If The Haygoods 25th Anniversary show was a diamond it’d be the “Hope Diamond!”

“Banjo Boy” jetting in, Dominic on the sax with “I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry,” Catherine playing “Some Where Over The Rainbow,” and instruments like you’ve never seen before!

There are many different diamonds in the world, but there’s only one Hope Diamond. Branson has many great live shows, but there is only one The Haygoods show! The talent of the Haygoods, their technical innovations, and production easily makes it the Hope Diamond of Branson’s music shows. It simultaneously entertains both adults and children with two hours of the most exciting, colorful, high energy, and talent filled shows in Branson.

The Haygoods got to their 25th year of entertaining Branson audiences one performance at a time. Throughout 7,000 performances and entertaining over six million people, they left “each” with the feeling that they’ve been a part of a unique special entertainment experience. I know because I have been one of the millions, most recently a couple of weeks ago.

I am constantly amazed at just how fresh and exciting it is each time I see it, but this time it really “blew my socks off!” The new special effects, created by Michael Haygood, are simply amazing. My favorite was the beautiful images coming from the instruments as they were being played. WOW, and that’s just one thing! The costuming, its color, and shows technical innovations have no equal on any Branson musical show. Large LED screens, special effects, and dramatic overhead entries onto the stage all add to the excitement and enjoyment of the show.

All that’s fine, but it’s a music show, and what a music show it is! The Haygood siblings, six brothers Timothy, Pat, Dom, Shawn, Mike, and Matt and their sister Catherine, are some of the best vocalists and instrumentalists in Branson. The show’s drummer, for the last ten years, is Dino Phillips. When they come together, the music; bluegrass, gospel, country, pop, patriotic, or anything else is amazing!

While realizing that my favorites might not be the same as someone else’s, I traditionally list three favorite parts in each show I write about. From among many, Catherine’s playing of Somewhere Over the Rainbow on the harp was an elegant, unique, and special experience. Their acapella version of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah, featuring Michael, was as inspiring as it was beautiful. The Haygoods performance of the Hank Williams Classic, I’m So Lonesome I Could Cry, with Dominic featured on the sax, adds a wonderful new dimension to this classic country gem.

It’s not just some very talented performers singing and playing or some of the best special affects you will see in any music show in Branson. There’s more than unique colorful costumes, great production, charisma, and choreography. It’s the total entertainment experience that results when it all comes together.

No, it’s more than that! From the beginning to the end, it’s an exciting musical “adventure” for the family to share together. An adventure filling the senses with great music, energy, excitement, color, and action, the likes of which will not be seen on any other Branson stage. Whether it’s back flips, fire canons, high-energy mountain tap dancing, or something else, you’re always anticipating what’s coming next. That’s how they entertain both children and adults, simultaneously and to similar levels of enjoyment. That’s why The Haygoods are celebrating their 25th year in Branson!

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