There’s a reason they are called the Incredible Acrobats of China

Scene from the shows colorful and exciting Opening.

BRANSON, Mo., August 20, 2013 – For those who might not want to read a detailed story about a really great show, let’s summarize it in one sentence. Having seen the Incredible Acrobats of China Show featuring the New Shanghai Circus, yesterday, this writer can again say, without a doubt, it is a one of a kind cornucopia of color, excitement, grace, action, and danger that entertains all ages, from its exciting and colorful opening until the curtain falls.

In a town with over 100 shows on any given day, this show stands alone in terms of its uniqueness and ability to simultaneously entertain both children and adults throughout its entire length with a caliber of entertainment that is truly incredible. A family from Flower Mound Texas* consisting of mom and dad and their two lovely daughters aged four and six are an excellent example.

At intermission, when asked how they were enjoying the show the adults answer was, “We are enjoying the show a lot.” Their four and six year old daughters both said that they liked it and when asked if they had a favorite act they both, in their own way, said that they liked the whole show and would not pick a favorite act. Their six year old daughter said that she thought that other kids her age would enjoy the show as much as she did. The telling of the story doesn’t do it justice because you can’t see the excitement in the eyes of the girls or sense the happiness of the parents that their daughters were enjoying themselves so much.

The show’s exciting Opening features most of the cast members, is a harbinger of what is to come and raises the bar in terms of audience expectation. The 14 acts that follow do not disappoint with each unique act having its own choreography, music and colorful costuming, but more importantly, being performed by people with a skill level that simply has to be experienced to be believed.

The most thrilling Chair Stacking act most people will ever see.

In addition to acts that it is almost certain most people have never seen before, the show includes acts such hoop diving, juggling, contortion, human strength, chair sticking and Silks that you might have seen before, but it is almost certain that you have never seen them performed like they are in this show. As I sat there watching the show, as I have at least once a year for most of the last decade, I knew I was seeing some of the types of acts that I had seen before, but it was presented in a different and fresh manner making it a new entertainment experience. One thing for sure, the shows juggling act will add new meaning to the term “Hat Trick.”

Chair Stacking acts are not unusual, but how about one where the performer is up about 30 feet in the stack, does a one hand stand on top of some “beer” cans then drops down to the stool they are sitting on. It’s absolutely amazing, but then so was the five ladies performing in synchronization on an eight chair stack during the second half of the show! The Roller Skating act performed at high speed by two ladies within a six foot diameter raised circle was as breathtaking as it was exciting. At one point one of the performers was suspended by her neck as she was twirled around at high speeds. The audience just loved the Hoop Diving as the performers, running at full speed launch themselves into the air and through hoops at varying heights, while performing acrobatics and other feats before falling back to the ground.

It’s hard to imagine anything more beautiful and graceful than the show’s Contortion, high flying Silk and Human Ballet acts. The Silk act is one of the best this writer has ever witnessed and “The Human Ballet,” where a Ballet Dancer gracefully performs a ballet on the head and shoulders of her partner, “is one of the most unique, incredible and beautiful things I have ever seen performed on a stage.”

And these are just a few of the amazing acts presented in the Incredible Acrobats of China Show featuring the New Shanghai Circus. If you want to see a unique, exciting and colorful one of a kind entertainment experience performed by athletic, skilled, energetic and graceful performers to perfection that simultaneously entertains adults and children then you don’t want to miss this show.

For additional information or tickets for the Incredible Acrobats of China Show featuring the New Shanghai Circus please contact the Branson Tourism Center by either calling their toll free number 1-800-785-1550 or through their website


* Name omitted to protect the privacy of the children.

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