The Duttons! Spellbinding Branson entertainment for the whole family

The Duttons!

Just about every live music show in Branson is entertaining and has kid friendly content. Few however, can simultaneously entertain the whole family at a high-level of interest throughout the whole show. The Duttons do.

From their opening set, “Good Funk Mashup,” featuring Good to be Alive Right About Now and Uptown Funk to the last, their famed Finale, Boil Them Cabbage Down, it’s spellbinding entertainment that the whole family will enjoy together, Add that special “patented” Dutton family warmth, and the result is a wonderful entertaining experience unlike any other in Branson. One that’s as inspiring as it is entertaining.

The Dutton siblings, Abigail, Amy, Jonathan, and Tim, along with his wife Judith, are the “stars” of the show. It’s cast is rounded out with Sheila and Dean; drummer, Rob Wilson; and the talented Dutton grandchildren. The talent and versatility of this cast, enable a show providing a constant flow of color, action, and “peer” performances for both adults and kids. As I watched the reaction of some of the kids in the audience, it was obvious that they were having a great time. What was also obvious was that the adults in the audience were having a great time right along with them.

A perfect example, and one of my favorite numbers in the show is their performance of Cotton Eyed Joe. The combination of their remarkable instrumental skills, with a neat “black light” performance, featuring other members of the family was awesome. The audience just loved it!

Amy and Tim Dutton playing the “Orange Blossom Express.”

Some of my favorite highlights would start with Amy and Tim’s performance of the Orange Blossom Special.” It’s hard to imagine a more exciting, energetic, or entertaining performance of this fiddle classic. Tim Dutton playing a short segment of Pachelbel’s Canon in D major on a variety of instruments, and using a “looper’ to combine them into “an orchestra,” was as amazing to watch as it was to hear. Amy’s performance of Vivaldi’s Four Season Summer Movement was a WOW moment along with the performance of their spectacular Finale Boil Them Cabbage Down.”

I would add one more, “You Can Count On Me.” It’s beautifully and inspiringly performed by the whole cast. As many time as I have heard it, it always touches my heart because, to me, it captures what makes the Duttons so special; their commitment to each other, their craft, and their audience.

From rock and roll to bluegrass and country this show has a variety of music with something for everyone. It’s not the show’s content alone however, that makes it so special. It’s how the Duttons present it! It’s the combination of that fabulous Dutton talent, showmanship, and their innate ability to instill that warm “directly from our family to yours” feeling that make this show the spellbinding experience it is.

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