Price Is Right Live show “Springs” into 2013 Branson Season

Jerry Springer initial 2013 host of "The "Price Is Right Live" in Branson .

BRANSON, MO, May 23, 2013 — When The Price Is Right Live starts its 2013 season in Branson, tomorrow, its initial host will be well known TV star and personality Jerry Springer. Earlier in the week this writer had the opportunity to interview Springer (JS), on behalf of the Branson Tourism Center (BTC), one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services, about his hosting of the show, his first trip to Branson and other items.

BTC – Have you been to Branson before?
JS – No.

BTC – Never having been to Branson, what is your perception of Branson?
JS – Middle America, family values and good time entertainment without all the craziness of the extremes of pop culture.

BTC – When did you first hear of “Branson?”
JS – Years ago from Andy Williams and more recently when I was hosting “Americas Got Talent” and the Duttons, from Branson, appeared on the show.

BTC – Will your time in Branson be part work and some play?
JS – Definitely. I am really looking forward to experiencing Branson and I’m not just telling you that for an interview.

BTC – What is the number one thing on your Branson Bucket List?
JS – I love live entertainment so my number one thing to do will be to see some of its live shows.

BTC – How long have you been the guest host on the “Price Is Right Live?”
JS – I have been working with “Freemantle Media” for a few years doing their live shows for “America’s Got Talent,” “Price is Right,” “Family Feud” and “Let’s Make A Deal.” I have been doing the “Price Is Right Live” show for about two years.

BTC – What do you like most about hosting the show?
JS – The chance to interact and joke around with the contestants. To me the game is secondary. What I enjoy most is just interacting with regular folks and having a good time.

BTC – Why should people come and see the Price Is Right Live Show in Branson?
JS – To maybe win some prizes, but mostly to simply have fun and spend time laughing and having a good time.

BTC – Is there a constant highlight for you that happens during each show?
JS – The joy of the show for me is discovering and exploring the personalities of the contestants on the show.

BTC – Why do you feel that the “Price Is Right” has been such an iconic show for so long?
JS – It’s easy for the shows viewers to become instantly involved. Unlike some other shows, they don’t have to be an expert in a particular area because the shows results hinge on the prices of items that most of the show’s viewers either shop for or are familiar with. If you think about the show it might have been one of TV’s first reality shows “staring” everyday folks providing entertainment on TV based on the reality of something that they do in their everyday life, “shopping.”

BTC – In your career you have done many things from running for governor to hosting radio and TV shows. Of it all, if you were going to pick one that meant the most to you what would it be?
JS –What I do now is fun, but in terms of significance and doing something that impacted on people’s lives, being the Mayor of Cincinnati was the best job I ever had. [Springer was elected by the City Council and served a one year term as Cincinnati’s mayor starting in 1977.]

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