Magnificent Branson Landing Fountains are a gem of color, sound and excitement

The Branson Landing Fountain fire cannons lighting up the Lake Taneycomo Lakefront.

The Branson Landing Fountain fire cannons lighting up the Lake Taneycomo Lakefront.

Branson Landing is simultaneously one of Branson’s premier shopping destinations and “attractions.” According to the Branson Lakes Area CVB more Branson visitors visit Branson Landing than at any other Branson “attraction. “I believe that its popularity is based on a combination of its 100 retail stores and restaurants, location on beautiful Lake Taneycomo and its spectacular $7.5 million free water attraction presenting the first-ever merging of water, fire, light and music,” said Annette Wood, the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Branson Tourism Center. “It’s dazzling display of water fountains shooting 120-foot geysers of water high into the air with fire cannons blasting out huge balls of flame, all synchronized and choreographed to light and music is an amazing thing to experience,” she added.

Here are a few things about the fountains and show that we hope you will find interesting:

1. Location – The centerpiece of Branson Landing, the fountains are located on the shoreline of Lake Taneycomo, at the east end of its Town Square in the center of Branson Landing, a $435 million public/private multiuse project spanning 1.5 miles of waterfront on Lake Taneycomo. It’s combination of luxury condos and over 120 retail stores, kiosks and restaurants including “eclectic shops, national retailers, fine dining, intimate cafes and nightspots,” a floating restaurant and the spectacular free Branson Landing Fountains makes it one of the most popular attractions in Branson.

2. Schedule and Frequency – The approximately three minute shows start at Noon and run through 10:00 PM daily, except Sunday when the last show is 9:00 PM. They are held every hour on the hour until 8:00 PM at which time, except for Sunday, they are every 30 minutes. Click here for the schedule of shows and the numbers that will be playing.

3. Best time to see the show – Although shows start daily at Noon, we believe that the best time to experience the full effect of the show with the lights interacting with the water and the blasting flame cannons is at dusk or after dark which, obviously will fluctuate with the time of the year you are visiting Branson.

4. Weather Impact – As would be expected with an outdoor show of this type, performances are weather dependent. As a general rule, the chance of this increases with colder weather and you should expect cancellations when the temperatures are 32 degrees or lower because of freezing spray or equipment freezing.

5. The Branson Landing Fountains Actually Use Water From Lake Taneycomo – About 1,000 gallons of water are pulled from Lake Taneycomo, filtered, shot 120 feet into the air and released back into the lake for each three minute show.

6. Rotation of Music – Each three minute show generally consists of one piece of music choreographed with the lights, water, fire cannon and movement of the fountain spray to present a dazzling and memorable experience of both sight and sound. The Noon show is always the “Stars Spangled Banner.” After that there is a selection of numbers rotated throughout the day. Click here for the schedule of what number will be playing and when. Tammy Scholten, the Director of Marketing and Entertainment for Branson Landing reminds us that the musical selections are updated periodically and said, “Don’t miss the newest fountain shows, ‘Livin’ on a Prayer’ by Bon Jovi and ‘Hoe-Down Rodeo Ballet’ by Aaron Copland – London Symphony Orchestra.”

7. Relationship to Bellagio Fountain show in Las Vegas – Although on a smaller scale, the fountains and show were created by “Wet Design,” the same company that created the Bellagio Fountain show in Las Vegas. In addition, it incorporated an element element the Bellagio Show doesn’t have, booming fire cannons spitting out their huge balls of fire.

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