Central Pro-Am Associations Pro Champion to win $40,000 Ranger-Mercury Package

The CPAA Pro Champion will win a $40K Ranger, Mercury Motor and Trailer Package.

BRANSON, Mo (April 7, 2012)  “Even at this point, it’s the best opportunity most fishermen are going have to win a Ranger Bass Boat,”  said Jim Thompson, the owner of the Central Pro-Am Association (CPAA). Thompson was referring to the fact that the winner of the CPAA’s Pro Division, at the end of its seven tournament series will, in addition to the prize money won for each tournament and being the CPAA Champion, also wins a 19 foot Ranger Bass Boat, 200 horse power Mercury Engine and trailer package valued at over $40,000.00.”

To be eligible to win the Ranger, the fisherman must be a member of the CPAA and have fished five out the seven of the 2012 CPAA Pro-Am Tournaments, all of which are being held on Table Rock Lake. Thompson said, “Although two of the seven tournaments have already been held, fisherman who fish all of the remaining five CPAA Pro-Am Tournaments, the first of which will be held next Saturday, April 21 out of Mill Creek on Table Rock Lake, are eligible to win the boat. The other four tournaments will be held on May 5, June 9, June 30 and September 15.

Thompson mentions that out that the total Championship scores for the 50 fishermen who fished the first two events range from a low of 25 to the high of 376.09. When asked if someone who started fishing next week could win the tournament Thompson chuckled and said, “Absolutely, this is after all bass fishing and anything can happen.” He clarified by explaining how the scoring system works.

There are three types of points, “Show Up,” “Weight” and “Placement.” Every fisherman in the tournament gets 25 Show Up Points just for showing up and fishing. The second element of the score is Weight Points, the total weight of the fish each weighs in. Placement Points are awarded based on the placement of the fisherman in the tournament with 150 points for First Place and a one point reduction for each place under that, i.e. 2nd Place 149, 3rd 148 etc. Fishermen must weigh in at least one qualifying fish to get any Placement Points.

Thompson points out that it’s every bit a possibility that a fisherman starting next weekend could win the Championship and the Ranger Mercury Boat Package. If the new fisherman caught 15.50 pounds and placed 15th in the tournament their score would be 25 Show Up Points, 15.50 Weight Points, and 135 Placement Points for a total of 175.50 Championship Points “With five tournaments to go and fishing being the sport that it is, although obviously the person with a 376.09 point lead at this point has an advantage, anything can, and probably will, happen.

The Championship and competition for the boat package is in addition to, based on 60 boats per tournament, up to $2,000 in the prize money that can be won at each of the five tournaments. The winner of each of the individual CPAA Tournaments in the series is based strictly on the total weight of the qualifying fish caught and weighed in. The total weight for each tournament is included in the Weight Points awarded towards the Championship and the Placement within each tournament based on that weight determines the number of Placement Points awarded.

Anyone wanting to enter next week’s tournament or more information on the CPAA can do so in person at the CPAA Office, located in the at 220 Branson Hills Parkway, Ste B, on the east end of the same building that Branson 1st Stop and the Branson Tourism Center are located in or by calling 417-335-5075.

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