Three amazing places to eat on your next Branson trip

Billy Gail's Cafe offers one of Branson's most popular and unique dinning experiences.

Billy Gail’s Cafe offers one of Branson’s most popular and unique dinning experiences.

Branson has over two hundred restaurants offering its visitors a delicious and almost bewildering choice of menu items at a price for every budget. “We thought it would be interesting to poll the over 24,000 people who have ‘Liked’ the Branson Tourism Center Facebook page, found at, to get an idea of the restaurants where they would like to eat on their next trip to Branson,” said Annette Wood, the Director of Sales and Marketing for the Branson Tourism Center. Wood said that although dozens of restaurants of all types were mentioned, both local eateries and national chains, it was interesting to note that the three mentioned most often were small, locally owned and operated, restaurants noted for one or more of the following: burgers, BBQ, or breakfast.

The following list will be no surprise to locals or frequent visitors; it offers those visiting Branson for the first time information about three of Branson’s traditionally most popular eateries:

Billy Bob’s Dairyland: Although its menu is perhaps the most limited of all those our respondents mentioned in terms of quantity of items, it is noted for its delicious hamburgers, usually served basket-style with a heaping order of fries, and its unique, bright, homey 50’s style decor. The burgers, a staple for both locals and visitors alike for over 30 years, are very generously sized, juicy, and oh so delicious! If you like hot dogs, their grilled butterflied Coney Dogs and Foot Longs might just be the ticket. Billy Bob’s is open during lunch and dinner hours, and offers the same menu for each. Make sure you have cash; they don’t accept credit cards. Their phone number is 417-337-9291.

Danna’s Bar B Que & Burger Shop: When it comes to hamburgers, Danna’s is one of the two dining spots mentioned most often. Want to guess what the other one is? In addition to being noted for the quality of its burgers, Danna’s hamburger menu offers some interesting variations, such as the Danna Burger, a 6oz. patty served on a toasted bun with cheese; topped with Danna’s famous BBQ chopped pork, lettuce, tomato, and pickle. Their BBQ, ribs, beef, pork, and chicken are other signature items that, in terms of both quality and popularity, are on a par with its hamburgers. Danna’s is open for lunch and dinner, offers the same menu for both, and accepts credit cards. Danna’s phone number is: 417-337-5527

Billy Gail’s Cafe: Billy Gail’s is noted for its hearty breakfasts served amid an atmosphere reminiscent of the early 1900’s Ozarks. Whether it’s their huge signature pancakes, their four egg omelet, their Belly Buster Breakfast, or one of their other menu items, you can’t make a bad breakfast decision here! Although famous for its breakfasts, Billy Gail’s is also noted for its chicken fried steak and pork tenderloin sandwiches. It’s open from 7 AM to 2 PM, and does not accept credit cards. Billy Gail’s phone number is (417) 338-8883.

Branson Tourism Center’s Wood suggests that a meal at one of these restaurants, combined with seeing one of Branson’s Most Popular Shows, would be a Branson experience as tasty and entertaining as it would be memorable.

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