From Oreos to cockatoos Branson’s magic is no illusion!

They add the magic to some of Branson’s most popular magic shows, Rick and Tara Thomas, Reza,and Dave and Denise Hamner.

They add the magic to some of Branson’s most popular magic shows, Rick and Tara Thomas, Reza,and Dave and Denise Hamner.

“Branson has a ‘magical’ variety of things for families to see and do together,” said Annette Wood, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Branson Tourism Center. “That ‘magic’ becomes even more so, in a truly magical sense, when one considers the variety of magic shows available for Branson visitors to enjoy,” she added.

Here are three of Branson’s most popular magic shows, illustrating, not only that variety, but that “Branson’s spectacular magic is no illusion:”

Illusionist Rick Thomas: From the time the show starts until it ends with a “blast,” it is two hours of truly magical non-stop entertainment with a variety of illusions; close up magic; what I call “mind magic;” doves, dogs, color, brightness, dancing, music and action that will “knock your socks off.” New this year, in every show one lucky audience member will be chosen to come up on stage and sit in a helicopter, only to disappear, and reappear, along with the helicopter. The beauty, elegance, grace, and dancing artistry of his wife, Tara, adds a special and unique dimension to the show and many of its illusions.

Along with the magic, he demonstrates an amazing ability to interact with the kids in the audience, actually uses some of them in his illusions, and delivers his special inspiring message to them, “Nothing happens until you dream,” in a spectacular and fun filled way. In a review of this show I wrote, “The magic is illusionary, but the fun, excitement and enjoyment I experienced, and witnessed others enjoying was real.” In fact, it was so real it was actually magical.

Reza – Edge of Illusion: This young master illusionist, considered one of the hottest artists in the world of magic today, is out to change the world’s perception of the centuries-old art of magic with a show that’s captivating from beginning to end. Although there’s still a lot of appreciation for the old-style tricks; the disappearing birds, or the beautiful assistant being sawed in half, don’t expect the predictable from this fresh, cutting edge magician. His performance will “bewilder and befuddle your brain” with a variety of magic, including everything from big dazzling illusions to charming sleight-of-hand trickery, leaving you to scratch your head as you try to rationalize what your eyes have seen with what you know is humanly impossible! Even eating an Oreo becomes a magical experience that most will not soon forget.

Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show: Although, this show features a variety of entertainment, its magical centerpiece is the performance of master illusionists, Dave and Denise Hamner as these award winning illusionists perform magic that is “at once, awe-inspiring, dazzling, and touching.” Their spectacular signature illusion thrills and delights the audience, as gorgeous macaws and cockatoos appear out of nowhere and fly out into the theatre, over and around them. Another audience favorite is when a beautiful lady is turned into “Gakita the Gorilla” right in front of their eyes. And that’s just two of the many magical moments throughout the show which is capped off with their spectacular magical Veterans Tribute Finale.

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