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"Live Entertainment Capital" Branson, Missouri.

"Live Entertainment Capital" Branson, Missouri.

A Closer Look At The Famed Tourist Town

The "Live Entertainment Capital Of The World," Branson Missouri, offers tourists plenty of attractions and shows that will make their vacation the most enjoyable that it can be. From Branson's humble beginning to presently being able to tout more theater seats than Broadway's theater district this town has become a vacation destination for many families.

Branson Missouri is host to over seven and a half million tourists each year. This small town with a population a little over six thousand permanent residents has its fair share of visitors. With more than four hundred lodging facilities, over two hundred restaurants and nearly fifty theaters, Branson Missouri has something to offer for the entire family.

Several years ago "60 Minutes" did a documentary on Branson Missouri that showed the world how to have a family vacation at a reasonable price. With show tickets almost half price of other entertainment hotpots like Las Vegas, families have flocked this town to enjoy a healthy and clean getaway.

Within a day's drive of almost half of the United States' population it is no wonder that Branson Missouri has become a great retreat for those looking to stay within a budget while they are relaxing. You can find hotel and motel rooms for a fraction of the price compared to the rest of the country.

Big names like Jim Stafford, Andy Williams and Yakov Smirnoff have helped build Branson Missouri from a small tourist destination into a place that offers nearly anything you might look for to relax. Many entertainers have come and gone through but many now call this their home. For most, this is not their first time visiting Branson. Branson Missouri has become a place where children to seniors can have a great time even if they are traveling together, everyone will have plenty to do while they are here.

Showing no signs of slowing Branson Missouri, will likely still be the reigning champion for live entertainers and everyone in between. Ranked as the sixteenth most popular vacation spot in the country, if anything this town is just beginning to blossom and grow.