Concierge Perks add even more value to BTC’s Concierge Program

Hooray for Hollywood is just one of the many shows participating in "Concierge Perks."

“Our latest enhancement to the ‘Branson Tourism Center Concierge Program’ is a great free value added feature that we, in conjunction with some of Branson’s most popular shows and attractions, are able to provide to our customers to help them get even more value as they have a great Branson experience,” said Mark Bryson, Director of Business Development, for the Branson Tourism Center. “Our new ‘Concierge Perks’ program is a win-win for everyone, BTC’s Concierge Program Members and our participating shows and attractions,” he continued.

All Branson Tourism Center customers automatically become members of its Concierge Program, aptly named because of the free personal “concierge” type Branson travel planning services that has become BTC’s hallmark. BTC’s service, value and dedication to providing each of its customers with a great Branson experience has enabled it to sell over 2.7 million Branson show and attraction tickets. The Concierge Program along with its new “Perks” enhancement is just another way of adding additional value for its customers while encouraging them to spend money inside each of the participating shows, attractions or businesses.

Each member of the Concierge Program receives a personal card and is immediately eligible for the appropriate benefits that BTC directly provides, depending on whether they are a Blue, Gold or Platinum level member. In addition, all Concierge Program members, regardless of their level, are eligible to participate in the new free “Concierge Perks” part of the program.

Simply by presenting their Concierge Card to any of the shows, attractions or other businesses participating in the program, Concierge Program members can get exclusive savings, extra discounts or even free souvenirs. From free “bobble head” with purchase of a Daniel O’Donnell DVD, to gift store and concession stand discounts and much more, the purpose of the program is to encourage the tens of thousands of Branson Tourism Center customers belonging to the program to not only visit the participating shows, attractions and other participating businesses, but to spend money while they are there.

The initial launch of the program is based on just the participation of BTC’s vendor shows and attractions, but, with this announcement, is now being expanded to other qualifying Branson businesses. Bryson points out that being a participant in the BTC Concierge Perks Program involves no out of pocket costs and will get your business listed on the “Concierge Perks” page of BTC’s website, on the list of “Concierge Program Perks Participants” that is personally handed to each Concierge Program member as they check in at the Branson Tourism Center for their Branson vacation and the potential to be mentioned in BTC Newsletters, web posting, and social media posts mentioning the program.

Click here for more information on the Branson Tourism Center Concierge Program and Concierge Perks. Program members should call 800-785-1550 to use their perks and those interested in more information on how to participate in the program should call Mark Bryson at 427-336-4402 Ext 193.

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