The amazing answer to the question, “Is Virgin Airways coming to Branson soon?”

Is Virgin Airways coming to Branson soon?

Is Virgin Airways coming to Branson soon?

The answer is, “Positively, absolutely No unless…!” The internet has been all atwitter today regarding Sir Richard S. Branson’s post to the Virgin website today in which, among other things he said, “With more of our Virgin brands expanding Stateside, it made sense to open our US headquarters in the hometown that bears my family name.” His Branson post indicates that he not only will be moving his headquarters to Branson, but that Virgin Air will also be starting direct air service to Branson from San Francisco and, perhaps most indicative of just how serious this whole Branson thing is, that “Branson Active” is “introducing a new Branson-themed workout that will have gym-goers tossing hay bales and rolling wagon wheels across the gym.”

Although the Branson Tourism Center is one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services and is not inclined to second guess Sir Richard we must note that he is noted for his early April Fools’ Day pranks. With that in mind we are inclined to agree with the conclusion as stated in USA Today’s story entitled Is Virgin America really going to fly to Branson, Mo.? It is apparently a prank.

In the spirit of the occasion, we would amend and renew our answer to the question, “Is Virgin Airways coming to Branson soon?” by saying, “Positively, absolutely No unless, April Fools’ Day aside, Sir Richard decides to.” We have heard that he is going to build his next Virgin Hotel on the new Disney Theme park that is currently being built in the middle of the Branson Strip and will open on April 1, 2015, but that’s probably an April Fools’ joke too!


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