Agility at core of Branson success

Displaying the agility that has made it Branson's oldest and most popular paid attraction, construction is well along on Silver Dollar City's newest thrill ride "Outlaw Run."

BRANSON, Mo., January 1, 2013 — Although many words come to mind to describe Branson, “agility” is not typically one of them. Yet from its earliest days over 100 years ago to Branson’s entry into 2013, “Agility” has been at the core of Branson’s success and what it has become today.

“Agility has been defined as “mentally quick, acute or quick in movement.” It helps keep us, be it a city, company or individual, to be efficient and flexible enough to accept and tackle the challenges necessary to “evolve and meet the future in new and innovative ways.”

In August of 1912, less than five months after being incorporated as a city on April 1 of that year, a devastating fire destroyed downtown Branson’s entire commercial district except for three buildings. Branson’s agility in handling that situation and others along the way put it in a position where, at the beginning of its Centennial Year in 2012, it was and had been for decades one of the premier family travel destinations in the United States, entertaining upwards of 8 million guests annually.

Families like the Herschends, Presleys, Mabes, Trimbels, Snadens and so many others had the agility to recognize the full future potential of tourism to the Branson area and act on that recognition in a timely manner. Each of them, and many others, in their own way evolved segments of Branson’s Tourism industry using what was at the time, and to some of them personally, life changing, new and innovative concepts.

Where would Branson be today without the agility of the Herschend family in recognizing the potential of Silver Dollar City and the numerous innovative things they have done over the last 50 plus years to evolve it into one of the top theme parks anywhere? The agility of the Mabes and Presleys as they pioneered Branson’s early entertainment industry? The agility of the Presleys in evolving their original theatre, that could also be used to store boats if all else failed, into one of Branson’s first state of the art theatres and their innovation in sharing their show and Branson on a weekly basis with millions of TV viewers via RFD-TV?

How important was the agility of the Trimbles and Snadons in establishing the spectacular outdoor drama “Shepherd of the Hills” in helping to preserve the area’s history and culture and promoting the heritage that is such a major part of Branson’s charm? Where would Branson’s entertainment industry be without the agility of the long list of entertainers, entrepreneurs and others who quickly recognized Branson’s potential and had the flexibility to not only become part of it, but to help its shows and attractions evolve into what they have become today?

The same agility that has helped make Branson the wonderful place that it is to visit for millions of tourists today is as necessary tomorrow as it is today. If the past is any indication, that agility is an inherent part of the Branson’s spirit and heritage that will help ensure that the excitement, fun, and adventure that is Branson will continue into the future providing Branson visitors with a great experience that will bring them back again and again.

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