Let’s use a little Branson Trivia for some respite from all that challenges us

Just one of the many aisles of merchandise in the unique shopping experience that is Dicks 5 & 10.

Even with Spring in the air it seems likes folks are down a bit with the economy, the horror of what those in Japan are going through, terrorism and just the plain uncertainty of our times. Let’s relax and lighten up for just a few minutes and have some fun with something whose very name illustrates all that is good about America and offers respite, relaxation and peace from all that would weigh us down, our home and the place millions of people visit each year, Branson, Missouri.

We’ll work through a series of ten “trivia” questions followed by the answers. It’s not how many we get right, it’s just the fun and entertainment of doing it.

1. True or False, Branson’s biggest attraction is located within the city limits of Branson?

2. Table Rock Lake has how many miles of shoreline?

3. The title of being Branson’s first music show rests with the Baldknobbers Jamboree. What is the name of Branson’s first and longest running paid attraction?

4. How clever are “The Cleverlys?”

5. The majestic “Grand Staircase” of the Titanic Museum in Branson, is a precise replica of the “Grand Staircase” on the Titanic. What were the tiles used on the staircase made of.

6. How many lodging establishments are there in Branson?

7. On what date was the City of Branson officially incorporated?

8. Out of the five Missouri golf courses listed in Golfweek’s recent article on the best courses in America how many were in Branson and which ones are they?

9. Within five thousand either way, how many items does the unique “Dick’s 5 & 10” in historic downtown Branson sell?

10. What Branson entertainers performed in 18 cities throughout China earlier this year?


1. False. Even though it has a “Branson, Missouri” mailing address, Silver Dollar City, Branson’s largest and most popular paid attraction, is located to the west of the Branson city limits on Indian Point.

2. 745 miles at its normal level, the “Conservation Pool,” and 857 miles at the top of its “Flood Control Pool.”

3. “Marble Cave,” was started by the Lynch Family in the late 1800’s and, except for a short period of time, has been operated as a Branson attraction ever since. The cave was renamed “Marvel Cave” and is currently located under and is part of the entertainment experience provided by Silver Dollar City.

4. Pretty clever because the Bluegrass band from “Cane Spur,” Arkansas has toured the United States, performed for an audience of about 40,000 at the closing of the 2010 CMA Fest in Nashville, TN and will be doing about 80 dates with one of Branson’s favorite comedians, Paul Harris at the Oak Ridge Boys Theatre in Branson during 2011. The thing is, no one has checked out the accuracy of their bio written by Vera Mae Paradine Cleverly, the sister to Digger, Miles and VD Cleverly and the mother to Harvey D and his twin brother Harvey C Cleverly. However, when one considers that Paul Harris is Digger why bother. Let’s just sit back, laugh, be entertained and listen to their wonderful music.

5. Linoleum.

6. Remembering that the term “Branson” is not limited to the city limits of Branson the latest statistics from the Branson Lake Area CVB says there are 208 such facilities with 22,000 rooms.

7. April 1, 1912. It’s no “April Fool’s” joke and the city of Branson will be celebrating its 100 anniversary in 2012.

8. The article named three, the Payne Stewart Golf Club, Branson Creek and Murder Rock.

9. Dick’s offers over 175,000 items. It is said that “If you can’t find it at Dicks 5 & 10 you probably don’t need it.” Dick’s is more than a store it is a unique shopping and entertainment attraction that is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

10.  That would be the Haygoods. Their extensive and successful tour of the 18 cities was conducted during January of this year.

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