Experience why It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year at the Andy Williams Christmas Show

The Osmonds and Lennon Sisters opening the show, Jimmy, left, Cathy, Merrill, Janet, and Jay.

The Osmonds and Lennon Sisters opening the show, Jimmy, left, Kathy, Merrill, Janet,  Jay and Mimi.

I’ve just come from seeing the 2015 edition of the Andy Williams Christmas Show; all I can say is, “WOW!” It’s a spectacular, unique, and magical Christmas production that is as beautiful and inspiring as it is entertaining, exciting, and fun.

Recently, during separate interviews with Jimmy Osmond and the Lennon Sisters, they expressed what an honor it was to remember and honor Andy Williams by continuing his style of Christmas show. From the very first number, to the last, the show is a variety of music, dancing, color, magic, and more, moving from element to element as I eagerly awaited what was coming next.

The hallmark of an Andy Williams Christmas show is the combination of color, excitement, variety, fun, and the way various elements are woven together to simultaneously hold the interest of all ages throughout the entire show. From dancing reindeer and beautiful dancing, to the quick change artistry, magic and, of course, the amazing vocals of the Osmonds and Lennon Sisters, this show does just what the song implies; it leaves no doubt that It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

From the show’s opening number to its final number, the Osmonds and Lennon Sisters sing a variety of Christmas and other music as only they can. The distinctive style of each group has been entertaining audiences for decades and is wonderful, but when they join together in numbers like “The Christmas Song,” their two different familial voices combine into a special Christmas experience that is a joy to hear and experience.

Many of their numbers are mini productions involving dancers, special effects, and more. During one such number, the audience was surprised and delighted when the Lennon Sisters were joined by three of Janet’s talented granddaughters who danced and sang with them.

Surround the wonderful vocals with the adagio dancing and quick change artistry of Pasha & Aliona, and the magic of Rick Thomas at strategic points throughout the show, and the result is like opening presents under the tree on Christmas morning. You don’t know what’s in the next package, but what a wonderful surprise it is when the package is opened and you discover what’s inside!

Kids and adults alike will be amazed at the magic and charisma of Rick Thomas. Although he performed other illusions, I must mention the “Air Adagio” illusion he performs with his lovely wife, Tara. To see her magically dancing in the air so gracefully high above the stage is as beautiful as it is amazing, not only from an illusion perspective, but from an appreciation for her grace and the skill of the dancing itself. It will leave you wondering, “how do they do that?”

Well you might not know how he did it when you walk out of the show, but you will know two things for certain; that you just had a wonderful entertainment experience, and that It’s The Most Wonderful Time of the Year!

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