How about an amazing magical Branson experience?

Three of Branson’s amazing magicians, Reza, Taylor Reed, and the Hamners with their amazing birds.*

For a town of Branson’s size, the choice of live shows is almost magical in terms of their variety, quality, and quantity. That means there is not only a wide choice of the type of shows, but of shows within a particular type. There is a live music show for just about every genre of music, and generally a choice within each type. Similarly, when it comes to magic shows, there’s is a wide choice of quality magic shows to pick from. Here are three diverse shows, representing the variety of magic available for you and your family to enjoy in Branson:

Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show is the realization of a dream that Dave and Denise Hamner had to produce and present an entertaining family friendly magical variety show that would appeal to all ages. And do it they have! This show is a virtual cornucopia of magical entertainment that transcends mere illusions. Along with the Hamners’ award winning magic, including their signature illusion, featuring beautiful Macaws and Cockatoos, this unbelievable show features some of the best dance, music, comedy, and acrobatic performers in Branson as “Birds Appear, People Fly, and Voices Soar.” It’s two hours of magical entertainment that the whole family will love.

Reza Edge of Illusion features one of the hottest young magicians of today. His fresh approach to the of the centuries-old art of magic adds an eclectic touch as he combines some of the old-style magic; the disappearing birds, or the beautiful assistant being sawed in half, with fresh, cutting edge illusions running the gamut from close up and “mind” magic to the spectacular. A Helicopter disappears, motor cycles roar, and the simple elegance of a magical painting are just a small part of this wonderful show. Reza makes liberal use of his audience throughout the show which just adds so much. One comment from someone who saw the show recently pretty well sums up how people that have seen the show feel and why you might want to share it with your family. “This show was a last minute decision for us. I am so glad we took the time to see it! It was amazing from beginning to end. Speaking of endings, your mind will be blown by the time you leave! Very impressive to people of all ages!”

The Magic and Comedy of Taylor Reed is a unique combination of comedy and illusions that truly provides a magical entertainment experience. He appeared on the hit NBC Prime Time show Americas Got Talent and is currently mesmerizing audiences in Branson, leaving them asking the question, “How’d he do that?” An engaged couple who saw the show recently said, “What a phenomenal show! My fiancé and I took our first trip to Branson and he was the first show we saw! Definitely worth every penny! A family with a 12 year old said, “My family loved the show! The illusions were amazing and we loved how he mixed in some comedy! Our 12 year old loved the audience interaction during the show and meeting Taylor afterwards. We highly recommend this show…it is a must see if you are in Branson!”

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  • Pictures used in composite courtesey of respective shows.
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