$1.7 Million Heart-Pounding KaPau Plummet White Water’s biggest thrill ever

KAPAU, when the "Aqua Launch" trap door opens riders plummet into the thrills of White Water's most thrilling ride ever.

BRANSON, Mo., October 28, 2013 – ” KAPAU,” said Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. “With the addition of the $1.7 million ‘KaPau Plummet’ for 2014, White Water, an already exciting and adventure filled water park experience, gets more thrilling. That’s one of the things that makes Branson such a special place to visit and revisit, its shows and attractions are always evolving looking for new ways to give its visitors something fresh, exciting and thrilling.”

“When designers and developers with Silver Dollar City Attractions set out to create a new 2014 ride for White Water, there was one mandate:  The new ride must be The Biggest Thrill in White Water History. The concept began with the idea of a heart-pounding, drop-floor plunge.  Now in initial stages of construction, the $1.7 million KaPau Plummet will open in Spring 2014 with two 240-foot slides, each launching riders from a drop-floor into a 70-degree plunge followed by a spiraling loop, promising to far exceed the thrill factor of any water ride ever built at the 13-acre tropically-themed water park located in Branson, Missouri.

“Those brave enough to dare the drop will experience a heart-pumping, breathtaking thrill that begins at the top of a 40-foot tower.  Two encapsulated slides are the starting points for loading brave riders into a launch capsule.  Once inside, the countdown begins: 3…2…1 KAPAU!  The bottom of each slide drops out, creating a rider free fall at 70 degrees, speeding at 26 feet per second into a looping 240-foot translucent waterslide before final splashdown.  Spectators will be able to see the riders take the rocket-like plunge and their spirals through the loops.

“‘The AquaLaunch trap door builds anticipation for an incredible drop below,” said Cory Roebuck, White Water Director of Operations, who explains “‘kapau’ is a slang U.S. surfer term meaning ‘the next big wave or the next big thing’ [and is] pronounced ‘KA-POW.’  Never before has White Water had such a thrilling ride.  KaPau Plummet will literally take your breath away in an awesome plunge.”

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