Informal personal mini reviews on some of Branson’s most popular shows

Jim Stafford performing during March 31st matinee.

As would be expected in Branson, Missouri, a place noted as the “Live music show capital of the world,” there are any number of reviews written on its shows by Branson writers including this writer. Almost without exception, they are a “review” and description of the contents of the show and are not a formal critical review, which in the opinion of this writer, would be meaningless in the Branson entertainment environment of just having fun.

It has been this writer’s experience that Branson has some of the finest musicians, singers, shows and productions available anywhere. The people who come to Branson are not coming to write a critique or critical review of its shows, but to be entertained by and have fun at those shows. It is in that spirit that these mini personal reviews present the comments made by people, indicated only by their first name, on the Branson  shows  they have seen in the last week or so.

Presleys’ Country Jubilee

Mary – “I just loved it from beginning to end. It is my favorite show in Branson. I have seen it 20 times over the years and this is their top show. In fact we liked it so much we bought the shows DVD.

“I just loved the comedy and the jokes. Herkimer [Gary Presley] and Cecil [Eric Presley] are too much and the kids just loved it. They have such colorful costumes, the band is excellent and Ambrus [Presley] sings “I Will Always Love You,” so beautifully. The show was just superb.”

Jim Stafford Show

Patina and Don – “When we came to the show, we were in a blah mode because of the rain, clouds and no sun, but we’re in a light hearted sunny mood now. He’s really funny and so personable. His son and daughter are so fantastic on the piano. I loved the whole show and his guitar playing, but my favorite part is when he tells his jokes. We definitely recommend this show, it’s fantastic.”

Show Boat Branson Belle show “Encore!”

Debra -“It was a high energy show with a lot of audience interaction by Janice Martin, The ShowMen and Christopher James, who was very funny. Janice Martin is great at whatever she is doing in the show.

“Whether it’s playing the piano, violin, or singing it is intense. She is just so good. She is so in her element; the way she plays the violin is just unbelievable. I was really impressed when she played the violin while performing an aerial silk act high above the stage, but my favorite was her rendition of the ‘Orange Blossom Special.’

“You could just feel the energy level of the ‘The ShowMen’ throughout the audience as they sang songs of the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s and the live band was just awesome.”

LaDonna – This is a great show for any age with great food and service. I loved the shows variety with music, magic, an aerialist and the violin and the way it rotates between the different acts to keep things fresh and moving along. My favorite performer was Janice Martin, the violinist, aerialist and singer and my favorite part of the show was when she  played “Stairway to Heaven” on the violin while doing her aerial silk act.

Rankin Brothers Show

Debra – “The Ranking Brothers, Matt and Mark, are just full of energy and life and people are just amazed by their talent. While they are singing you can just close your eyes and picture the original artists they are performing. My favorite number in the show is when Matt sings the Righteous Brothers Bill Medley song, ‘Unchained Melody.’

“Whenever I go to their show I just watch the audience’s reaction  and the people that were around us are just amazed at the talent they have. They are awesome, hold the audience’s attention and relate so well to them. It is an awesome show that I will see again and recommend that people coming to Branson make this one of their top shows to see.”

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