A Branson “board” reviews Acrobats of China

The synchronized unicyclists are just one of the many exciting and colorful acts in the Acrobats of China.

BRANSON, Mo., July 6, 2012 — “Referred to by many as ‘Branson’s biggest message board,’ the 1Branson.com’s Show Forum is an excellent place to get information on Branson’s shows, attractions, lodging, shopping and many other areas,” said Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center. “Although it is operated as a service by the Branson Tourism Center and is moderated, it is a “free range board” with the vast majority of its content coming from locals, those who love Branson and people wanting information on Branson,” she added.

Johnson points out that although specific inquiries and questions are normally answered quickly that a lot of information about Branson can be obtained from simply looking through the posts. As an example, she points out an inquiry on the www.1Branson.Com Shows Forum where a poster named, amy129, made a specific inquiry about one of Branson’s 100 shows saying, “We are planning an August trip to Branson and have always wanted to see the Acrobats of China. Now that our kids are 6 and 8, we are thinking this may be the year we go. Do you think young kids would enjoy this show? It looks entertaining.”

Among others, the following posts in the thread were made by people who have seen the show and responded:

thesaint – “Your kids will be amazed at the Shanghai Acrobats…they have a very colorful, fast-moving show with lots of incredible acts that we had personally never seen anywhere before. It is one of the best shows in town…our family sure loved it! I’d say….DON’T MISS IT!…Have a great time with your kids here!”

Cooper78 – “That show will BLOW YOUR MIND! It is phenomenal! I’m sure your kids would enjoy it tremendously, we plan on taking our kids (ages 9 and 4) this fall.”

mkirt – “We just saw the show Sunday night. They have added some additional elements since we saw it a few years ago, so it felt like seeing it for the first time. Very enjoyable and the young kids in the audience seemed to stay interested throughout. I was amazed how many young kids were at the 8pm show and still going strong when it ended.  The performers all come out to greet the audience in the lobby after the show, which was fun.”

SHOW GAL – “This is a show we recommend to visitors when they want a change of pace show. It seems to appeal to all age groups and, as of yet, everybody we have suggested see the show has said they thoroughly enjoyed the show. I am always amazed at their various acts and acknowledge how much practice had to go into each one.”

In addition to being able to specifically ask a question about Branson on 1Branson.com, the board is set up for easy interaction between posters. Simply by selecting the “Quote” button ,any post can be automatically copied into another post. This facilitates refining responses to get the specific information needed and provides a way for a show or other entity to respond and provide feedback and information.

Branson Tourism Center’s Johnson also points out that the Branson Tourism Center maintains a full time staff of Branson based Travel Planners who, free of charge and through a toll free number, 1-800-785-1550, would be happy to answer any questions prospective Branson visitors might have about Branson’s shows, attractions, lodging, shopping or other activities.

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