Presleys’ Country Jubilee Is A Branson Treasure Not To Be Missed!

Steve, Scott, Gregg, and John Presley performing  "Midnight Special".

Steve, Scott, Gregg, and John Presley performing “Midnight Special”.

From the time you walk into the theatre until the curtain goes down, a night with the Presley family at Presleys’ Country Jubilee is an unequalled Branson entertainment experience! As you enter one of the most home-like theatre lobbies in Branson, you’ll hear the sounds of gospel music drifting down from the pre-show gospel sing-along in the loft; smell Glazed Almonds and Pecans made from a secret recipe developed by Cecil, a.k.a. Eric Presley, and begin to realize that you and your family are in for a special evening.

Every time I enter the Presleys’ Theatre, I am overcome by a feeling of warmth and friendliness that, to me, just radiates the special spirit that is Branson. For example, there’s no line waiting to get into the theatre so they can take a picture of you and try to sell it to you later; however, there is a Presley cutout and Presley costume jackets provided so you can take a picture with your own camera. What a joy it was for me to see people having so much fun; not only taking pictures of their own family, but helping others to do the same, allowing whoever’s been holding the camera to get in on the family photo!

Then, as the curtain rises, you become part of a Branson phenomenon as Branson’s first show on the now famous Branson Strip, Presleys’ Country Jubilee, does what it has been continually doing since 1967…wowing audiences with its unique combination of music and comedy, presented by some extraordinarily talented vocalists, musicians, and comedians.

Vocalists Ambrus Presley, Kimberly Barber, and Devonna Wickizer

Vocalists Ambrus Presley, Kimberly Barber, and Devonna Wickizer

From their all-cast opening medley featuring “Gonna Have A Party,” to their stirring finale, “America,” the music in this show, while definitely having a country flavor, has something for everyone, including gospel, rock and roll, and more, all performed by some of the best musicians and vocalists on any stage in Branson. The show’s vocalists are Ambrus Presley, Kimberly Barber, Devonna Wickizer, Jay Wickizer, Tim Gregg, Chuck Crain, Scott Presley, and Bruce Haynes. A few of my personal favorite vocal highlights, from among many, would be Kimberly Barber’s performance of Tammy Wynette’s, “Stand By Your Man;” the performance of the Gospel Quartet composed of Jay Wickizer, Tim Greg, Chuck Crain, and Bruce Haynes; and Ambrus Presley’s performance of “Over The Rainbow” from the Wizard of Oz. The laser lighting used to accent her performance makes an inspirational and beautiful performance even more so.

The show’s band is comprised of Steve Presley, drums; Scott Presley, guitar; Greg Presley, harmonica; John Presley, piano and keyboard; Bruce Haynes, bass guitar; Dean Holman, steel guitar and banjo; and Cortland Ingram, fiddle. They do a great job in not only supporting the vocalists, but as musicians in their own right. Some of the instrumental highlights, for me, would be Cortland Ingram’s performance of the “Devil Went Down To Georgia;” John Presley’s version of “Chopsticks,” which is not only unlike any version I’ve ever heard, but displays his tremendous talents as not only a musician, but as an arranger and composer; and Greg Presley’s performance on the harmonica is simply amazing! It’s as exciting to watch him play as it is to hear him play.

"Cecil" and "Herkimer" during one of the comedy skits.

“Cecil” thinking if over before responding to “Herkimer.”

I just have to believe that one of the secrets to the long term success of Presleys’ Country Jubilee is not only the type and quality of its comedy, but the way it’s continuously and strategically woven into the show to give the audience an entertainment experience unlike any other. Since the Presleys’ opened on the Branson strip, Gary Presley, known on the stage as “Herkimer,” has been making the show’s audiences laugh ‘til they hurt! In combination with his son, Eric, “Cecil” in the show, their comedy is a unique blend of Ozark humor, one-liners, action, and skits that always seem to be relevant to current events. Their performance keeps the audience, kids and adults alike, laughing and wondering what to expect next!

Jay Wickizer, one of the show’s vocalists and its emcee, acts as the straight man or go-between in much of the comedy. I must confess that all I have to see is Herkimer and Cecil together and I start laughing; not only at what they’re saying or doing at the moment, but in anticipation of what they’ll do next…they’re just two really funny guys! One thing is for sure in this year’s show, you’ve never seen a punch line like Cecil delivers when he and Herkimer add their own comedic meaning to Muhammad Ali’s iconic statement, “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.”

Every time I see Presleys’ Country Jubilee, I feel like I’m witnessing a Branson treasure. Alone, its origin, and the faithfulness of four generations maintaining the traditions and heritage of that origin, make Presleys’ Country Jubilee special. The spirit and the talents of the Presley family and the other cast members, combined with the musical variety and the uniqueness of the humor, blends together to create a show that flows seamlessly from one entertaining segment to another. With this formula, there can only be one result…a special, unforgettable Branson entertainment memory that should not be missed!

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