Three powerful words inspiring people to choose Branson

Just a few of the many exciting  ways to have family  friendly fun in Branson, Presleys' Country Jubilee, Ride the Ducks, Branson Scenic Railway, Lake Queen, and interactive fun aboard the Titanic Museum Attraction.

Just a few of the many exciting ways to relax and have family friendly fun in Branson, “Presleys’ Country Jubilee,” “Ride the Ducks,” “Branson Scenic Railway”, “Main Street Lake Cruises’ Lake Queen,” and interactive fun aboard the “Titanic Museum Attraction.”

“We love the input that we receive from the tens of thousands who interact with us on our Facebook page. It provides us with invaluable information that better enables us to help them have a great Branson experience and promote Branson’s amazing live shows and attractions,” said Annette Wood, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Branson Tourism Center.

Wood said that although people write articles that are hundreds and thousands of words long, describing why people should come to Branson we thought it would be a fun challenge for our Facebook readers to see what they could do with three words. So we asked the question, “Can you say in 3 words or less, what is the #1 thing that most caused, or would most cause, you to choose Branson as a vacation destination?”

The three words used most often, either directly or indirectly were “Fun,” “Family” and “Friendly.” Here’s some of our favorite responses, with the handle the Commenter uses on Facebook and our comments, following in brackets, where appropriate.

In our opinion, the first five do an excellent job of summing up the awesome totality of the Branson experience in only three words:

Donna Glass: Consistently great time
Kayla Graves: Excited to go!
Debbie Sellen Artindale: I’m coming back!
Jena Maree Vaughn: So much to do. [Here’s a link to Branson’s major Shows and Attractions.

These next five are selections from the direct “Fun,” “Family” and “Friendly” answers:

Linda Mccoy: Fun, fun, fun
Jaime Johnson: Very Family Friendly
Jacob Russell: Family, Nostalgia, Fun
Linda DuPre: Clean family fun
CE Martin: Beautiful, family fun

These last five speak to specific reasons or things:

Suzanne Drennon: God, country, family [Things of the heart and spirit were seemingly as important as “things” in deciding to choose Branson for a vacation.]
Ashley Rucker: Silver Dollar City [Not surprisingly it was the attraction named most, but then it is Branson’s oldest and most popular Attraction.]
Jim Fine: The Awesome SHOWS!! [One of the biggest attractors was Branson’s Shows]
George Wilbur Jeter Jr.: BEAUTIFUL & RELAXING [A common theme throughout]
Kristie Stanley-Gatewood: Close to home [Branson is located within an eight hour or less drive for about one third of the U.S. Population.]

Whether described using words such as fun, family, friendly, value, relaxing, variety, entertainment, natural beauty, pristine lakes, closeness, excitement, adventure, or any one of dozens of other words, Branson is a unique one of a kind destination. Scott DeCamp sums it all up beautifully saying, “Best vacation ever” and isn’t that what we all want for our families?

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