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Branson’s Tri-Lakes add to the uniqueness that is Branson

Table Rock Lake's Still Waters Lakeside Resort on Indian Point.

The Branson area is oft times referred to as the “Tri-Lakes” area because of its three lakes Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake. Together they provide fishermen, boaters and water sports enthusiasts with a year round selection of activities of every type from swimming, scuba diving and fishing to boating, wakeboarding, water skiing, parasailing and just about any other water sport or fun type of activity.

Of the three lakes, the two most often used by Branson visitors would be Table Rock Lake with its 741 miles of shore line and the 22 mile long Lake Taneycomo. Both are situated within less than 10 minutes of the famed Branson Strip, with all its fabulous live shows, attractions, thousands of hotel and motel rooms of every type, shopping and everything else that makes Branson the popular vacation destination that it is.

The 43,100 surface acre Table Rock Lake is the “crown jewel” of Branson’s water related recreational activities. Its warm waters provide the source for the majority of the water related sports activities in the Tri-Lakes and some of the finest bass fishing in the United States. Convenient public access to Table Rock Lake, from Branson, is available through the State Park Marina located just south of Table Rock Dam on State Highway 165 and the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers boat ramps located at Moon Shine Beach, immediately north of the Table Rock Dam on Highway 165 and Indian Point Park located 8 miles west of Branson on State Highway 76, and about two miles south on Indian Point Road.

Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center, points out that there are a variety of campgrounds and other lodging facilities located right on the shores and within minutes of the lake. “Two properties that immediately come to mind,” she said. “is the iconic Chateau on the Lake standing high above the lake near the dam and the Still Waters Lakeside Resort located right on the lake on  Indian Point.” She also points out that one of the most popular camping areas on Table Rock Lake is the “State Park Campground” located along with the State Park Marina just south of Table Rock Dam on State Highway 165.

Lake Taneycomo is a long narrow lake that runs from the foot of Table Rock Dam to the Power Site Dam, and the headwaters of Bull Shoals Lake, 22 mile downstream. It is a cold water lake due to the temperature of the water being discharged into the lake through power generation at the Table Rock Dam. In terms of the number of fish caught, Lake Taneycomo is one of the finest Rainbow and Brown Trout fisheries in the country.

Its cold water is not conducive to the same type of water activities as are the warm waters of Table Rock Lake. Although there is some excellent bass fishing available toward its lower end and in its creeks, Lake Taneycomo’s primary water activity is boating and trout fishing.

Lake Taneycomo has a number of lakeside resorts such as Trout Hollow and Lilley’s Landing and the city of Branson operates a lakeside campground with full facilities just south of Branson Landing on Box Car Willie Drive. Convenient access to the lake is provided at the Shepherd of the Hills Fish Hatchery, the Cooper Creek Launch Area and the south end of the city of Branson’s campground. Scotty’s Trout Dock, located near the public launch area in the city campground is a great source of information, boat rentals, bait, and guide services.

Bull Shoals Lake, a 45, 000 thousand acre impoundment, with over 1050 miles of shoreline, offers the same type of boating and fishing as does Table Rock Lake. Except for fishermen and probably because of the closeness of Table Rock Lake to Branson, Bull Shoals Lake does not play a major role in the water activities of most Branson visitors even though it is but 20 minutes away.

Branson’s “Tri-Lakes” not only provide a variety of water sports and activities, but in offering it so close to everything else that Branson offers they provide an element of uniqueness that helps make Branson such a special place.

Branson Landing and Branson is open and brimming over with fun, excitement and adventure

Even with the last of the rain showers passing through the area the Branson Landing Promenade is open for business.

BRANSON, Mo.  “All Branson Landing’s shops and retail stores are and have been open for business throughout this record high water and are providing our visitors with the same quality shopping experience as always,” said Tammy Scholten, the Director of Marketing for Branson Landing. Scholten pointed out that although it is located right on the banks of Lake Taneycomo, which is currently experiencing record high flows of water because of the water being released from Table Rock Dam, its retail promenade level, where all the landings retail shops are located, was built to permit their continued normal operation under conditions just like these.

She points out that the record releases have covered the fountains located at the lower levels, well away from its promenade level near the lake’s normal shoreline, forcing the temporary cancellation of the Fountain’s water, fire, light and music shows. In addition, it has resulted in the temporary closing of the floating White River Fish House Restaurant and the restaurants located on the east side of the promenade because of restrictions relating to using the propane their use for cooking which is located in the lower levels.

After talking with Sholten, this writer walked the Branson Landing promenade and did not find one shop or store that was closed. He enjoyed lunch at “Charley’s Grilled Subs,” serving what he considers the best steak sub in Branson. As he walked back to his car he observed many, just like himself enjoying themselves and having a good time.

Some might be asking the question, “But the media is showing pictures of Branson being flooded, how can Branson Landing, located right on the shoreline of the very lake that is flooding still be open?” The answer is simple, “Because the vast majority of Branson, particularly the areas of Branson containing its shopping, shows, attractions, and a host of other exciting and fun filled activities has not been impacted one iota by the record high water levels.” The pictures and stories in the media are based on what is happening to a few homes and businesses in certain low-lying areas directly off of Lake Taneycomo and do not relate to any of Branson’s shows, attractions, and shopping; historic Downtown or other areas normally frequented by the majority Branson’s visitors.
Branson Landing and Branson is open and brimming over with fun, excitement and adventure

On April 27th Branson Mayor Raeanne Presley said that the few areas affected by the record high water levels in Branson are primarily residential areas that the typical Branson tourist would not be visiting. She points out that these areas are located quite a distance from Branson’s shows, attractions and those activities that the majority of Branson’s guests participate in and will not impact on their Branson experience at all.

Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center (BTC), one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services reports that all of Branson’s attractions, shows, and major tourist activities are open and have not been impacted by what is happening in some of the low-lying areas of Lake Taneycomo. She said that anyone having a questions about the availability of Branson shows, attractions or lodging may call BTC using their toll free number 1-800-785-1550 or reach them through their website

From Branson Landing on the shores of Lake Taneycomo on the east to Silver Dollar City on the west, Branson is open and sharing its new 2011 Branson season with even more excitement, adventure and entertainment than ever. It’s not only a great entertainment experience, but a great value. Why not plan to share it with your family this season?

Branson’s “hot” attractions provide cool relief from summer heat

Silver Dollar City's new $7 million dollar RiverBlast literally provides a watery blast of relief from the summer heat.

Even in the midst of the summer’s heat, Branson’s “hot” shows, attractions, activities and the excitement and adventure they offer makes it one of the ‘coolest’ vacation and entertainment destinations in America,” said Tammy Johnson, Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services. “Branson’s attractions and activities provide a variety of ‘cool’ fun filled ways to get relief from the heat.”

Silver Dollar City, an international award winning 1880s themed park and Branson’s most popular paid attractions has many ways to cool off. The “American Plunge” is an exciting traditional log flume ride providing a thrilling five story plunge at speeds up to 35 miles an hour into a splashdown that guarantees a refreshing soaking. Other rides that provide a similar soaking would be the “Lost River of the Ozarks” or Silver Dollar City’s newest water ride, the $7 million “RiverBlast” which provides a leisure float into what might be the biggest “water fight” on the planet. Another interesting way to get cool at Silver Dollar City is to take the Marvel Cave Tour.

The Branson area is blessed with three fresh water lakes, Table Rock Lake, Bull Shoals Lake, and Lake Taneycomo. Many people are aware of the great fishing, boating and other recreational activities available on the 43,100 plus acres of pristine waters of Table Rock Lake. One feature a lot of Branson’s visitors might not be aware of however, is Moonshine Beach located just north of Table Rock Dam on State Highways 165/265 within minutes of the Branson Strip. Moonshine Beach is operated by the U.S. Corps of Engineers and, in addition to its large sand swimming beach has a play ground, picnic areas, a boat launch ramp, flush toilets and showers. It is open from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. and there is a daily charge of $4.00 per vehicle.

White Water, southwest Missouri’s largest water park, is located on 12 acres right on the famed Branson Strip. It has two million gallons and of cool liquid excitement, more than 7,000 feet of water slides and a dozen rides to help provide a fun filled way to find relief from the summer’s heat. One of its major rides is “Kalani Towers”, a seven story tall six slide ride. Two of the slides have 300 foot drops enabling speeds of up to 40 mph and four have 312 foot slides located immediately adjacent to each other that permit lane racing at speeds up to 25 mph. Other cooling rides are the Raging River Rapids a two slide ride wrapping around a huge five story high waterfall as riders race to the pool below; the Bermuda Triangle, a fast paced enclosed slide; the Caribbean Plunge and Tropical Twister rapid-water raft rides; Surfquake, a 500,000 gallon wave pool producing 4-foot waves and the Lazy River, a gently moving river for just floating and relaxing.

The majority of Branson’s shows and indoor attractions are air conditioned but iceberg located near the entrance to the Titanic Museum is an indication of some special “cool things.” Does it get much cooler than touching an iceberg? In addition, as guests near the end of their exciting adventure aboard the Titanic, after it has hit the iceberg, they will encounter a chilling experience followed by a real “cool “hands on experience in the interactive area near the lifeboats.

For additional information on these and other really cool Branson shows, attractions, and activities or for lodging arrangements please call the Branson Tourism Center at 1-800-875-1550 or visit

Could Branson be the adventure capital of the world?

Kalani Towers is just one of the adventures at White Water.

Many people know that Branson Missouri has so many live shows it is sometimes referred to as “the live music show capital of the world.” Still others know about the fabulous shopping that is available at venues like Branson Landing or the specialty shops in historic downtown Branson and other places throughout Branson, but one has to wonder how many people look at it as an adventure destination. Paul Miller, General Manager of the Branson Tourism Center says, “From one end to the other, day in and day out, Branson is one big adventure.”

With almost a gleam in his eye Miller says, “The term ‘Adventure’ has various definitions one of which is ‘an undertaking involving risks or unknown dangers.’ Another, and the one that applies to the type of adventure Branson offers, is ‘an exciting or remarkable experience.’” He goes on to say, “The ‘adventure’ most families coming to Branson are looking for is to share a special time of fun, newness, and excitement with each other. From that perspective and in terms of its uniqueness, variety of activities, natural beauty and its friendliness, Branson could be the ‘adventure capital’ of the world.”

The Payne Stewart Tribute Course is but one of Branson's many golfing adventures.

Branson has so many live music shows presenting just about every genre of music anyone could want, but Miller points out, the adventure of Branson’s shows transcends just music. Shows such Acrobats of China, Yakov’s Moscow Circus, the magic, comedy and ventriloquism of the Hamner Barber Variety Show, the amazing dinner entertainment experiences provided by the Showboat Branson Belle or Dixie Stampede or a performance of shows such as Cirque Montage provide still a different type of adventure.

Branson provides a golfing experience second to none. From nationally recognized championship courses such as Payne Stewart and Branson Creek to other great courses such as Thousand Hills, Pointe Royale and others, Branson provides golfing adventure and excitement for every level of play from the beginner to the PGA pro.

Not a golfer, how about an adventure on one of Branson’s beautiful lakes such as fishing, swimming or boating on Table Rock Lake with its 43,000 acres and hundreds of miles of shoreline. If fishing is your thing, Branson area lakes provide a unique opportunity to catch lunker Large Mouth and Small Mouth Bass in Table Rock and Bull Shoals Lakes as well as trophy sized Rainbow and Brown Trout all within about five minutes of each other. If you want a watery adventure in a theme park environment, then White Water with its 12 acres and 2 million gallons of wet fun, and 7000 feet of water slides, featuring the seven story Kalani Tower, is for you.

It's hard to top the excitment & adventure of Silver Dollar City's "Wildfire."

Branson largest and oldest attraction, Silver Dollar City, is an 1880’s themed amusement park with over 30 rides, craft demonstrations and shows providing adventure at every turn. From the excitement of its world class coaster “Wildfire” and its newest ride the $7 million Tom & Huck’s RiverBlast to its Grand Exposition Area containing rides that the oldest to the youngest members of the family can share together; Silver Dollar City will provide all the adventure, fun and excitement that most families could ever want.

“And that’s just the highlights of the adventure and excitement that awaits families in Branson,” said Miller. “From attractions such as the Titanic Museum, the Hollywood Wax Museum, Butterfly Palace and Rain Forest Experience, Branson Scenic Railway and Ripley’s Believe It or Not to go carts, miniature golf, hiking, bird watching, helicopter rides, kayaking, Branson’s newest thrill Adventure Zip Lines of Branson and many more activities, Branson has an adventure to share with everyone.”

For additional information or tickets for any of Branson’s shows, attractions and activities or for lodging arrangements please contact the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services. BTC can be reached by either calling their toll free number 1-800-785-1550 or through their website

Water safety is important part of Branson vacation

Table Rock Lake Dam plays an important part for two of Branson's Lakes, the 43,000 acre Table Rock Lake, behind the dam and Lake Taneycomo flowing 22 miles down stream from the foot of the dam.

In a recent article entitled “Why spend Memorial Day Weekend anywhere else but in Branson?,” Paul Miller, General Manager of the Branson Tourism Center, one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services, said, “Every weekend in Branson is special, but there’s just something about Memorial Day Weekend in Branson. Perhaps it’s because that’s the long weekend many people associate with the ‘unofficial’ beginning of summer, but one thing is for certain, there is a synergy in the air in Branson that just seems to shout, ‘Let the summer fun begin.’”

“For many families, a part of that summer fun will involve swimming, boating, fishing or other activities on one of the three beautiful lakes, Table Rock Lake, Lake Taneycomo and Bull Shoals Lake , that help make Branson the unique, one of a kind fun filled travel destination it is,” Miller continues. He points out that even with the recent rains, Table Rock Lake is at ideal levels for every type of water activity from boating to swimming and everything in between. This includes “Moonshine Beach,” the public beach operated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, located off the north end of Table Rock Dam. It has full facilities, a sandy beach and a beautiful view of Table Rock Lake while being only five minutes drive from the famed “Branson Strip.”

Moonshine Beach is a popular public beach operated the Corps of Engineers.

“Safety, is an inherent part of water activities and helps ensure that an outing on the water becomes a memorable activity of the best kind,” Miller said. “A recent U.S. Army Corps of Engineers press release reminds us of some safety tips that can ensure that happening.”

It points out that at certain times, such as major Holiday Weekends like Memorial Day Weekend, “parks, lakes and rivers will be congested” and reminds “visitors to be courteous while waiting at boat ramps, sharing beaches or traveling waterways” and to “obey signs and barricades that restrict access to any areas that are closed off.”

In addition it contained specific water safety tips in two general areas “Swimming” and “Boating:”


Learn to swim.
Watch your children at all times, and put a life jacket on them.
Never dive into lakes or rivers.
Never rely on inner tubes, water wings or other toys to stay afloat.
Don’t over-estimate your swimming skills.
Reach or throw a flotation device to help someone in trouble.  Don’t go in the water!
Swim only in designated areas.
Never swim alone.


Don’t drink alcoholic beverages while boating.
Wear a life jacket.  It’s the law for children 12 and younger and a great idea for adults.
Know your boat and know the rules of the water.
Check your boat for all required safety equipment.
Don’t overload the boat.
Check the weather forecast and flow conditions if boating on a river [Lake Taneycomo]…”

Miller says, “Our areas lakes and waterways, when used safely, are an inherent part of many people’s Branson experience and memories along with its shows, attractions, shopping and other exciting fun activities.” For additional information or tickets for lake attractions such as the Showboat Branson Belle’s dinner show cruise on Table Rock Lake, any of Branson’s other shows, attractions and activities or for lodging arrangements please contact the Branson Tourism Center. They can be reached by either calling their toll free number 1-800-785-1550 or through their website