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What you should know about the opening of Branson’s 2014 Show Season


The premier of Sight and Sounds spectacular production of "Jonah" is a highlight of Branson's 2014 show season.

Just as the Ozark hills will soon burst forth with the beauty and freshness of a new spring so too do the stages of many of Branson’s shows explode with the excitement and freshness of a new season as Branson’s live shows begin to open and present their new shows for 2014. Still others such as Sight and Sound’s biblical spectacular Jonah, opening on March 22; Hamner’s Unbelievable Variety Show on March 11 and Billy Dean Live!, staring country music star Billy Dean on March 19 will be premiering new Branson shows.

Led into the 2014 season by the show that started it all, The Baldknobbers Country Jamboree and the shows at Grand Country, Grand Jubilee the Comedy Jamboree, and Amazing Pets, many of Branson’s shows have already begun their 2014 season. Mike Patrick, General Manager & Producer of Grand Country’s shows and the MC of the Grand Jubilee said that they begin rehearsing for their new shows in November, while doing their Christmas show, to be ready for a January opening of their 2014 shows.

In addition, a wide selection of some of Branson’s most popular shows opened their 2014 Branson Season during the first two months of the year. These include shows such as Acrobats of China, Clay Coopers Country Express in the theatre’s newly remodeled auditorium; Dancing Queen ABBA’s Greatest Hits; Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede; The Haygoods, who have moved to the Clay Cooper Theatre for the 2014 season; it at the Hughes Brothers Theatre; Legends in Concert; New Jersey Nights; Pierce Arrow and others.

As the season moves into March, just in time for Spring Break, many of Branson’s other shows will also open for their 2014 season. These include some of Branson’s favorite shows such as SIX, one of the hottest shows in Branson, on March 1; Dublin’s Irish Tenors and the Celtic Ladies; March 1, Rankin Brothers, March 5 at Yakov’s Theatre; the first show on the “Branson Strip” Presleys’ Country Jubilee, March 7; Mickey Gilley; March 30, Adventures of Marco Polo, April 20; Shoji Tabuchi, April 22 and many others as the 2014 Branson season gets into full swing.

Although it’s been mentioned previously, the premier of Jonah is worth mentioning again because of the grandeur and spectacle of its presentation on Sight and Sounds 300 foot surround stage. Perhaps the words of Dan Deal, the shows Director and Associate Producer sum it up best when he said that Jonah, “Is probably the most high energy vibrant and pretty show that we have ever done. It is a nonstop energy packed powerful story that takes off and keeps running just like Jonah himself does the whole way through. You will be surrounded by the show and engulfed by the underwater experience. From start to finish the show is jammed packed. It is fun, it’s funny, it’s endearing, it’s powerful and its life changing.”

Of course, with nearly 100 live entertainment shows, only a small sample of Branson shows are mentioned in this article and even then only briefly. For complete information on Branson shows, including schedules, descriptions, pictures, prices and, in most cases, videos, please see the Branson Tourism Center Show Schedule which can be sorted by the dates you will be in Branson with a couple of “mouse clicks.” For information or tickets on any Branson show or attaction or for Branson lodging please feel free to call Branson Tourism Center toll free at 1-800-785-1550.

3 Sure Signs of Spring in Branson


The Presley Family is ready for the 2014 Branson season.

After this winter we are all ready for spring. Here in Branson our Ozark Spring, for as long as I can remember, has been signaled by three things that generally happen before the official first day of spring. They happen pretty close together and two out of the three are not weather related, but it is generally considered spring in Branson when these three things have happened:

1. Presleys’ Country Music Jubilee has its first performance of the year – This pioneering Branson paradigm show has been a harbinger of spring in the Ozarks for over 45 years ever since the Presley family built the very first theatre on what is now the “Branson Strip.” Presleys’ is a wonderful blend of “patented comedy” and music that has been entertaining Branson audiences every season since 1967 with new comedy, music and costuming that brings the same excitement and freshness to the Branson show scene as Mother Nature brings to our beautiful Ozark Mountains each spring. Their first performance for the 2014 season is on March 7.

2. Silver Dollar City’s Opening – The opening of Branson’s oldest and most popular paid attraction, the award winning 1880s styled theme park, Silver Dollar City each year is not only a sure sign that it’s Spring has come to the Ozarks, but that Branson’s tourist season is getting ready to blossom. In addition to its six world class festivals, starting with World-Fest, Apr.6 through May 5, the park has a wide selection of rides the whole family can enjoy such as Powder Keg, Fire in the Hole, The Giant Swing, Wildfire, and Outlaw Run as well as the “Grand Exposition” with family friendly rides like the Magnificent Wave Carousel, Mighty Galleon, Electro Spin Royal Tea Party, Wings of Wonder, The Ladybugs and Happy Frogs. As great and exciting as the rides and festivals are, they are just part of the Silver Dollar City experience. There are shows and activities, many festival specific, throughout the whole park and dozens of practicing craftsmen from wood carvers to candle makers and glass blowers demonstrating their craft. Silver Dollar City starts its 2014 season on March 14.

3. Budding of the Redbuds – As I have fished Lake Taneycomo each year over the past three decades an early and sure sign of spring is the beautiful sight of the Redbuds breaking out along the banks. They were soon followed in concert by a spring palette of color as the Dogwoods and others burst forth, but always it seems the Redbuds lead the way with their simple elegance signaling the freshness and excitement of another Ozark Spring.

“The Spring colors along Lake Taneycomo and over our Ozark Hills is a beautiful once a year show that proclaims in elegant style the uniqueness of spring in the Ozarks and Branson,” said Annette Wood, Director of Sales and Marketing, Branson Tourism Center. “Why not plan to experience it yourself while on Spring Break? There is absolutely nothing in the world like spring in Branson,” she added.

It Takes More Than Magic to Produce a New Unbelievable Show


The excitement and action of the show as reflected in its poster.

“No pun intended, but the talent and variety in this show is simply ‘unbelievable,'” said internationally famous illusionist Dave Hamner recently during a break from the exhausting grind of producing one of Branson’s newest shows, the Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show, which will premiere at the “Hamner Variety Theatre,” in Branson, Missouri on March 11, 2014. “This show presents Branson audiences with a unique blend of acts, color and excitement they have never seen in Branson before where ‘birds appear, people fly, and voices soar’ in a truly magical combination of entertainment from beginning to end,” he added.

Denise Hamner, the other half of the incredible magical duo known as “The Hamners,” could scarce contain her excitement when talking about the various elements and acts in the show and how they will all flow together providing audiences of all ages with an equally entertaining experience from the opening to the final curtain. She said, “Our goal is to have the audience sitting on the edge of their seats anticipating what is coming next as the show seamlessly transitions from one exciting act to another and, when it’s all over, wanting to come back because they want to make sure they haven’t missed anything.

The interview was taking place while the work in getting the show produced continued around us. Noted Branson dancer, AJ Heard, the shows choreographer and one of the dancers in the show said, “I’m super excited about all the talent and variety that will be blended together in this amazing new multidimensional experience.” What was really neat was that when she asked her young daughter, Cydney, who was there keeping an eye on mom, based on what she knew about the show so far, what she thought about it; she immediately responded, “Awesome!”

The featured acts in the show include world renowned illusionists Dave & Denise Hamner who will perform a variety of illusions including “their one of a kind act” in which they produce several beautiful Macaws and Cockatoos that appear amid flying cards, flaming swords, falling coins and jewels along with an incredible flight out over the audience and other original illusions such as “Stargate,” “The Lightning Levitation,” “Vertigo: The Fall of Death” and an absolutely magical “Veterans Finale.”

As exciting and unbelievable as the Hamner’s magic is on hits own, the show will become”unbelievably” magical when that magic is seamlessly blended in and highlighted with the other amazing acts in the show. This includes impressionist Jeff Brandt, considered one of the top singing impressionists in the country; Vadim & Mariya Serykh, a Russian father and daughter adagio team performing hand balancing, acrobatics, and high flying aerial acrobatics; the vocal talents of Tamra Tinoco who has performed all over the world and in 45 different states with artists such as Lee Greenwood, Vince Gill and others as well as producing and staring in Branson’s Magnificent Seven show and the ventriloquism of Brenda Hahne and her cast of characters who have been entertaining hundreds of family audiences across the country and on cruise ships for over 15 years.

In the final weeks of preparing for their premier Denise said that things are hectic and the weather sure isn’t helping, but that they are excited about the new show and eagerly anticipating opening night. Based on what I have seen the Hamners do in the past, what I have heard and seen so far about the show and its acts and, of course, with Cydney’s “Awesome,” I can’t wait to see the Hamners’ Unbelievable Variety Show.

Ambrus Presley devoted to family, Branson, and singing

Ambrus Presley singing "Jolene."

Branson has an overwhelming number of female vocalists, but anyone who has ever seen and heard Ambrus Presley perform can appreciate it when I express my belief that she is one of Branson’s premier vocalists. Whether she is singing a standard such as “Over the Rainbow” or a song that is not as well-known such as “Travelin’ Soldier,” the beauty, clarity and strength of her voice; obvious passion for singing and her sweet spirit and sincerity results in a performance that is not only a joy to hear, but touches the heart.

The following piece is in Q & A format with the Branson Tourism Center (BTC) asking questions that we hope the reader will find informative and entertaining and Ambrus’s answer indicated by (AP):

BTC: How long have you been performing in Branson?
AP: We moved to Branson when I was eight in 1998 after I auditioned for and got a job in “Positive Country.” Initially, while we saw how things were going to go, Mom and I moved to Branson and dad stayed in Hot Springs. It was quite a change going zero shows a day to two shows a day, but I just loved it.

BTC: Was the move to Branson prompted by your parents or you?
AP: It was all me.

BTC: What shows have you performed with during your Branson career?
AP: “Positive Country,” “Starlite Kids Show,” “Country Tonite” and Presleys’ Country Jubilee.

BTC: When did you start with Presleys’ Country Jubilee?
AP: In 2004.

BTC: How did you get started singing?
AP: From my family. I come from a really religious Christian family. My Grandpa is a lover of music. Since an early age I have had a passion for singing. I can remember riding in his tractor singing “Jesus Love Me” when I was two or three, started singing in church when I was four or so and I just loved it. My family started me on voice lessons when I was five and it went from there.

BTC: When did you discover that you had the “gift” of singing?
AP: I was always taught that it was a gift from the get go. It wasn’t something that was mine to begin with, it was something that was given to me and that it was my job to nurture that gift and let it grow. So that’s what we have done.

BTC: What is your all-time favorite song to sing?
AP: I love them all for different reasons. Having said that, my favorite types of music are classic jazz, country and the American standard type of music. I love to sing “Somewhere Over the Rainbow.”

BTC: Did you ever think about pursuing a national career after your win on Ed McMahons “The Next Big Star?” (Click here to see that performance.)
AP: Although there was some interest and excitement from producers in big cities calling, I have always loved Branson. I just never had big stars in my eyes. I knew what I wanted. I wanted a family and I wanted to get to sing every day and it didn’t matter if there was a whole lot of fame or money tied to that so long as I was just doing it and happy.

BTC: If you could perform with anyone on your stage who would it be and why?
AP: I’m a huge James Taylor Fan and would love to sing with him. One of my favorite singers of all time was Etta James. She’s deceased, but I would have loved to have sung with her.

BTC: What do you enjoy the most about living in Branson?
AP: There’s just something magical about this place to me, it’s gorgeous. I love our seasons with their changes and that it’s a wonderful safe place for our family and for our son to grow up in and go to school. For me, professionally, this is my “heaven”. I’m a singer and Branson is a place that’s all about that.

BTC: When you’re not working what do you enjoy doing most?
AP: Just being with my husband, John and son Henry.

BTC: Do you have a favorite hobby or activity?
AP: I love anything that has to do with fashion or home decor.

BTC: What do you look forward to the most as you start each new day?
AP: Growing, learning and getting better; a better mom, better wife, better singer.

BTC: How long have you and John been married?
AP: Five years.

BTC: Do you have a little known fact about yourself that you think your fans are audience would enjoy hearing about?
AP: I love pickled Okra.

Ambrus and Presleys’ Country Jubilee will be starting their 2014 Branson Season on Friday, March 7.

Branson “believes” that your vacation should be special

Silver Dollar City, Branson's first and largest attraction, is filled with people dedicated to helping your family create "Memories worth repeating."

It has been my personal experience that most people planning a vacation or getaway to Branson do so with the expectation of having fun and creating special memories by experiencing everything Branson has to offer family entertainment, shows, attractions, shopping, lakes, natural beauty, a slice of Americana and more. They will get that “and then some” because of Branson’s commitment to the total vacation experience of its guests by adding to each guest’s experience, one personal interaction at a time, the fulfillment of the following 10 elements of the “Branson Promise:”

1.  “We believe that a vacation is not an escape from reality but a connection to what is real, you, your family, laughter, music, pure fun, and doing the things you really want to do, together.

2.  We believe you deserve to take a break from your regular life while preserving the security and comfort that comes from feeling ‘right at home.’

3.  We believe the best experiences are live and personal. They affect you – and you affect them. The most memorable experiences have always been personal and unique spontaneous and unexpected – not planned or manufactured.

4.  We believe in families, and that vacations can belong to everybody in the family.

5.  We believe in our American values and celebrate them every day, respect for God, the individual, patriotism, faith, hope, optimism, family, courage, generosity, and opportunity for all.

6.  We believe in the home.

7.  We believe that new people aren’t strangers, just friends who haven’t visited.

8.  We believe that every guest can be a part of our Branson family. From headline performers to the folks who sell the tickets, we invite you to become part of the fun we create every day as the families who built this community.

9.  We believe that world-class entertainment doesn’t need to cost a world-class fortune!

10.  We believe that money is hard earned, and respect the work that sits behind every dollar spent by our guests. We still think it’s possible to be surprised about how much money can buy, especially in Branson.”

So many times Branson visitors have said that what brings them back again and again is the comfortable genuine down home spirit and friendliness of the people they interact with while in Branson. Wouldn’t you like your family to spend its vacation with a community that has all the fun and excitement that Branson offers provided by people who “Believe that new people aren’t strangers, just friends who haven’t visited?”

3 great reasons for a 2014 vacation in Branson

The Titanic Museum Attraction, just one of Branson's many attractions, takes passengers on an exciting "voyage" .

Before I moved to Branson over 28 years ago, our family had vacationed in Branson for ten years. Interestingly, although these reasons are presented for your consideration in 2014 they were the primary reasons our family started vacationing in Branson in 1975, fun, lakes and natural beauty and live entertainment our whole family could enjoy:

1. Fun – Simply put, Branson has been providing unique memorable fun filled vacations to families for decades. Whether it’s attractions such as its award winning 1880s styled world class theme park, Silver Dollar City, an exciting “voyage” back in history aboard the Titanic Museum Attraction, a Lake Taneycomo sightseeing or dinner cruise aboard the boats of Main Street Lake Cruises or any one of dozens of attractions and activities all within minutes of each other Branson visitors can expect opportunities for fun just about everywhere they turn.

2. Live Entertainment – Branson is well known for the variety and quality of live entertainment its shows provide. No matter what type of live family show you and your family might like, the chances are that Branson has a show for you. Whether it’s the incredible skill of the Acrobats of China,  the amazing feats performed by the pets, most of which were rescued from animal shelters, in Amazing Pets, Presleys Country Jubilee, Branson’s first show on the famed Branson Strip or anyone of almost 100 other shows. Branson offers a variety and quality of live family entertainment that is unrivaled by any other family vacation destination. Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center points out that many Branson shows offer Family Passes which results in considerable savings for families.

3. Lakes and the Naturual Beauty of the Ozarks – The Branson area is sometimes referred to as the “Branson Tri Lakes Area” because of its three lakes, Table Rock and Bull Shoals Lakes and Lake Taneycomo. Although both Table Rock and Bull Shoals are “warm water” lakes with world class bass fishing, it is the 43,000 plus surface acres of aquatic fun provided by Table Rock Lake that most Branson visitors experience because it is so close to Branson. The cold waters of the 23 mile long Lake Taneycomo, flowing through Table Rock Dam, makes it one of the finest Rainbow and Brown Trout fisheries in the mid-west. It flows right by Branson’s historic downtown district with its unique shops and local restaurants. It also provides a unique and beautiful water element to Branson Landing, Branson’s major shopping attractions, with over 100 retail shops and its $7M Fire, Water and Music fountain show.

The natural beauty of the Ozark Mountains resonates throughout Branson. Whether it’s the unique way Silver Dollar City has incorporated it into the fun and excitement it provides, looking across Lake Taneycomo while sitting on the floating patio of  The Paddlewheel at Branson Landing or just driving around, the natural beauty of the Ozarks is an inherent part of any Branson vacation.

A great argument could be made for a fourth reason. Although more than one of these things can be found at other vacation destinations however, in no other, can they be found so conveniently and close together.



Material Connection

“Cruise With The Stars” ends season in Legendary fashion

Dean Z, the winner of the 2013 Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest, is just one of the "stars" on the cruise.

BRANSON, MO, November 30, 2013 —  “The extremely successful 2013 Cruise With the Stars entertainment experience concludes in ‘legendary’ fashion on December 5th,” said Annette Wood, Director of Group Sales for the Branson Tourism Center. “Those participating in this unique entertainment experience will join the stars of Branson’s Legends in Concert for an exclusive luncheon cruise at 12:15 PM on December 5 aboard Main Street Lake Cruises’ 100 foot climate controlled luxury yacht, the Landing Princess,” she added. During the cruise they will get to meet and interact with the stars performing in the Legends in Concert Show “Stevie Wonder,” “Alan Jackson,” “Cher,” “The Blues Brothers” and “Elvis.”

“Cruise With the Stars” provides the ultimate complete entertainment experience combining two activities, the unique VIP luncheon cruise and the opportunity to see these amazing performers perform live in the Legends of Concert Show. While on the cruise guests will have an unparalleled opportunity for personal interaction with these amazing performers, get autographs and take pictures while enjoying the beautiful view of Lake Taneycomo and its environs including the opportunity to see Bald Eagles and the Great Blue Heron.

Then, either before or after the cruise, those participating in the event will have the opportunity to see these “universally-renowned performers,” who transform themselves through hours of practice at their craft, using their own natural voices, to not only look and sound like the stars they portray, but incorporate their mannerisms into their tribute performances. How good are they?

Dean Z, who does the Elvis tribute in the show, won the 2013 national “Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest,” in front of a full house at the Cannon Center for the Performing Arts in Memphis, TN earlier this year. Sanctioned by Elvis Presley Enterprises, Inc. the Ultimate Elvis® Tribute Artist Contest™ involved hundreds of Elvis tribute artists competing in 28 preliminary Ultimate Elvis® Tribute Artist Contest™ events all over the United States for cash and an invitation to the Ultimate Elvis® Tribute Artist Contest™ Finals in Memphis during Elvis Week.

Jeannie Horton, the General Manager of “Branson’s Legends In Concert” said that although the Legends in Concert is presenting “a Christmas show you won’t want to miss, each performer will sing the songs that made their character the ‘Legend’ they are today.” She also points out that the performers for the Christmas show have been hand-picked because they also have a great Christmas hit which will be performed during each performers set as “Dean Z performs BLUE CHRISTMAS which was Elvis’s signature holiday song, Alan Jackson performs LET IT BE CHRISTMAS, Cher sings PLEASE COME HOME, Stevie Wonder performs THIS CHRISTMAS and The Blues Brothers perform a Grinch Medley that is truly one of a kind. The show finishes with a beautiful finale sure to give you goose bumps as Bucky Heard (Jake Blues) and Kelly Smith (Cher) perform a special rendition of MARY DID YOU KNOW. In addition, there’s an appearance from Santa and snow in the auditorium.”

Branson Tourism Center’s Wood advises that there are only a limited number of seats left for the December 5th Legends Cruise With The Stars and recommends making advance reservation as soon as possible. For tickets or information on the exclusive event please contact the Branson Tourism Center by calling 1-800-875-1550.



The Secret of the Branson shuffle

Haygoods "shuffle" to and Rankins from Clay Cooper" Theatre in 2014..

BRANSON, Mo., November 24, 2013 – The “Branson Shuffle” has been a part of the evolution of Branson’s live entertainment industry ever since the Baldknobbers “started it all” in 1960. Each year, regardless of when announced, between the ending of one season and the beginning of the next, there is a “shuffle” as some shows move from one theatre to another, some shows decide they have made their final Branson curtain call and new shows come to Branson.

Even in the beginning, when there was only one show in Branson, the Baldknobbers Jamboree show, they “shuffled,” moved, through different locations before settling at their current strip location where they have remained since 1968. It’s a natural process that enables shows to move into time slots and locations they want as other shows vacate them for various reasons such as moving to a different location, retirement or the departure of a star of the show or for anyone of a variety of other reasons.

While shows like Presleys’ Country Jubilee and Jim Stafford have not had to dance the Branson Shuffle, the vast majority of shows have. Even shows such as the Acrobats of China, Baldknobbers Jamboree, Clay Coopers Music Express, Hughes Brothers, Legends in Concert, Duttons and Shoji Tabuchi, who have their own theatres, some for many years, moved around in Branson before arriving at their current permanent locations. Other extremely popular Branson shows such as SIX, The Haygoods, Rankins and others who do not have their own theaters have used the Branson Shuffle in achieving their current success.

The Haygoods are an excellent current illustration of how the Branson Shuffle works. Having performed over 6,000 shows for over 8 million people, they have been performing in Branson since 1993 and have performed in a number of Branson venues, including the RFD Theatre for the 2012 and 2013 season, as their career has evolved. Recently it was announced they would be performing at the Clay Cooper Theatre starting in 2014.

Timothy Haygood said that they are making the move because it fits in with their long term plans from both a personal and professional level. He said that they wanted a long term commitment from a theatre, an opportunity to spend more time with their families, to develop their own individual careers and have the flexibility to perform on the road. Too, he could scarcely contain his excitement as he said, “We are thrilled to be working with Clay and Tina Cooper next year and we can’t wait to roll out our show in their theatre!”

Interestingly, as The Haygoods “shuffled” into the Clay Cooper Theatre because it met their needs, the Rankin Brothers, who are currently performing at the theatre with mostly afternoon shows, announced that they would be moving to the Yakov Smirnoff Theatre for the 2014 season. Larry Rankin, the father and Manager of the Rankin Brothers said, “We are excited about performing our seventh season in Branson at the beautiful Yakov Smirnoff Theatre and being able to perform in the evening time slot.”

The end result of the Branson Shuffle is a constant invigoration of anticipation and excitement as Branson shows move into the locations and time slots that they believe will best enable them to develop and entertain Branson visitors and new shows are added to the almost 100 shows that that make Branson the special wonderful entertainment destination it is.


Branson Christmas Shows light up Ozark Mountain Christmas

Christmas at Presleys' Country Jubilee..

BRANSON, Mo., November 20, 2013 – “Branson’s live shows are a key element in the wonderful uniqueness of Branson entertainment any time of the year, but especially during Ozark Mountain Christmas,” said Tiffany Isnard, Director of Marketing for the Branson Tourism Center. “From the Christmas shows presented by most of Branson’s resident shows to unique full production Christmas shows it is unlikely that any other travel destination in America offers the variety or number of Christmas shows celebrating the traditional American Christmas that is available in Branson during Ozark Mountain Christmas,” she continued.

Most of Branson’s regular season resident shows also have Christmas shows which include a mixture of their regular season show and a major Christmas segment, usually during the second half of the show. Each is a special Christmas blessing. This includes some of Branson’s most popular shows such as Clay Cooper’s Country Express; Duttons; George Dyer; Hamner and Barber Variety Show; Haygoods; Legends in Concert; Mickey Gilley;Pierce Arrow; Presleys’ Country Jubilee; Rankin Brothers; SIX and many more.

In addition, there are full production Christmas shows including Miracle of Christmas; Hughes Brothers Christmas Show; Christmas in Hollywood; The Andy Williams Christmas Show starring the Osmonds and the Lennon Sisters; Shoji Tabuchi’s Wonder of Christmas Show; The Toy Shoppe; Tony Orlando’s Great American Christmas and Dixie Stampede.

Sight and Sounds spectacular production of the Miracle of Christmas uses drama, spectacular sets, music, and dance as it shares the story of the greatest miracle of all time and the true meaning of Christmas. From flying angels, camels, horses and other animals, to wise men, shepherds and action, it is a musical drama taking in the full length of the theatres 300 foot long surround stage. This show is one of the most spectacular things most people will ever experience on a stage in terms of production, grandeur, entertainment and scope. Its amazing ending goes beyond the birth of the Christ Child and explains the precious gift He brought to us all.

Christmas in Hollywood presents Christmas from the perspective of “Hollywood” and some of its amazing Christmas films. From the classic Christmas movie, “White Christmas” and many more, see the classic moments from some of Hollywood’s greatest Christmas movies on the screen as they are brought to life on stage in amazing production full of holiday fun and festive cheer with all of your favorite classic holiday songs, dazzling scenery, gorgeous colorful costuming and the “highest kicking chorus girls this side of the North Pole.”.

Shoji Tabuchi 's "Wonder of Christmas Show "

Shoji Tabuchi’s “Wonder of Christmas” is a great example of just why the Shoji Tabuchi Show has been a Branson standard for over two decades. From toy soldiers, flying angels and spectacular sets and colorful costuming to Christmas and holiday music ranging from the fun and revelry of a “Blue Grass and Big Band Christmas” to the simple elegance of Shoji playing “What Child Is This” and much more it is a 100% Christmas extravaganza in the finest Tabuchi tradition.

The entire theatre is beautifully decorated for Christmas as is the stage, but it doesn’t stop there. Whether it’s the very talented Christina Tabuchi singing a beautiful Christmas love song in front of an elegantly decorated and lit Christmas Tree, the simple set used in the Christmas Chamber Music and Bell Choir segment, the amazing number of costume changes or the elegantly decorated main set, this show sets the bar in terms of Christmas production shows and truly has something in it for every member of the family.

Dixie Stampede – Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede, celebrates Christmas as only it can. Oh, it still has its famous four course meal and all the action, excitement and fun of the “north” and “south” competition it is known for and its renowned equestrian acts, but with a special Christmas flavor. The servers change from the military type “north” and “south” uniforms into the “elf” uniforms as the “north” and “south” pole elfs compete against each other. In addition to other spectacular surprises this Christmas celebration includes a dramatic live Nativity Scene which shares the true meaning of Christmas in a spectacular fashion as it descends amid inspiring music, soaring angels, animals, the three kings riding their camels and spectacular pageantry. This is truly a one of a kind Christmas show that will delight and hold the interest of every member of the family throughout the whole show.

Tony Orlando is a perennial Christmas favorite in Branson, but this year will be his final Branson performances of his Tony Orlando’s Great American Christmas Show with his last performance on November 28. From a musical perspective the show includes some of his greatest hits such as “Candida”, “Knock Three Times,” “Tie a Yellow Ribbon” and “Sweet Gypsy Rose” and sings many of the songs that have become part of the fabric of Christmas in America. In addition, Tony, his band and cast tell the story of Tony’s first Christmas in the Ozarks and the special visitor he met as the show celebrates all that is great about the Christmas season.

Legends in Concert celebrates Christmas in a special unique way. Each of their “guest stars” Stevie Wonder, Cher, Alan Jackson, The Blues Brothers, and Elvis will perform one of their top Christmas numbers during their set. The expanded all cast Finale is an exciting spectacular celebration of Christmas.

For additional information or tickets for any of the shows mentioned in this article or any of Branson’s other shows and attractions or for lodging arrangements please contact the Branson Tourism Center (BTC), one of Branson’s largest and most respected vacation planning services. BTC can be reached by either calling their toll free number 1-800-785-1550 or through their website


ELVIS LIVES performs 2014 Branson limited engagement

Dean Z winner of 2013 "Ultimate Elvis Contest.".

BRANSON, Mo., November 15, 2013 – Branson visitors, especially fans of “The King,” will be getting a special opportunity to experience ELVIS LIVES when it performs its limited Branson engagement February 7 – 18, 2014. Tammy Johnson, the Director of Operations for the Branson Tourism Center says that the show provides Elvis fans with an unparalleled opportunity to take “an unforgettable multi-media live musical journey across Elvis’ life” and that, appropriately, the dates it will be in Branson cover the Valentine’s Day weekend.

The show will feature finalists from the Elvis Presley Enterprises (EPE) worldwide “Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest” with each finalist’s performance representing Elvis during a different stage in his career. “Dean Z,” the winner of EPE’s Ultimate Elvis Tribute Artist Contest for 2013, who is also “Branson Legends in Concert’s” resident Elvis, will play tribute to the 1950’s era and three other finalists will pay tribute to three other stages of Elvis’ career the 1960s, movies and the concert years. They will be joined by a “a live band, back-up singers and dancers, an Ann-Margret tribute artist, as well as an unforgettable multi-media presentation including iconic media and imagery made available from the Graceland archives.”

Brian Brigner, Chief Operating Officer of On Stage Touring, one of the partners in the production, said ELVIS LIVES is the “complete musical package” and that “The partnership between On Stage Touring and EPE provides the only authentic touring showcase of Elvis tribute artists for fans who want to experience the music and live performance charisma of one of the most popular recording artists in history.” For additional information or tickets for ELVIS LIVES please contact the Branson Tourism Center by calling 1-800-785-1550.