Shocked winner of $1000 Grand Prize in 2016 Spring Break Sweepstakes loves Branson shows

The first thing that Beverly and Rob Johnson, the Grand Prize winners in Branson Tourism Center's 2016 Spring Break Sweepstakes, are going to do with their prize is see "Moses" and the "Million Dollar Quartet."

The first thing that Beverly and Rob Johnson, the Grand Prize winners in Branson Tourism Center’s 2016 Spring Break Sweepstakes, are going to do with their prize is see “Moses” and the “Million Dollar Quartet.”

When Beverly Johnson of Arkadelphia, AR, opened up her email, after coming home from work the evening of March 4, 2016, she was shocked to discover that she had won Branson Tourism Center’s 2016 Spring Break Sweepstakes grand prize of a $1,000 Branson Gift Card! She said that she had to read it five times before she believed it. She showed it to her husband Rob saying, “I think I’ve won this.” He said, “What” before reading it, agreeing, and getting excited for both of them.

Earlier this week, Beverly (BJ) was kind enough to participate in a telephone interview with the Branson Tourism Center (BTC) about her initial experience with the Sweepstakes, how she feels about Branson, and more. The interview uses a “Question and Answer” format, and was conducted for BTC by Gary Groman, a 30-year resident of the Branson area and a local columnist, and freelance writer.

BTC: What is the first thing in Branson you are going to use your card to do?
BJ: My husband Rob, and I have been wanting to see Moses at the Sight and Sound Theatre and my husband wants to see the Million Dollar Quartet over at the Welk Theatre because he is a huge Elvis fan.

BTC: Have you been to Branson before?
BJ: Oh, Yes.

BTC: When was the last time?
BJ: Beginning of August 2014.

BTC: When will you be coming to Branson again?
BJ: We will be coming in the middle of April for a few days, but my husband wants to see Jimmy Fortune when he comes later in the year so I’m sure we’ll be coming back to Branson again.

BTC: In addition to seeing Moses and the Million Dollar Quartet what else do you plan to do?
BJ: A little shopping, we always have to hit the Bass Pro Shop and go over to the little Amish Store. As far as the other shows go, we will play that by ear after we get there.

BTC: What do you like to do most when you come to Branson?
BJ: We like the shows the most. My husband plays the drums so we are all for going to the shows.

BTC: Have you dealt with the Branson Tourism Center before?
BJ: Yes, a few times.

BTC: How did you find out about the contest?
BJ: I actually get the emails from Branson Tourism [Center] all the time. I had seen the contest on Facebook and then got an email about the “Sweetheart Packages” for February. I clicked on one of the packages to see what was in it and saw the contest on the page. I thought that’s the one I saw on Facebook the other day so I entered.

BTC: When you first saw it did you think it was some sort of “scam trying to set you up for something?”
BJ: No, not really. It depends on where it’s coming from, whether I have those doubts or not, but being from Branson Tourism Center I didn’t even think about it.

BTC: When did you receive your first phone call from the Branson Tourism Center?
BJ: I got the email late Friday evening. The first phone call I received from BTC was from Megan Miller on Monday.

“Our thanks to everyone who entered and congratulations to Beverly on winning our Grand Prize,” said Preston Garrison, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. “We look forward to meeting the Johnson’s again when they visit in April and being a small part in, what we know will be, another great Branson experience.

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