Five ways to have an exciting shopping adventure in Historic Downtown Branson

Dick's 5 & 10 in hisotirc downtown Branson provides one of the most unique shopping "adventures" available anywhere.

Dick’s 5 & 10 in historic downtown Branson provides one of the most unique shopping “adventures” available anywhere.

“Branson is known for the quality and variety of its live shows, attractions and other exciting activities,” said Annette Wood, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Branson Tourism Center. “In addition, it’s a fabulous shopping destination offering an unparalleled shopping adventure at its hundreds of different national chain stores, boutiques, flea markets, craft malls, famous-name outlet stores, and specialty shops,” she added.

Wood points out that there’s one often overlooked shopping opportunity; one that virtually hundreds pass through on their way to Branson Landing every day…historic downtown Branson …it has dozens of unique and exciting shopping opportunities offering gifts, art, and crafts that are available only downtown. From among many, here’s a list of five that illustrate this point:

1. Dick’s 5 & 10, 417.334.2410, one of Branson’s most popular shopping attractions, illustrates the uniqueness and excitement that shopping in historic downtown Branson offers. Steve Hartley, the son of the store’s original founders, Dick and June Hartley, points out that it’s not just the number of items they have in the nostalgic “5 & 10,” over 175,000, or their low prices; it’s the breadth of their selection that makes the shopping experience in Dick’s so unique. He said, “In candy alone, we have one of, if not the, largest selections in Branson. We specialize in old-time and hard to find candies such as Rocky Road, Big Hunk Candy Bars, and Abba-Zaba. In addition, we feature novelty candies such as Wax Lips and Nickle Nips, and a full selection of regular candy.”

2. Crain Creations Gallery, features the work T. (Thomas) Morgan Crain, Branson’s preeminent wildlife, bird, western, outdoor and nostalgia artist. He can be found, and viewed while painting, most Mondays through Saturdays in his downtown studio, located just inside the window of the gallery. The gallery and studio are as warm, comfortable, and inviting as the artist and his wife, Susan.

3. The Burlington Annex, 417.335.4789, features artist and gift lines that are unique and not available anywhere else in Branson. Its wide selection of unique gifts, glassware and jewelry, coupled with the expertise, friendliness, and helpfulness of their employees make shopping at the Burlington Annex a special shopping experience only available in downtown Branson.

4. The Hollywood Studio Store & More, 417.243.7660, is yet another example of the unique and fun-filled shopping experience available in the historic downtown shopping district. Its selection of Hollywood collectibles, jewelry, gifts, art glass, wind chimes, and much more is as phenomenal and interesting as it is value priced.

5. The Copper Coin, 417.551.1208, is operated by Susan Abar, the author of “Against All Odds,” and her husband Ron. The shop sells many gifts, but its spirit is based on our National Motto, “In God We Trust,” and the shop features a line of custom jewelry and other gift items incorporating a single copper penny into their design, delivering that message in an exclusive and beautiful way.


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