Branson Tourism Center celebrates 10 years of sharing Branson with the world

BRANSON, MO, May 24, 2013 — In its first decade of sharing what Branson offers with prospective visitors and helping them experience it, the Branson Tourism Center (BTC) has grown from its initial three employees to over 85 and has become Branson’s largest seller of show and attraction tickets and lodging. When asked the reason for BTC’s phenomenal success, Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center said, “It is a combination of the positive message that BTC shares about all the great shows, attractions and other things Branson offers and our passion and ability to keep that message fresh, exciting and meaningful for potential Branson visitors.”

That thought was strongly reinforced by Lianne Milton, co-owner of the Branson Tourism Center with her husband Larry, who said, “Our passion and commitment to Branson and the visitors we serve is the same today as it was our very first day in business; making sure that each and every one of our customers, starting with the planning of their trip, has a great Branson experience.” Milton points out that like Branson itself, BTC is in the business of forming relationships and that BTC’s “If it’s important to you, it’s important to me” philosophy has helped it establish the meaningful and mutually beneficial relationships with its customers, vendors and employees that enables BTC to consistently provide its customers with that “great Branson experience.”

For that to happen there had to be change in the way things had always been done. Larry Milton emphasizes that the basic marketing strategy that has brought BTC through its first ten years involves building a relationship with potential Branson visitors by virtually reaching out into their “living rooms” as they are thinking about or planning their vacations; convincing them to choose Branson and then making it easy for them to get here.”

This involved an effort to actually build a relationship with potential visitors and earn their business by providing them with a free unique personal “Concierge type” service to help them plan their Branson vacation or trip whether or not they actually ended up doing business with BTC. The service combines the power of the internet to present a wealth of information on Branson and offers prospective Branson visitors the opportunity to call BTC’s toll free number, 1-800-785-1550, and talk with a locally based Branson Travel Planner who will answer questions and help them with their tickets, reservations, lodging and everything else needed to help them have a great time in Branson.

The success of this concept was perhaps best expressed by the purchaser of BTC’s three millionth show and attraction ticket last year Peggy Barthel, from Florence, Mississippi, who had not visited Branson in over 30 years until her trip last year. After exploring the internet for a considerable time in an effort to get information and plan her trip she came across Branson Tourism Center’s number. She said, “One call that’s all, they just took care of everything. We’re just going to go up there and have fun.” Lianne Milton said, “Peggy’s comment reflects our goal and a major reason for our success during our first ten years in business; starting with the planning of the trip, we take care of everything and the customer just comes to Branson and has fun.”

“BTC’s ‘Branson Travel Agency‘ and ‘Groups Division‘ also provide a synergy and diversity of the services that are invaluable to our company’s success,” said Larry Milton. Milton emphasizes that BTC provides “one stop” shopping and assistance for all Branson travel services including tickets, lodging travel to and from Branson and much more whether it’s for an individual, family, or a large group.

As BTC enters its eleventh year of business the creativity, innovation and originality that has helped make it so successful through its first ten years has positioned it for continued success in the future. These include, in addition to BTC’s website,, Branson’s largest interactive Branson internet forum,; its internet transactional site and a mobile “application” which works on both Apple and Android devices.

“ – There’s only one,” is a reality that, both in terms of the information it provides and leading Branson onto the internet as its very first destination website, can only apply to one internet site, www.Branson.Com. From its inception it has been dedicated exclusively to providing Branson visitors with information about all there is to see and do in Branson. Since Branson Tourism Center’s acquisition of www.Branson.Com and its synchronization, coordination and optimization with the power and systems of it has become one of the most complete, powerful and efficient tools available anywhere to get Branson information and, if desired, have instant access to, actually book, shows, attractions and lodging either on the internet or with the personal assistance of one of BTC’s Branson Travel Planners.

Branson Tourism Center has been the leader in many other innovative and customer directed initiatives. Among other things, this includes a no hassle low price guarantee; gas discount coupons; its Concierge Perks Program and maintaining an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. It also provides the facilities and resources to personally greet each one of their customers as they arrive in Branson in order to ensure they have everything they ordered, directions, maps, and a contact number to call if there are any problems while they are in Branson. Even though BTC is open from 8:00 AM to 9:30 PM for most of the year, there is a Duty Manager on call 24/7 should a customer need assistance.

Lianne Milton says that she looks forward to the start of the second decade of serving Branson and its visitors knowing that BTC’s innovation, creativity and passion for serving Branson, their vendors and customers will ensure its continued success into the next decade and beyond.

Branson Tourism Center is one of Branson’s largest providers of Branson travel services and has over 85 employees. It is an accredited member of the Better Business Bureau of Southwest Missouri with an A+ rating. Among other organizations, it is a member of the Branson Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce and Convention and Visitors Bureau, Better Business Bureau, American Society of Travel Agents, American Bus Association, and the Branson Lakes Area Lodging Association. Branson Tourism Center may be reached by calling 1-800-978-1999.

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