prizes, but mostly to simply have fun and spend time laughing and having a good time.” After experiencing the show earlier this week, all this writer can say is “Ditto.”

For additional information on The Price Is Right Live show please contact the Branson Tourism Center by calling 1-800-785-1550 or through its website, www.BransonTourismCenter.




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