Flying Wallendas perform in Branson after commemorating great-grandfather’s final high wire walk

“What an amazing, daring and caring family tribute the Wallenda family performed on June 4th in San Juan, Puerto Rico to commemorate and honor Karl Wallenda, the founder and family patriarch of the ‘Flying Wallendas,” said Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s most trusted and respected providers of Branson show and attraction tickets, lodging and other Branson travel services. “What a thrill it will be for Branson visitors to be able to personally see the ‘Flying Wallendas’ performing in ‘The Fabulous Wallendas! Famous Family Circus,’ a new show created exclusively for KidsFest at Silver Dollar City from June 11 through July 24,” she added.

Karl Wallenda, the founder of “The Flying Wallendas,” known since their inception for their fearless performances on a high wire with no safety net, fell to his death, at age 73, on March 22, 1978, while doing what he loved, “walking the wire.” That wire was over 100 feet in the air and stretched for 300 feet between the two towers of the Conrad San Juan Condado Plaza Hotel in San Juan Puerto Rico. A saying attributed to Wallenda says, “Life is being on the wire; everything else is just waiting.”

Even with the loss of its patriarch the Wellenda family has never left “being on the wire” and has been carrying on the traditions of their great-grandfather and the Wallenda legacy by entertaining audiences all around the world with death defying high wire and acrobatic performances. On June 4, 2011 however, there was a special performance when over 33 years of “waiting” came to an end.

Nik Wallenda, the great-grandson of Karl, and his mother Delilah, walked the same “wire” that Karl had walked over 33 years earlier. At over 100 feet in the air, with no net, they passed each other in the middle of the 300 foot wire. When they met, Delilah sat down on the wire and Nik stepped over her. Delilah then got up and, along with Nik, walked along the wire to opposite towers.

Reports of the commemorative high wire walk said that Nik Wallenda had seen the video of his great-grandfather falling hundreds of times, had been mentally prepared for the walk all his life and that it was something that he had been wanting to do for their family. Originally, his mother was not scheduled to walk the wire, but she convinced Nik otherwise.

Branson Tourism Center’s Johnson said, “The Wallenda family is a perfect fit, not only for KidsFest at Silver Dollar City, but with the family aspect of what Branson is and of families performing together entertaining other families.” She also reminds Branson visitors that Nik Wallenda will be performing high flying acrobatics from a helicopter over 200 feet in the air as part of the a spectacular kick off for KidsFest at approximately 4:00 p.m. Friday, June 10.

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