Why is Amazing Pets a must see Branson show for kids?

The “Amazing Pets” in action.

Branson, Missouri has a variety of amazing shows that would be the envy of most other major tourist destinations. From biblical super heroes, amazing acrobats, and magicians, to music shows with a million dollar quartet, pure country or just about any other genre of music, it can truly be said that there is a show for every age.  However, even in Branson, where all shows are suitable for kids, there are very few shows capable of holding their interest throughout most of the show. Grand Country’s Amazing Pets show is one of those amazing shows.

Amazing Pets is designed for kids

This show, although it will also be entertaining to adults, has been designed to appeal to kids. The dogs, cats, and beautiful flying birds in the show, as well as the interactions between the show’s host, the affable “Apple Jack,” played “from the heart” by Shannon Thomason, and the audience are filled with things appealing to kids. Does it work? If the reactions of my three year old great grandson, and other kids that I saw enjoying the show, are any indication the answer is “Absolutely.”

Kids just naturally love the cuddly stars of Amazing Pets

What kid doesn’t relate to and love dogs and cats? Trainer Valery Tsoraev has combined the antics of his well-trained cats and dogs, with costuming, and choreography into a unique unbeatable entertainment experience that kids, as well as the adults that brought them, just love. It’s even more special because over 80 of the dogs and cats in the show were recused by Valery and his family from shelters.

Kids are amazed at the things these dogs and cats can do

It’s a joy to see the excitement and expectation on the faces of the kids as they see dogs and cats perform amazing feats that most never even imagined they could. I don’t want to spoil the surprise but here’s one example of what to expect. In the movie “Big Fish” there’s a scene where a cat is put on a platform and raised high above the audience. It then jumps from its perch and plummets down into a pillow held by its trainer. As amazing as it was to see in the movie, it’s even more so in real life.

The bird act gets real close and personal!

During an interview, Valery said that the birds in the show were hardest to train. Be that as may, it was well worth the effort because of the color and change of pace they add to the show. It’s an amazing experience to witness these magnificent birds flyout out over the audience. It gets even more so as Valery and his daughter, Olga, come down from the stage and have the bird fly down the rows close enough to where you can feel the beat of their wings. When I asked my great grandson what his favorite part of the show was he said, “The birds flying by!”

The theatre is located in the same building as, and just a few steps away from, the Grand Country Buffet making it the perfect place to eat breakfast before the show or enjoy lunch afterwards. Amazing Pets is a morning show and is a great way for a family to start an amazing day of fun and excitement in Branson.

The Branson Tourism Center is pleased to provide a special buy one, get one half off offer for Amazing Pets. Just buy one Adult ticket and get one Adult ticket for half price! For tickets or more information on Amazing Pets, or any of Branson’s other shows, attractions or lodging please contact the Branson Tourism Center by calling its toll free number, 1-800-785-1550, or through its website https://www.bransontourismcenter.com.



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