Ten facts you should know about Silver Dollar City’s new $8 million Fireman’s Landing

'Silver Dollar City's $8 million" Fireman's Landing" has ten rides and attractions for the younger kids to enjoy.

‘Silver Dollar City’s $8 million” Fireman’s Landing” has ten rides and attractions for the whole family to enjoy.

Silver Dollar City is surrounded by the beauty of the Ozarks and, from its inception, has been steeped in the tourism history of Branson. Indeed, over the years, as it has evolved from “Marvel Cave” into an international award winning theme park, it has “written” a large part of that history.

As Silver Dollar City begins its 2015 season, that tradition continues with the opening of its new $8 million dollar “Fireman’s Landing” featuring six new rides and four new attractions for families to enjoy together. Here’s a list of ten facts about Fireman’s Landing we hope you will find interesting and helpful:

1. The fictional story for Fireman’s Landing is based on the historical fact that “Marmaros,” an actual city located on the land now occupied by Silver Dollar City, burned to the ground in the 1880s.

2. Fireman’s Landing, while honoring America’s volunteer and full time fire service personnel, is themed on a fictional storyline that the reason the town burned down was because there was no volunteer fire department and a 1880s volunteer fire department recruitment fair designed to find “recruits” for the Silver Dollar City Fire Brigade to prevent it from happening again.

3. All ten of the rides and attractions at Fireman’s Landing are all related to that effort and enable potential “recruits,” or any other “kid” to have a lot of fun.

4. The center piece of Fireman’s Landing and all its rides and attractions is “Fire Station #3.”

Lucky's Dizzy Dogs, a bouncy ride on Dalmatians racing around a fire hydrant, is sure to be hit with the younger "recruits."

Lucky’s Dizzy Dogs, a bouncy ride on Dalmatians racing around a fire hydrant, is sure to be hit with the younger “recruits.”

5. The rides located near Station #3 are:

“FireFall, an 8-story fire tower free-fall drop ride for the more daring recruits.
Fire Spotter, with soaring balloons for spotting fire dangers.
Fire Wagon Frenzy, a bouncing ride for bucket brigade volunteers.
Up The Ladder, a smaller tower drop ride for junior recruits.
Lucky’s Dizzy Dogs, a bouncy ride on Dalmatians racing around a fire hydranT.
Fireman’s Flyer, a low-flying swing ride for little firefighters.”

6. The attractions located inside Station #3, and right outside of it are:

“Firehouse Splash Yard, with squirting water jets and pump hoses for outdoor play,
Firefighter’s Fire Drill, with buckets, pumpers, foam ball cannons and targets for showering mock fires.
Firefighter’s Fire Escape, an obstacle course of tubes, mazes, climbing structures and slides.
Firefighter’s Junior Fire Escape, a soft play area for toddlers.’


7. Except for FireFall, the rides and attractions of Fireman’s Landing will have the most appeal to the “younger recruits.”

8. FireFall is for adults and older kids, but Up The Ladder gives the younger kids a similar style thrill at a lot lower level with multiple riders in wider seats and extremely slower speeds both up and down.

9. The Dalmatians of Lucky’s Dizzy Dogs have two seats permitting adults to ride with the kids on the ride.

10. The landscaping walls around the planters throughout the Landing are set at a height and width to make it comfortable for parents and grandparents to sit while the watch the “kids” enjoy the fun and excitement of Fireman’s Landing.

"Lucky the Rescue Dog "and his trainer, "Abby Barker."

“Lucky the Rescue Dog “and his trainer, “Abby Barker.”

“Wait, you forgot something,” said Annette Wood, the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Branson Tourism Center, “What about Lucky the Rescue Dog?” Oh my, how could I have almost forgot “Lucky?” He is a Dalmatian costumed character, representing the tradition of firedogs, who, along with his trainer, “Abby Barker” will be walking the Landing posing for pictures, answering questions and otherwise entertaining and interacting with kids and adults alike.

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